This lj is diary of a bipolar schizo, obviously!

I was still traumatized with that Marines sex offender breathing near myBinnie couple hours ago, but the Baeksang, or how I find it entertaining makes it almost all go away and I’m chirpy and loony, again.  I feel whole. ahhhhh!  I can care less who’s deserving what.  I mean when we have Star Lovers, War of Money winning some in past years.  I’m not as offended as many.

Although he didn’t get to experience it in person, and be with his ladyfriends TangWei and HJW.  It’ll be pretty darn cool if he walked the red carpet with both ladies, one on each arm.  He said his sorta acceptance speech via a vid fr the Marines on that remote island most NW of S Korea.

Captions are the same old: How much he’s tanned, how he’s training to be a real man,  how dashing he looks in his army uniform.

First he greets us Army style.  When asked how did it feel to be nominated?  He said, ‘First, I’m very happy to be nominated in the BaekSangs.  I’m very honored to be amongst the company of the superb Senpais in the nomination.’ 
‘Although I can’t be at the awards at this time, I hope my colleagues can be awarded.’
‘I want to thank you again for all my friends who loved Secret Garden.  I also want to extend my gratitude towards the ppl who helped me getting this recognition.  As a Marine currently stationed at YeonPyeong island of the NW islands.  I will do my duty to the best of my abilities to protect the territories, loyal to my country and the Marines.’  Totally breathing, talking Marines now, our TaePyeong.  *sob, proud proud fan-noona here*

Binnie’s awarded for his hard work and his popularity.  No contest in that.  PYC got his fair share of love. Honestly, I didn’t give him another look during his DBSK days, it’s SKKS that got me on the massive motherboatcruiseship of Micky Yoochun LOVE.  He did a damn fine job as a true newcomer, leading that cute amazing little period highsch piece.  Kudos to him.  I am a nudge more than ecstatic seeing him with MGY TOGETHER getting their popularity award! (and sch-dul-er is NOT hurting!) O my cutest babyfaced babies!!!!

PYC is chatting up with The Mishil (I think)

and to make it more magicalTOP x 6002.  PYC forgot to bring his trophies on stage for the big roundup.  TOP lets him hold one of his! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Then it’s my girl Tang Wei.  Am I beating myself for not taking a day off and drive 6 hrs to catch Manchu in a film festival kinda near me couple wks ago? HELL YES!  *sigh*  I didnt know how well she did as her Anna in Manchu, but she’s awarded a Baeksang for it, first foreigner awarded for the category, that’s about enough a recognition I need.  I think I’ll still love her the most in Crossing Hennessey.

 I don’t know how she does it, just the right amount zest, grace, charm and still be in her very own skin.  I love her Escada dress, I love every bold daring flocks she’s worn. She’s like fish in water in EVERY single event, big or small, intimate interviews or the stage of Baeksang!  She’s saying her hello! and thank you!  She expressed her shock and gratitude towards every single one of her fans in Korea, supporting and loving her.  She thanks BaekSang the organization for giving her the award . I love the second half of her succient acceptance speech when she said movie making to her is a fantasy world fleshed out most real .  She thanks PD, Hoon (HB), the producer to facilitate such a fairytale for her to inhabit in.  ‘I’ll happily live in this fantasyland and work my best to be a good actor!’

And I’m so loving the concept of her 3D TV ad with binnie (the why she’s in Korea), she’ll ‘cheers!’ with binnie in celluloid 3D and be all cute and couplish! <333

[credits on pics]


8 thoughts on “Baeksang!

  1. So proud of Binnie! He so deserved this. Am glad that his absence from the awards did not exclude him from the award, the biggest award no less. Binnie craze still going strong! And Tang Wei looked gorgeous in that dress. I swear that girl can pull off any outfit with class!

    To be honest, I was kinda worried about the sexual harassment thing. Even before this news came out, read in some random blog about this particular problem in the Korean army, and how prevalent it is. On the other hand, regardless of his rank right now, he is by default “special”, and I think anyone with any brain will not try anything, and I’m sure he can fight back. As a foreign fan with little understanding of Korean culture, I can only feel helpless and resigned when I read about problems in the Korean entertainment industry, politics, or in the army. One can only hope that these thing will not effect him.


    1. I’m slapping myself as toooo naive believing it’s the freaking MARINES and considering how stringent and privileged it sounds to just get in the unit, it’ll be under much harsher monitoring and scrutiny ensuring this shiz won’t touch and affect these previous cadets. I’m not even talking about binnie, I think all of them had worked hard and it’s on daily extremely grueling regiment to be as far away fr this. I don’t even know if they have time for zzzz in almost survivalistic training. *sigh*

  2. I was hoping for a faint smile but not even once! Why so cruel to us? It would’ve been bad had he been there w/ both TW and HJW one on each arm, cuz SeGa loonies will start debating whom he should date — and you know those SeGa folks are down right crazy. !!

    1. It’s typical HyunBinnie ^^ He’s so shy and humble in these things, it’s rare to see him not serious and proper and offguard.

      Plus the vid was done initially as in interview on the nomination, he didn’t know during taping, and I bet he wouldnt even entertain the idea he’ll win like the rest of us! I’ve read fr a C binnie pal’s weibo, he’s camping out those couple days and can’t even watch the broadcast. He’s texted of his win by a superior…sth like that.

  3. Congrats to your hubby Binnie! And to uri Micky as well! Is it just me or does Yoochun looks thinner? Please take care of yourself, baby!

    “Am I beating myself for not taking a day off and drive 6 hrs to catch Manchu in a film festival kinda near me couple wks ago?”

    I totally LOL @ “6 hrs = kinda near” hehehehe
    During the SKKS craze, I did consider ditching work and drive for that same amount of time to catch JYJ in concert.

    1. It’s a fact YooChun is scarily all bones in RL. I’m just alarmed he has arms and what appears to be muscles in his recent concert pics. It doesnt matter, coz he has his patented unicorns and rainbows and puppies appearing act smile.

      See, you know the exact feeling what fangirlin can make us do things under THE influence of the strongest drug!

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