Ripley 5, 6 spoilers (I


Confession, I’m kinda interested in Ripley still, I do like what’s going on even with my balls and balls of rants.  But it’s not rabid, I doubt it ever will be( I can’t rem what days it’s on top of head).  And in cases as such, I don’t really mind spoiling myself rotten.  I think the writer is still very crude in her delivery of good ideas and I doubt this will really tip over to SURPRISE! edge of seat/nail biting territory for me.

Cassies (or spec 6002 fans) I’m following at weibo has ep5 trailer, ep6 synopsis and every discussion out! and I clicked.
OMO!!! OMOOO!!!!!

So when is Ripley on again?!?!  whenever it is, I need that day to come after my shuteye!!!

 LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the trailer, it’s giving me exactly what I want. YUMMM!
I’m cold and mean. I want to see YH very ridiculously happy and sweet and CUTE now since I know huge rocks will fall on the sweetie.  The happier a pup he is now, the more delish the ANGST.  

And so our puppy with a very likely cold, mean streak is rolling on his bed being cuter than ever after scoring Miri’s #.  kekeke
and I’m soooo loving Miri is put to use for a promo,  she’s BORN to fake smile and pose!  And just give her more blatant chances to flash her smiles at MH, for work!! LOLZ
And yes, pretty cast, just keep going to balls and presscons, speeches and all the highend soirees, I really don’t mind both the guys in tuxtux and more tux.

HJ is THIS close to finding out Miri and her diploma thing.  WANT!!
Puppy is just testing Ahjusshi when he’s saying Mondo wont be taking over HotelA.  Even when stepmom and board is firm on nay. HE is using his own chaebol cash to keep the cashflow at HotelA!!! WANTWANTWANT!! Puppy LURVES Ahjusshi!
And Ahjusshi will love Puppy back!!! haha Look how lovingly he’s introducing his Miri to his unbeknownst worst enemy Puppy at the glitzy party!!!  WANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!
Miri will take care of her fake diploma fax whatever she has to do brinnging lunch to Ahjusshi *yawn*  I find how Miri is handling the diploma scheme v pedestrian and silly.  nth brilliant and bores me to death.  Also, she overheard Ahjusshi will head HotelA and she’ll continue her gold digger ways. nth new there

Then ep6!!
After she found out Puppy is CHAEBOL, she’ll fake sick (maybe not really need faking) and leave the scene and ahjusshi hanging.
HJ takes the Mondo job and finds out Puppy is her boss and it confuses her (not the brightest bulb *nods*)
Miri (and writer), of coz, will scheme up EVERY coincidences under the sun to bump into Puppy Prince to
hook, line and sinker.

O Cassies, I LUB Y’ALL!!!!