Ripley 3 Rant

Highlight of the ep: THIS!

Csub is telling my eyes Yutaka’s whole name is Yutaka Takenouchi!!!!!!! O MY FOREVER J CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!! I went back and rewatched and YUP! HE SAID HIS NAME IS YUTAKA TAKENOUCHI, NO?! Y the serendipity?!  Why the WHY is my fandoms always always marrying and giving me offsprings that r soo pushing me off the edge of maximum squeeee?! Please don’t make 6002 any more CUTE for me please, I’m weak and gullible.  More importantly,  I need to stop watching Ripley.

I took a massive break, breathed and vented and distracted myself doing chores before finishing the episode after the 52:29 mark. WTF, writer?!?!?

I was very optimistic of the drama through 1, 2…but it’s not without truckloads of flaws.  I’m not too fond of presenting a Big Dilemma then hastily, lazily resolving it with some divine intervention/coincidence at the 9th hour.  It’s becoming a pattern of eye-rolling contrivances, obviously the writer’s favorite ploy to move things along. I’ll stop caring, I have.

I’m actually slowly more bugged by LDH’s habit of ‘shocked’ face against my wish.   It’s there fr the get go and I can let it slide in ep1, less so in ep2, and I’m at the tipping point in ep3.  It conveys a disjointed Miri instead of one conflicted woman when one minute she’s clearly capable of worldly thoughts and some on her feet, cunning manipulations, then next she’ll get wide-eyed SHOCKED! at the most mundane everything. For example, she plots to get her hands on HJ’s Todai cert LAST EP!!! and when she finally saw it lying in her apartment, is there a need of a major ‘SHOCK! OMO! OMFG! I CAN’T BELIEVE HJ’s CERT IS IN HJ’s APT!!!!’ Come on, gf.  We all can tell when your klutzy gf keep tripping she’ll shed some blood and you’ll have to look for bandaid/todai cert *YAWN* I’m fine with playing the damsel when nec towards your grand plan but no need the faking when nobody matters is in a mile’s radius, lady!   It’s taking me out of my enjoying of Miri’s weaving her promising web of lies, which I’m going to heck with morals and everything proper and You Go! GIRL!! but it frizzles before sizzles when she’s totally playing up the naivete to no plausible use in scene.  It is a major breaking of character.  BUMMER!  Miss LDH, we know you can emote, and since you’ve forgotten, it’s ok for your face to be blank most of the time when u r being a professional at work with just a quiver of little sth in your eyes, pretty sure it’s called nuances.  I’ve seen you doing them fine in the past.  And just a pointer, your Miri cant be spilling every ohnoes moment you are treading through, for the sake of  facade, charade, lying and all that you r supposedly doing, you know?! I really want to follow ur Miri, and most of the time u r good but then u have to add that extra OTT ‘omph!!!’ and snap me back to my ranty bitchy non-fan self!

I can let that all slide even, not dealbreaker yet.

6002, you are very very cute and I really cant cognitively use my judging ruler to measure your competence…but I’m still not feeling u r getting the ropes, instead of blending into the scene as your character, I’m seeing too much YooChun roleplaying a warm understanding chaebol prince.  Is it too fangirly to partly blame the PDnim!?!?! IF it’s the same PDnim doing most of the directing of 6002 as the Air City PDnim listed in Ripley’s wiki, I will cast the blame without shame.  I think many scenes he’s in, he shouldn’t make the cut.   But as there are some moments he’s decent, a better PD should be able to tap into those and slowly lead him through and improve.  As of now, I’m mostly seeing what 6002 is thinking acting is like, with moments of when he hits it right, mixed with a lot of thinking, but not too effective consistency.  He still seems clunky and guarded and very cautiously reading out his lines in eloquent speech with his lovely warm voice.  I can’t help but wonder if he’ll loosen up and improve his flow.

Maybe it’s a letdown this ep has much less yummy cut like melted butter KSW?!  But I can’t help cringing he looks on curiously at the following scene that is THE dealbreaker for me.

This scene is YIKES!!  it’s like writer picks lesbianism randomly as the Nth lazy way out, and our smartlass Miri agrees it’s a brilliant idea, our gay J bigshot daughter ALSO agrees and is moved by the We are Lesbians and United we hold hands in our identical minds and sistahood! lets conjoin and be blood sistas and BFF instantaneously stinkiest poop.  If I were the girl, if some random scantily clad frizzled hair pretty girl is knocking at my hotel room telling me first things, she’s a lesbian (ie available), either I’ll pay her sthsth and get a gd romp in my bed several feet away, or I’ll call the police for solicitation of prostitution after I’ve slammed the door even harder in her face.

W! T!  F!!!!!  And the smooth ahjusshi is oddly approving this shit?!?!?!?  Am I even seeing him hinting a little approving admiring smile?!  There are tools u use to get ur way in scheming but go flipping the I’m (fake) Gay so I Get Your Pain and now You do What I’m Nudgin you to DO!!!!!  is not sth I can ever watch.  

Yes, this is a passing scene, but it’s also a waving red flag for me of the drastic desperate means writer is willing to go to clunkily move her plot along with no tact and skill. 

I may still give it an ep4, since LadyHan fr DJG will be Yutaka’s birth mom, but my hopes for the drama are fleeting.  I am still interested in the characters and where they are heading, but HOW the writer is making them there is absolutely bugging the hell out of me. 

hmmmm This is also v tempting my BL loving heart:

[credit: fr canondelight’s weibo]

Don’t tempt and give me any more of this, ok? 

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