Best Love :/

I’ve been liking BL so far, as much as I can for sth with a hero couple notches sillier in the pompous ass only gene pool but the pace was soo mile a minute it didnt give me too much time to be bugged, me conditioned with  too much Stephen Chow growing up …and I loved the acting.  I still do, very very much.

BL9, 3 words:  jumped the shark.  Rationally it’s end of 8, when DJ upped his ante as a silly goose I may still wanna pet though never date, but at least I find parts of it still funny and sharply written for a romcom.  9, I might’ve enjoyed  one whole minute of it out of the hour+ and to distill it, certian it’s mostly coz I’m floored by the awesome acting of CSWxGHJ combined even when the matl is past its expiration date many dramas ago, HongSis..  Enough.  I can sniff what they are trying to do with the LSG cameo as soon as I notice the scarfs before the characters, and sorry puppy, I cringed and I cringed and I cringed for scene to end with the LSG mimicking (poorly)  CSW mimicking a nasty, egomaniac raspy peacock with toothache.  And as much as I lovelovelove 1N2D, LSG has no acting screen presence to me, and his face is FUG.

Just another harsh proof I’m stubborn as a rock with my likes.  I’ve never warmed up to HongSis writing. I was just expecting some enjoyment and CSWxGHJ r real deal heavywts, but nope, it’s a very fast sinking ship.

First off, an artificial heart(if the C subs I’ve been watching got it right) CAN NOT FEEL PAIN.  And the top surgeon, after DJ reportedly had all sorts of tachys, let him go without ANY exam just coz the silly donkey said he doesn’t need some?!?!  IT really doesn’t take a lot of getting to know him to tell common sense and him is water and oil.  And at the end of 8, I seriously thought that damn heart monitor watch would be thrown into his fish bowl.  NOPE!  It’s getting more screen time than ever.  Totally totally a killjoy.

Hong sisters, I know it’s a romcom, but really get some VERY basic medical facts through wiki, WebMD, just 10 min of your time and this will not be as much a sad joke.

And how on earth can DJ keep getting unbelievably sillier and sillier?!?!  I mean we have our first loves when we’re half his age and that’s OLD, and nobody is telling us what the what, we don’t need shoddy monitors to tell what we’re feeling, a kiss is a kiss.  LORD, I can’t even put a minimum age for what his reaction is without insulting infants in diapers.

And AJ, has no development much of the ep.  I’ve thought DJ knew she has sth for him, though in denial and didn’t she spell the exact same thing syllable by syllable all out in that movie date ep?!?!  So we have our heroine kept regurgitating how much she has all kinds of flowers blooming in her heart but she can’t…coz she’s nobody and the pompous peacock is THE BIG THING.  That’s been the same ‘hurdle’ repeating itself  and it’s just ep9.

I anticipated BL because I REALLY want to like HongSis stuff.  And I thought long and hard this cant go too sour with the cast and having the characters romp in the ent biz which I thought they should have ample RL anecdotes, satires to play with and not bored me.  I should never give horrible 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…..dates another chance.  Serious note to self.

I’m only angry with the sad waste of the great GREAT actors, everybody, down to that CUTE DJ manager/gimp.  BuhBYE~!


4 thoughts on “Best Love :/

    1. I won’t even touch LTM or CH. Those will definitely stink for me coz so far all the dearies loving them are all hardcore fans of the big names and I don’t feel a thing for YEH, KJH, LMH… I thought I would like Manny and I did for the first 2 eps, but it went storyless faster than I can type a rant.

      So I guess I’ll just have Ripley on my plate as Kdrama. I’m ok with it, just surprised as I dun care for melo,. I just hate May Mayhem of touted OMG!AWESOME Kdramafest to end up MEH! MEHMEHMEH!! 😦

    1. *sigh* 😦 I sensed the general K audience can’t get enough of OTTness and silly slapstick?! The romcom heroes of late ar all pompous arses. JW@SG, now DK@BL. *SIGH*

      I loved his OTTness in early eps, maybe I’m blindsighted by the glimpses of very nuanced tender, angsty scenes he’s spicing in BL.

      BUT it’s more grating and bothering of late. I didnt even check out a sec of 10 after I’ve dl’d it, as nosy as me.

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