Pretty pretty post

Hardest ticket to get in the world for my gfs in HK: Faye Wong, any venue.  Upwards of 600USD, even if u r willing to pay more than that, u need connections and plenty of luck.

I will droolz at the pretty, and diligently wait for the DVD.

All dress and most artful use of the wind machine.  Jaw is dropped. Her concert’s costumes r inspired by birds…and the passing of seasons.

[credit on pics; fr weibo]

Coincidentally, the onnagata Kabuki maestro Bando Tamasaburo V just finished his performance of the most famous Kunqu repertoire Peony Pavillion, the role made famous by Mr. Mei LangFong.  He’s referred as the Japanese Mei LangFong by the Chinese press, the highest honor, really.  The proceeds will benefit the Japanese quake victim, he also performed for a benefit 3 years ago for the BiChuan, SiChuan quake.  Classy classy guy.

His Heron Maiden is a must see:

which inspired this awesome perf by TJ/Shiina Ringo:

I love them all wrapped in one post of mine!!


6 thoughts on “Pretty pretty post

  1. Благодарю за блог

    Ага, теперь понятно…А то я сразу не очень то и не понял где тут связь с самим заголовком…

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