I’m not boasting, but there’s no way YH is not mine in mind and soul (and body if I have my way)
Just TWO days ago I’m droolzing at  YAI @ Z Zin and it somehow got to my love for Odajo and his wifey and whenever I thought of the pair, I can’t help but blurt how many times I’ve had an instant LOVE connection with peeps sharing my bday.

And just now, like TWO hrs ago, 3ish am his time xiaoHong went his cute insomniac way and tt on how ecstatic like a fangirl he is, when he finds out his bday is the same as his obvious idol, famous Shanghai Theatre Academy (his alma mater) alumni/ex principal famous writer and scholar, Yu Qiuyu AND his love on the bball court Kobe Bryant.

I’m happy he’s happy.  But really Loverboy you are slower than me by decades. Nonetheless, we mindmeld for the nth time.

The first person I ever fangirl to the point of stalking and giving presents: Sean Lau.  I’m just glad I have some gfs as weird as me and tog we have a fanwar splitting the class of Sean Lau vs Leon Lai (they were Guy1/Guy2 in a TVB hit back then), but I’ve been fangirling him since Police Academy when I can’t get my eyes off his peculiar look to me as a youngling even when he’s sharing the TV screen with Tony Leung. *Imagine my GLEEEE and SQUEEE and how much I’m hawking The Great Magician: Tony, Sean, ZhouXun, PD DerekYee!!!* 

We’re wandering the shopping malls after school.  It was at a record store, although usually I was the one in our group fast with my silly devilish schemes, I was dumbfounded, all I did is stare and droolz.  My dearest dearest friends went to the adjacent toy store, bought my favorite plush, a huge green Totoro, stuffed it into my hands.  I couldn’t even say a word and I just handed it to him.  My buds then found my hymn book in my bag (the only decent thing with paper that is not littered by my ‘fanciful’ manga attempts) and he autographed it with one hand while asking me my name and smiling and looking at me, the other hand holding that Totoro by the head.  I still rem his 6ft+  back walking on the street, holding that Totoro by the head in the middle of Nathan St and ppl stared at him crazy.  *SWOON*

There’s Bebeto the Brazilian footballer and 3 time WC champion.
And one of the HK actresses I adore and very often bump into at restaurants: Cherie Chung.

This definitely warrant a scientific statistical research.

One thought on “Serendipity!

  1. Thanks sweetie!

    I thought that’s YoYo, but I always mix’em all up. 😉 I totally see the mother hen here. arghhhh why do they make me into a RL shipper?!?!?! I’m SOOO not a RL shipper but don’t keep feeding me proof after proof. *pout* XD

    All I’m seeing is YH being the center of all the eying affection fr everybody. I see MrLam and the lady costar fr Ad Mania looking longingly for YH to ‘Come back~!!!’ to them.

    Then there is ‘lady’ 14 little teddybear assistant not letting his eyes leaving his bigbroHong for a second. Nicky being so elated catching up with Red. But most important, with all that attention from every corner, I sense Loverboy on his toes VERY aware of his SS by his side, in arm’s reach and he can’t help ALWAYS looking towards her general direction every couple sec whenever he can. And of coz even if it’s just her backside, her head is towards his direction like a sunflower. IF this is not CP, I dunno what is!

    If I’m LBitch, I would be as guarded, what IF LSS follows YH and jump to a bigger, grander ship?!?!

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