Ripley 4, my own little dilemma

I tried the ep out, and the bugging started minutes in, going down smoother with the eyecandy1 YooHyun and eyecandy2 YH’s wingman being cute and sweet and caring and a bit more than friendly towards each other and I love them more not losing the patience with HJ. Them sharing CP spillage of wet shirts fr our natural human walking hazardous disaster HJ (and yes, she’s bugging me) is icing on cakes.

Yup, even after soapy dirty waterbath fr HJ, he looks at his bff eyecandy2 lovingly like that before he nurses the kluz’s wound…in a lovely tux.

I paused at ~5 min, RL intruded and I really had enough of LDH’s acting. Can I jab it more to death?!  SURE~!  She’s very loud yet monotonous with her every emotion but losing in nuances and depth and her bad habits of GRASPING in every scene with no lines r totally swarmy and drowning her Miri alive.  If her acting is singing, I felt like she’s screaming, emphasizing every single note, in tune, but there’s no lyricalness.  She needs to convey to me when she’s playing innocent as part of her ploy, a hidden layer of  brooding conniving, not the same old tiring *BlownupDoll*Face.  The Miri I met and rooted for in ep1 was a survivor of every possible dirt thrown on a young lady and I can’t imagine her being sooooo disheveled over every single little happening in her new shinier life even with all the lying as opposed to one of a bargirl under a mean pimp’s sexual slavery on foreign soil.

All her games are so spelled out to fool a tool, I wish I can be more convinced of her wheeling head at work as opposed to her physical beauty scoring every single time.  I need to get Miri is a brilliant bitch in making as opposed to stumbling upon chances opportunistically.  That is not anti-heroine enough for my taste and so far I’m not convinced her game is fooling everyone except those hormonal men.  I can understand the men falling for her like flies, but for selling her game to me, I need MORE. Since she fooled my beloved ajusshi into doubting, ASKING if she’s gay (ARGH! REALLY?!?! @5#$^&*) whom I thought was a soft ball of complex hurt and vulnerability under steely competent mask but freshly hardened *no pun intended* to womanhood to not fall for a damsel floozy faking it, days after his divorce.  Not saying Miri is such for reals, but what she’s doing/saying in front of him screams she’s feeling up his thighs with her batting of doe-eyes and sickly sweet innocent cooing, not even hiding the bells and whistles and he’s impressed with that still?!  That easy a prey?!  This will be less fun for me coz I’m anticipatiing some major one upping in manipulations btn these 2 foxes.  I can’t buy him falling this fast and hard despite his reservations, esp at such a critical crisis of Oh!FAKEYS! exploding at HotelA.  I buy their previous connection, but how Miri is acting in this ep should flag too many red flags.  He really didnt know enough about this woman to lap up everything so very telling of her lies and her very loud grasps of OOPS! I’m snuffed.  Yes LDH is very pretty and she’s wearing things tight and cut inches fr her shapely butt 24/7, her legs are to die for and we’re seeing every inch of them, but my love for the ahjusshi is down many notches for him to not be more shrewd and focusing on his business instead of going on dates and have his penis do the thinking.  He’s dumber and more simple as I know him more. My love for him loses its insanity and I’m back on solid ground fr my fangirling haven.  Without that rabid haze, I can’t stop myself being much more practical and critical with his MH.

Now my daily bitchy rant is out of the way.  I can’t stop watching Ripley and hence my dilemma of to drop(my rational brain is telling me I’ll have drama long problem with bits of lazy writing and LDH’s acting) or not : the fangirl in me is screaming I can’t look away fr my pretty.

YooChun is doing his magic in fireworks this ep.  FINALLY!  He’s found his groove and I can shut my bitching as his greenness is much mellowed out.   I’m shipping him with everything even that little dolphin mascot plush.  Do I see a reverse oedipal fr stepMom towards her fake son? Oohlala and that complexed by his obvious oedipus loving of his birth Mom is very messy and delicious even in my silly anticipation.  I’m much more interested in his character now we see him being more than a horny little puppy with Miri , but a calculating cool cucumber when it comes to business maneuvering, deflating the ahjusshi (whom he admires/LURVES) to sweating bullets cleanly.  Wow! Impressed and SWOON!

I’m also loving the chasing and that legit wristgrab (note to all Kdrama namjas, it can be done with TLC)
and of coz that hug.  I’m enjoying the Miri/YH scenes much more this ep.  I guess I love that Miri doesnt need to act in front of YH and thus less chances for the patented LDH OTT?!  This infatuation is making more sense to me than the falling of ahjusshi towards Miri. [Chunface, I’m totally liking ur womanizer self kicking in, comforting *coughfeelingupCough* LDH’s back and arm.  An infatuated puppy should be pervy AND caring and u r so right on!] 

He’s still cuddly cute and warm, but we’re getting deeper development of his feelings towards MiRi other than pure infatuation, very delishly portrayed in his most quiet scenes.  <333 that scene he’s sitting in his fancy car, chauffeur, bodyguard in toll, eyes fixed on her with a mixed bags of feelings and she’s at her most vulnerable sad state waiting all fragile *with Fragile hamming in the bkgd* and alone for her bus.  I’m so happy the YooChun we saw equipped with all the potentials and promises in SKKS has finally arrived.  As I suspected he’s good with his nuances and angst, I can’t wait for MUCH more (esp the CRYING and heartbreaking puppypain!!!!)

