Monday pick me up!

Baidu HBbar has news of a binnie DVD coming out, compilation of Hawaii, bday bash, Berlin… *WANT* Who cares what’s in it, I’ll gladly fish out my cash a snap if I saw these on a pile on dung.

And I’m very curious of K fascination of My Way, the song and why the iconic status in pop culture.  Yes, BL is totally totally killing braincells and in their place, DokkoJin singing and dancing is taking up the space and I go in hysterical chuckles when it pops up in my head, the visuals and sounds, randomly and always in gentle company at work today.

If those r not enough to soak up the MondayMeh, binnie fangirls weibo’d the TW changing vid.  You are not a binnie fangirl if you have not replayed this lil vid shamelessly too many times and be the only time u brainmeld with Britney and u don’t care. I’ve randomly replayed this bookmarked vid o’er the years.  And yes, this is one of my most memorable scenes in SQ. The other one is that teary by Bora gate scene in ep8(?) when TW/DG just had his shiz hit fan moment.

[credit on pics; fr hbsky weibo]


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