Quickie on Ripley 5

I like this ep a lot.  Stuff that’s bugging me is much toned down and plot thickens…somewhat to my expectation.  BUT…

I didn’t expect them ‘boating’ sooo soon.  And I’ve never been this WRONG with the OTP.

I really did see a lot of bonding and deeper understanding btn the MH/Miri fr the first 2 eps,  and my surprise is not in the OTP I’m currently shipping, though usu I’m quite aligned with the writer, but with such an early ‘boating’, I declare the MH/Miri ship official Titanic’d.  There’ll be nth to plot around if they r the OTP.  So this might be a rare Kdrama where the dude who kissed AND boated the girl first is not getting Girl.  I’m also loving Miri turning further into a complete conniving bitch, worming her way around the ppl surrounding her without any more care than herself now.  Gone is the Miri that is still too jittery and have a bit of concern/decency for others in previous eps.  Now she’s got a taste of the delicious power of success, she’s ready to kill puppies for anything she wants.

YooChun has stepped by his game, he’s not 100%, but his scene by the grave tugged my heartstrings.  My poor puppy!

This is giving me serious WHIB vibe, this ep.  ME LIKEY!!!

Now I want:
1. Miri to fall for YH hard, not just coz he’s cute, young, rich, competent, chaebol….. but really really fall for him despite it all, giving her heart out.
2. YH will not be as blinded to her scheming as Ahjusshi, and after the initial cloud 9, his walls will be up, past will haunt…etcetcetc….plus HJ will continue to be his ‘Guy2’ and he is aware of her loving him all tenderly.
3. Time will make YH/Miri into the OTP per writer’s intention she solidly hinted in 5.  That needs them through tonnes of blood and tears and real meaty getting to know the REAL Miri and be alive at the other end.
4.  Then hit us all with the fauxcest.


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