And I love that he’s cute, warm enough yet not leading HJ on unknowingly. I thought seeing him and HJ, 2 warm innocents will be boring, but it’s soo not.  He’s not as sweet as he is and she’s not as slow.   I want some unsuspecting falling for HJ fr YH AFTER Miri comes wagging her tail at him.  It’s very cohesive with his character if I’m to believe his most attractive body part is his calculating brain, his warm persona maybe a facade he’s mastered throughout his life under a shrewd, not necessary evil stepmom.  There’s sth very dark and mastermind hinted in tiny specks.  His YH is the character I can’t wait to see more the most out of the interesting bunch.

HJ redeems herself in that long doubting pause and contemplative eying of Miri during the talk of the diploma arrest.  FINALLY,  I so welcome someone in the drama is seeing Miri as not that tactful a lying bitch as I’m.  Can I foresee HJ as the one connecting the dots and doing all the HanKang detective work here?!  hmmmmmm!  and yes, it pleases me a bit more to see the dudes failing to sniff the hints at every corner and the only non-penis taunting member noticing it first, but not dwelling on it more as her nice character should at this point.  

Still, acting jabs aside, I’m enjoying how Miri is wrapping the dudes around her web, intentionally with MH and unintentionally with YH.  I can’t wait to see her finding out YH IS the chaebol prince afterall and she’ll be the lapping puppy unable to contain her droolz. It’s still entertaining, and I will pray very hard all this wk LDH will stop her hiccupy grasping.  Seriously Miss Lee, lets do some negotiations.  You stop the graspings, JUST the grasping and not another word of stabbing fr me, EVER. DEAL?!?!?!?!??!?! *FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED*

The music is not as insanely grating.  Fragile is a bit too obvious a choice, but still it’s WAYYY better a piece of music than what’s been used.  I would love it, actually, if they just loop the intro and lose the song proper with the lyrics.  It heavyhanded the scene which can be a precious, timely, right tone of sweet silent melancholy.

What I WANT in next developments:
1. Ahjusshi falling irreversibly for Miri now that he’s dumber than I thought. Miri using him left and right to get into YH’s pants.
2. Puppy YH can bite: when Miri step on the gas trapping him, his past demons caught up on him, he put up his guard and give her some comeuppance by trying out with HJ but just a short tryst before the real falling for Miri…and yes knowing her shiz as well (hopefully fr a raged, spiteful HJ at that point).  Then give me the fauxcest, might as well up the angst while we’re at it.

[credit on gifs, fr ichigo’s weibo]

6 thoughts on “Ripley 4, my own little dilemma

  1. hihi mookie dear. I haven’t got time to watch this drama yet, too busy with home, hopefully i will get time for this by the weekend.

    Hope you are fine..see that you are missing Binnie, keke..

    1. *HUGGG* Kim! Hope you’ll get time for some TLC this wkend to destress, hang in there!! *muak*

      I’m good! My folks r still visiting so I’m extremely spoiled and pampered like a child. And it’s fun to have a 3 against 1 in my house. lolz

      1. Thank you mookie!! *muack*. Thanks to Serenity/Ann too…I will watch it now before I’m leaving with my boy and nephew to watch Kungfu Panda 2 at the cinema. I’ve promised to watch the movie with them today..will come back with my thoughts later on.

  2. ” Come rain, come shine”…hm, I think this couple is 1 of a rare couple among of many normal couples , I would say. The way they handle the breakup, their calm which is unormal for us, it isn’t very commen, isn’t it? I know I can’t, not at that moment when the other part is saying he/she is moving out lol. I’m impressed how they try to do their best out of a breakup, but sad to see how such a lovely couple whom seem to be compatible for each other in every way that they must take that hurtful step. I guess when the love is already passed, it isn’t much to do then. She seems to use quite a lot of times to come to that decision and he did know that, somehow he felt that and he has already mentally prepared this would come. I think it is easier for making a decision when there aren’t any children in the picture, not that it isn’t hurtful, but kids makes things more complicated. Although they seem to be very compatible to each other, but they seem to lack some communications and when obtacles builds up by times, I guess there isn’t any way back at some point. I think in the most cases of broken relationships, it’s hard to blame on only 1 side,on her or on him. The movie is a sad movie for me, with all the raining, the slow moving makes it more sad to watch. I wish it could tell a lil for how they came to that point given they seems to be a perfect couple, but i guess it doesn’t matter as it wasnt what the director wants to tell, it’s more about how they felt a their last day together, the feelings, and how they handle everything. I think this happens to our daily lives, and at the end of the day we will be fine just like “come rains…then..come shines”

    I think the movie isn’t a cup of tea for everyone, but I enjoyed it. I can sit and watch every moves and feelings and feel with it…Thanks for proving me the link, mookie and Serenity *muack*

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