World, please give my Kim TaePyeong a f**cking break

I’m firmly in the church of no news is good news, esp when it comes to my most precious HyunBinnie these days.  One of the higher ranking trainers/team leaders not of the exact team, but same battalion  KTP is arrested under suspicion of sexual harassment charges to the cadets under him.   WHAT THE HELL?!??!? 

And this wk Tae Pyeong will be off  training for THIS:



MY dearest Tae Pyeong, please stay safe. TT_TT My thoughts and prayers are always always with you!  *MUAK*

My mood:


17 thoughts on “World, please give my Kim TaePyeong a f**cking break

    1. *sigh* Hughughug Kim. I can so use a hug.

      What is with this world?!?! These are boys/men really risking their lives doing some hardcore duty and training for some extremely rough tests on our humanly (im)possible limits. AND you go around and sexually abuse them?!?!?!

      I’m all for castration. And he should go and apologize to every one of their parents.


    1. YOU brave lady!

      I’m sooo soooo scared of heights. I rem playing a wii game, doing a tight rope walk to test my balance and I’ve died instantaneously many times.

      Harder to find a bigger wuss, I get antsy of the ht on the trampoline. ^^

    1. I’m soooo ridiculously happy for him. haha maybe my bias, but he’s so deserving it. After all my jabbings on SG, I still think he did a FANTASTIC job, esp considering what bloody lousy scripting that was.

      and yes, I wanna scream ‘NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’ directly to writer Kim’s ears to handicap her and make me feel slightly less ragey for getting that award for her ‘writing’. I have to settle it’s for the balance of the cosmos shiz like this happens.

  1. haha, i thot you would say that, sega fans will throw tomatoes at you reading your comments hehe, not that i think you are afraid of them though, far from that. I also think he was well deserved it! Personally, I think the drama was very entertaining despite the shippers’s madness.

    BTW, Late Autumn will be screen in the US , new york, San Jose etc in May! Now you have your chance dearie!

    1. OMG KIM!! Did I scare you with my SCREAMS?!?! I was just forwarded that piece of info on the showtime! JUNE 24th!! and it’s in a theater 3 blocks fr home.


  2. Happy for you mookie and please write a review after you have watched it. Wonder if the movie will ever show here, i can always hope. Last time “the house keeper” was shown at theater here, but I had already dl and watched it, i’m not liking it much. I’m still looking for “come rain, come shine” with eng sub. I thot i read somewhere it was out, will try to search more for it later on.

    1. I saw Housekeeper/Maid fr a dl and it’s soooo stinkingly bad I refused to believe it and set on blaming it on very lousy subs (it really was awful incoherent subs)

      Then when a much better subbed ver was out, I palipali go rewatched it, VERY intensively, and yup, it still sucked. It’s just sooo pretentious and tonnes of fanfare but miserly in substance. It broke my heart JDY (lovelovelove) attached herself onto sth that shouldnt be greenlighted, and would never be out without every single one of that cast on board, and mercilessly wasted.

      I’ve lined up options to see Manchu for sure, one way or the other or even alone after work if I have to! ^^ I’ll keep you posted dear!

      Have a great week! I’m working on a public hol, but it’s ok as far as Monday goes. *touchwoodcrossingfingersandtoes*

  3. These stuff happens everywhere… you know, we should start worry for him. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

    What’s w/ all the ‘hating’ on SG? LOL

    It’s a good entertaining show, we’re not looking at Oscar worthy script so chillz everyone. Hyun Bin wouldn’t be where he is today w/o Secret Garden (or vice versa).

    1. It may seems SG hating central of one fangirl here, but I actually did enjoy SG as entertainment. It just appears more so since I tend to spill out EVERY little rant in lj or in the greater interweb, before it airs, during its broadcast and after the fact…through it all it’s left a very sour taste in my innerds all along, the exact constant repulsion towards the writer.

      I did enjoy a lot of the acting performances in SG, I was entertained, but still I’ll stick firm this is a bloody awfully written incoherent script with logic fails and unnec histrionics that didn’t go anywhere it’s promised. Plots were chopsueyed together esp towards the end, writer has no intention of injecting realism, flesh and blood in any of the characters other than absolutely necessary to ‘charm’ us captive with the dazzling, sparkling package of empty cariatures. That the writer should be ashamed and the fact she’s boastful and Baeksang gave her the highest writing honor is the sickest joke still making me queasy in my stomach because a writing reward should be as remote fr all the hoopla of ratings gratification and respect the craft in the industry. And yes, I can easily name 10+ dramas last year, may not be as enjoyable or talk of town as SG, but leagues, planets, cosmos better written.

      The HATE is strictly towards writer Kim only. And slightly off tangent I’ll repeat myself ad nauseum, this is the blandest, weakest perf I’ve even seen of HJW, she’s outacted by everybody in the drama she’s shared scenes with, at times clueless in what to make out of her RI (99% blame on a doormat written by writer Kim) and that broke my heart.

