Mark my words, Loverboy will STEAL Ad Mania and Run away with it to me…I’ve officially MINED YH

Trailer is out, I’m not as excited fr the looks of things than I anticipated except ONE split second concerning some plastic water smashing. Hated most: the lady dubbing for TY, what a disaster!! WHY?!

YH, no lines, barely a second of screentime in the trailer, already is leagues above the rest of the dudes.  Sorry Raymond Lam and the other facetwin of yours C celeb, failing in my grading…or you should apologize to me for not surprising me and my expectation of you is so low I anticipated the surprise.

I did manage to sound decently head screwed right, no?!



What IS THIS?!?! You are not only singing a song in Ad Mania, you wrote the lyrics?!  Give me a break and stop being more than my exact kind of dreamy, ok?! OKAY?!?!  Call me nuts but I hope he’s a GODawful singer, coz I honestly fear my sanity forever lost IF he’s any good and I’ll fangirl that part of him as well when I thought I CANT fangirl any bits of him MORE.

Maybe, at the nick of time (by Yuan Hong, halfassed trans by moi)

You will be here, if I have more courage…
I would be by your side, watching the beauty of the sunset.
You will not leave, with a bit more luck..
another me, amidst the intoxicating lights of night.

Maybe, at the nick of time,
just uttering of meaningless words.
In the lonely, bitter,
sleepless cold nights, all’s left is memories of the past.

Maybe, can’t make it on time.
How much I wished to go back in time,
Why, not till the regrets, the wounds…
can we finally grasp how to never let go?

June 7th, this song will be out.  That is a wk fr now, 7 short days!  I’m not ready to brace my ultimate flailing!

And while almost my whole heart is swollen with anticipation of his every scene in Ad Mania, I’m even anticipating his Aussie travelogue MORE.  How can that be?!?!?  When my crazy self is conscious of me being crazier by every TT pic of his Aussie stint, am I falling into some Inception shiz I’m never snapping out of?!?!?!?!

I cant repost those damningly cute/cool/yummy/OMFG! pics of his.  I can’t , coz I do fear I’ll be so crazily droolzing nonstop and loling at his silliness at the same time of swooning that I’ll be locked up in a asylum by my concerned family.  *he’s a pirate, driving his Harley, and in a tight wet suit while reinacting the a 20000000X hotter Run! Forrest! Run! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can is to stake my claim he’s MINE! coz his only exciting hooking up of the ladies is a dolphin! His crushing involves him wanting to you jump! I jump! and be on a swimming date.

See I brainmeld with HIM!!! I hiked the bloody windy Golden Gate bridge in HEELS for crushing on porpoises, and with the sight of them, I almost jump/got blown into the bay in the BLOODY gusts to my freezing death and will be swimming/floating all corpse with them.  

I consider this pic of mine my very subtle farfetching stake on the YH ownership.


12 thoughts on “Mark my words, Loverboy will STEAL Ad Mania and Run away with it to me…I’ve officially MINED YH

  1. Actually he seems to like singing. Remember the BTS pic of him singing into a mike with LSS next to him on BBJX set? Suspect he was singing a Jacky Cheung song as a farewell to Kevin Cheng (as reported in the media). Also when he first accompanied his friend to Shanghai Theatre Academy entrance tests, he sang an Andy Lau song and got in (but his friend didn’t!).

    It’s amusing that both the lady producer (Ms Ye?) and male director (Allen?) of Ad Mania seem to adore him a lot more than Mr Lam (from what I see on Brandcore & Ad Mania’s weibos).

    1. I’m NOT back on earth fr cloud9. Him tweeting a pic of himself all cutesy with a dolphin mascot is SSOOOOOO NOOOOOTTTT HELPPINGGG!!! XDDDD

      I’m honestly scared he’s a good singer. Coz my ringtone will be it. I’ll play that song driving to work my whole life….I can already see it happening. What to do?!?!

      And I’m doing inner somersaults on how lovely and pleasant and have GOOD taste the crew and ppl involved in the production r (yes, as opposed to ONE LBitch). I wanna have faith in ppl with such fine taste and apparently decent working heads no capable of churning out lame PoS like CtW unbeknownst to them. It’s just logical since my fancy aligns with them, I’ll click with what they have to say in the drama, no?! I’m praying for this to be good, solidly well done and opening doors for our loverboy to do all the modern dramas and be his sexy devil how ever often and long he wanna.

      O MAN, June 7th. I have palpitations just seeeing that date on my calender!

  2. Oh sorry, the lady producer is Emma, the director is Ms Ye, and the Orange Sky boss is Allen. Curious how come YH is singing for Ad Mania when Mr Lam is so famous as a pop star in HK.

  3. I’m preeetttyyy sure Mr Lam will sing? or is his contract with TVB, the most unilateral controlling contract in the universe, prohibiting him singing for anything not TVB?! He’s their blood son afterall.

