Guo Jing x Le Petit Prince

This is a 12 yo Mongolian boy 乌达木 on the China Got Talent show.  He lives nomadically on a great pasture in Mongolia, where he loves to sing loudly in the expansive space to his hearts desire.  His aspiration is to invent a magical ink…a drop of it will make the pastures lushly green with grass.

At this point, I have no idea I will be crying crying crying my eyes out till I’m dehydrated for the rest of the clip.  Be warned:

He wants to sing for us, he’s singing <梦中的额吉>, Mom in my dream.
Host: Why do you want to sing this song?
乌达木: When I think of my Mom, I’ll sing this song.
Host: Where is Mom at?
乌达木: In Heaven.
*camera panned to his slighly tightened grasp of the mike.  乌达木 calmly, pleasant flashes us a slight smile the best he can.*
Host: And your Daddy?
乌达木: My Daddy also passes on in a car accident.
*you can hear a pin drop*
Host:…Please sing first, shall we?
乌达木: Ok.

*I’m sorry my dearest Mongolian prince, I tried mightiest to not sob too loud obstructing your voice fr heaven, reaching the heavens, but I FAIL* *SOBBB*

[Caption: little 乌达木’s Mom got into a severe car accident when he’s 8.  He tended to her by her bedside, but even with his care, she passed on.  Not long after, his Dad was also killed in a car accident.  Since then, he’s rarely talked about his life’s story.  He will sing this song whenever he misses Mom.]

MC: Nobody needs any translation of the Mongolian lyrics he’s singing, we felt every word.

An excerpt of the lyrics:
Let me first make you tea fr the purest dews of flowers.
I saw the tenderest comfort in your eyes.
Your son is awaken hastily fr his dream,
please come, Mom.
Your son is awaken hastily fr his dream,
please come, Mom.

I’m flying at the edge of the sky,
in a silver bird in my dream.
I dreamt of you coming back to my side. The fortunate omen of the best luck.
Your son is coming,
wait for me, Mom.
Your son is coming,
wait for me, Mom.

Host1: I need a moment….
LadyHost: 乌达木, you think of Mom when you are singing this song.  Can you tell me what you will do alone when you think of  your Mom?
乌达木: At night, I dream.  Sometimes, I will dream of Mom looking upon me at the side of my bed.
LadyHost:  Please look at all the Mommys around you and let us be your ‘Moms’.
Hosts then chat on saying he looks like the Little Prince (yes, very very much so)
Host: From now on, when you see people around you sad, and you see sufferings, just sing.  Like the magical ink, your singing will make the pastures green.  That’s my take of your performance.
LadyHost: Do you miss your Mom’s embrace?
乌达木: Yes.
LadyHost: Can you sing a part of the song acapella? And, can I represent all the moms watching to give you a hug fr a mom? If you want to, you can call me mama XiaoYi.
乌达木: …Yi-ma.

乌达木 starts singing…his pure voice breaking just very slightly.  LadyHost said some comforting words and asked him to say something to his parents in Heaven.  乌达木 is taken by the moment, lost for words.

He composed himself, and said, ‘Mom, I miss you very much.’
Ladyhost said to him when he wants to cry, let it out.  You only know how to smile if you can cry.

And of course he got all 3 YES!YES!YES! to be back on the show.

He doesn’t need acting, if we are doing a revamp of LOCH in couple years, and we want to capture the exact essence of GJ but much less slow,  2 trillion times more pretty with the same miserly use of words,  just do a docu of 乌达木 with his fictional YungEr by his side.



2 thoughts on “Guo Jing x Le Petit Prince

  1. Nice song, nice boy…How is it that such a beautiful flower can bloom despite so much misery?… I hope he is living well, with lot of caring people around him!


  2. Hihi Emma!

    All I have been doing since watching the clip is praying and praying he’ll stay well and not change. The way these reality shows and the biz can squeeze every drop of use out is sth we’ve sadly seen too often. The LadyHost is trying her darnest to get a tear fr him for the tele. Tears are most private precious pearls for Mongolian men, I’m sure the boy has shed plenty for his loved ones in the silence of the night. He’s living a very precious moment singing to his Mom and we all believe she’s hearing his every word, all the emotions are perfectly expressed without her urgings. :/ He’s said in interviews before his Mom loves his singing and he’s doing her proud.

    He’ll have a place in my heart.

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