      Back fr the digression, I’ve hated everything Kim’s written without fail. I saw only cold, business/rating calculations without heart/soul/creativity, all 3 I treasure way more than mass popularity for my binnie. I was ranty when JH was unattached to SG and Binnie was on board because I’ll be tempted to watch the show, which I’ve contemplated seriously not ever touching even with HB as lead, last drama before his MS withstanding, knowing everything I’ll hate about it premonitiously about the writing. Not trying to boast my fangirly psychic ability, but I knew SG will be a megahit, binnie will get The TopStar national mascot popularity he has had as Samshik in 2005. But what writer Kim is asking binnie to do in SG is to sell himself out (or whoring, no better word, really). Frankly I got no surprise of everything brilliant he did in a flawless precision in SG, I knew way back when he can nail EVERYTHING about a JW, no matter how unsavoring a human being he’s written to be, the public will be blinded coz he’s HYUNBIN and it’s exactly the shrewd deplorable calculations of Miss writer Kim. I was cautiously surprised and excited with the writing in first 2 eps, but it’s quickly dissipated and before the mid drama mark, I’ve contented to watching it as a fangirl wooed by my bias’ superb acting, nth more. What she’s written for binnie to flex his acting muscles is almost like a disrespect to his abilities as an actor. I do not need second convincing of his gorgeousness as a cold prince psychologically crippled chaebol version2. He did that in 2005.

      But I totally understand and support my namja in picking sth so massively popular, this gave him the insane explosure he needs at this point of his career, buy him time in the public’s consciousness and it’ll give him chips to be in the real gritty meaty roles in much smaller projects his heart is set on like I’m Happy, Come Rain Come Shine, Manchu and his acting epitome Friends, Our Legend.

      But while I understand perfectly and is supportive of his choice of SG, I would still wished he’s never ever taken the role. He’s never less awesome without it, to me.

      I do apologize for the word diarrhea I spent a good 20 min on my break to spit. But when I have a stance, and it’s about my binnie, THIS happens.

      1. Grabbing my glasses, the font is way too small. Care to set it a bit bigger?

        I wouldn’t give too much credit on the Baeksang when the Best Actress title was given to Han Hyo Joo, oh wait, there weren’t any real contenders in that category (don’t remember who else was nominated in that cat beside Ha Ji Won). It’s a popularity contest, should be glad that Hyun Bin is in it. And I’m glad he got the Baeksang, for his (acting), popularity, and the fact he joined the Marines, national hero right there.

        Actors need to balance b/w blockbuster & indie projects, some calls it sell out I call it wise business decision. He has all the people around him to feed. Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won is a replica of Sam Shik, just a more sexy version. Ha!

        I would like to see him concentrate on movies more after his MS, he’ll need to ‘sell out’ again to some big blockbuster project to attract people to the theater b/c so far he hasn’t been able to do so…

  4. We all know the acting awards are the bread and butter of these shows and lots of politics r played out, so as I’ve said, this is more a popularity contest even for sth as esteemed as Baeksangs, even in Binnie’s case and he has a track record of repeated solid acting jobs to boot and my hunch is it’s a bit of a payback for his snub last yr for his absolutely mindblowing insanely perfect job with DS @FOL. but for ‘lesser’ under limelight ones as I would cat. writing, I still in general respect many of Baeksang’s past choices.

    I totally agree with you this is a wise shrewd business decision, I don’t have to respect it though. He’s rich beyond his needs fr MNIKSS already and his family, a decent middle class intellectual bkgd, specifically his parents are both teachers/headmasters, needs nth fr him to support financially so I’m shocked with your comment of many mouths to feed. In need of dough, no. More ambitious in this industry than he appears, yes.

    Sexier to some, more chiseled and finesse to droolz at extremely superficially, flip side of coin: much less endearing, real, warm, cuddly, affecting, normal, relatable… I can go on. JW, crudely put, I feel the hots for an ONS, but life with him is all sorts of hell esp being a grown ass mama’s boy of His silly and evil beyond comprehension wicked witch of the west wannabe/Lady Catherine getting her way in things Mommy.

    Why the absolute need with attracting ppl to the theater and suffer in doing sth non-challenging acting-wise as most blockbusters r nowadays!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I want nth of that for him, imo, any great roles, TV/Movie/theatre should be weighed much more higher than the need to please the mass, esp now that he has sth as mass as SG and MNIKSS prior under his belt. I’m not as delusional a fangirl thinking he’s absolute top of the acting game, he still has lots of work to do to better his craft and he strives on challenges. FR his past track, it’s easy to see he won’t take up anything if it’s not a challenge. SG is such he wanna prove himself he’s A game in the popularity contest and he can repeat a Samshik, nth more. I consider it a break fr the extremely mentally excruciating projects he’s been taking up since 2006. A cruising with lots of benefits, a vacation in acting paid very handsomely, nth wrong with ALL of that…but many more of these projects, his buzz with the peeps in the industry, the indie, critically acclaimed crowd with the luxury, and interest in pushing envelopes instead of servitude being pulled by the nose by box office/rating calculations will dismiss him as an intriguing muse. And I may not see another Come Rain, Come Shine *SOOO NOT WANT*. A KMM, that established, can afford to do as many many selling out blockbuster TV/movie as his Beethoven Virus and be unscathed. Hyunbinnie is so not there yet.

    Fans are all self-serving to an extent, we r humans first and foremost and we have our own self-centeredness. No matter the degree, we want and demand certain ideals fr artists we admire. I want him to lead a long lasting, challenging intellectually, lower profile career as I believe what he’s expressed through the years in interviews and I hold the opinion that’s the best fit for his personality, but his fandom is massive and others may want him following another path. To each its own, at the end of the day, he’s never made a career decision that is not meticulously thought out and I’m sure he’s a better judge in his life choices than anybody else.

    1. Ohmygod, what the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck? So you think you know-it-all? you dedicate an entire post citing your “nonsense” on Hyunbin, SG Writer. You fucking asshole! FUCK U !!! Hold your opinion.
      Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right. …. When someone asks you, “A penny for your thoughts,” then you put your two cents in.

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