    Since I have absolutely no interest in Mr Lam, look wise, person wise, acting wise, I don’t even know he can’t speak Mando. And maybe the song needs to be in Mando?! But that guy2 is also a single, right?

    hehe I can care less, this song most definitely wont be the title song, but it’ll be MY song. 🙂

    1. My beef about this series (and after reading his song lyrics) is that YH may not get the girl (Tang Yan). He’s going to be antagonist to Mr Lam and Joe Ma (Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu?). Cao Cao never gets the girl. BOO!

      Also in the RL world, it’s just nasty to see Tang Yan being dragged into the Mr Lam-Mavis “boobsy” Pan scandal with the HK media naming Tang Yan as the third party *gag*

      1. hehehe I’m so ok with him not getting the girl, any girl. I don’t want him to get unnec hate fr the rabid MrLam fangirls tbh. let MrLam get the girl in drama, haha coz I bet in RL YH can get any girl if he wanna.

        And with the not getting the girl, I’ll get major hot glorious ANGST fr loverboy! OMG!!!! and give me some modern day YLX angst, I’m good~~~!

        *sigh* I can’t believe they did that to TY, but then again, it’s the HK doggies. Poor Girl!

        I would never understand the overrated popularity of MrLam, HK is really really genuinely fascinated by him, like some second coming of godly being. But HK is also very fascinated by Miriam as well, and I just can’t find any talent there.

        1. Yeah, I never understood HK’s intense fascination with Mr Lam. See his pic in this thread:

          He has really bad skin!! There are pock marks covered up by layers of foundation.

          Anyway, news is that Mr Lam turned down 5 series to be in Ad Mania:

          1. My peeve with MrLam will always be, I’ve seen prettier, I’ve seen better actor, I’ve seen better singer, all in one package and popping up quite often even considering the dire state of lack of talent in the field and even with those better candidates of richboy with connections, I don’t see this lvl of phenom. And HK genuinely LOVES him! At least a good chunk of the female population (and many in my close family)
            so this is a personal pain I have to suffer all the time!! ARGH!

        2. *MAJOR FACE PALM*
          OK, you know who’s even more over-rated than Mr Lam? It’s Feng Shao Feng! He’s slated to play Xiang Yu opposite Leon Lai’s Liu Bang in the new White Vengeance movie directed by Daniel Lee, and Liu Yi Fei’s gonna be paired up with Mr Feng in her role as Xiang Yu’s concubine Yuji! (hope this rumour isn’t true. FSF-LYF is a disastrous mis-match IMO)

          You have to admit – Mr Lam’s waaaayy better-looking and much more charisma than Feng Shao Feng.

          And COP OUT! Hunan TV media reports that YH will be at BBJX media event at Shanghai TV Fest is FALSE! Sob! (but hey, it’s not surprising after LBitch’s recent angry online exchange of words with the red beans). But YH will be back in China on 7 June and rushing down to join Ad Mania media event! Can’t wait to see him on stage again, except that we won’t see his charming BTS with LSS 😦

          1. I love you, sweetie, but your post is sooo depressing! :(((((((((((((((((((((

            Just when I thought I cant hate LBitch more, she outdid herself. I really can’t imagine a 40sth person this anal retentive and silly and pompous and acting out of every tiny little vendetta as if she’s the only right person in the universe and anyone not serving under her doesn’t deserve to exist.

            hmmmm….but my 6th sense is telling me, if LBitch is really going this low and halting YH appearing for the promos of BBJX, and YH is a bit bugged by it, he may seek his wittiest ‘revenge’ on weibo and just posting his lovey doveys w/ LSS and just middlefinger LB big time. I think LSS has the guts for it and he’ll do it sooo tactful sillyLB wont even know she’s stabbed seven ways to sunday!

            MrFeng and that movie, I can skip, gosh! the eyesore. And the thought of LYF playing a seductress or the highest order is all headachy WRONG. WE know it’s all connection and hype he’s got where he’s at.
            OTOH, I can’t skip AM!!! and I can’t look away fr the scrn if Loverboy is sharing it with MrLam! and haha most importantly I’ll prob watch AdMania if it’ll be out soon with my mom who is a rabid MrLam fan and with her gushing over how gorg/amazing/charming/hawt he is constantly, my brain already wanna pre-explode!

  4. OMG, your favourite CP are communicating through weibo without replying direct to each other’s tweets. But fans’ sharp eyes still pick up their line of communication.



    1. OMO! OMO!!!!


      hahahaha tbh, I dont really ship them for REALS, but they really won’t let us have a choice do they?!?!?!

      I totally missed this though I read the tt. Without her weibo, LSS will be a bit bland for me to go gaga over anything about her, but she’s one amazingly tactful, subtle yet bold, sweet yet feisty thing! LOVE IT!

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