O GAWD! Ripley6

I wasn’t expecting much, and damn, it’s always when I’m least suspecting that some drama will creep up on me.  I’m biting my nails throughout many scenes, torn btn wanting MiRi to get away with it, and cursing the chilling brilliant bitch.

Even before I click into weibo, I KNEW these r the gifs beggng to be gif’d:

[credit on gifs: fr ichigo’s weibo]

YIkes, where is the next episode?! WHERE?!   MiRi is getting shrewder and shrewder with her every lie and I can’t wait to see how she’s getting herself out of the end of ep sticky mess.

There’s not much similarity plot-wise with WHIB, but this episode is buzzing with Bali vibes *LOVE*.  Specifically that foursome fateful Bali trip episode….the time when they were irreversibly caught in that web of fate and lost forever fr then on.  Here, everybody is generally happy, both the male puppies are brimming in love, JeJu is as pretty as ever.  Miri outdid herself in lethal gorgeousness with a breezy white dress after that red number.

My problems with LDH vaporized this episode, writer and LDH are hearing my prayers and giving her ,many meaty crushing scenes and she’s nailing it like no tmr unlike her forced and too transparent fakey lovey doveys with Ahjusshi.  I watched the physical abusive scene through my fingers, it’s hard.

Maybe it’s deliberate, MiRi has lost any ounce of care for the Ahjusshi at this point, which was there I swear in ep1, 2, so maybe the OTT and cringeworthy cutesy earlier on is per LDH’s design.  MiRi won’t be opening heart to men when she has REAL work to do and she’s not that good an actress, her MiRi.  If that’s the case, I apologize and bow to you, Miss Lee.   Because, although it’s still 90% act, her scenes with YH r so much more naturally shippy/swoonworthy and just the right amount of cheese.  Am I buying a practical 32 yo businessman to be a humping puppy?! Nope, but I’ve rewritten the character description for my sanity and YH is a 22 yo virgin, living his life in a monastery then shipped right to that youth hostel, thus bumped into his very first female in life.  JK aside, I saw MiRi has tiny lapses of losing herself, having a good time and real bonding with another fellow humankind.  There’s so much hinting on how similar MiRi and YH are deep deep deep down, fr the laws of Kdrama, they can only be siblings.  Their mother issues, and how they will never hesitate lying, white lies in case of YH, but still.  It’s almost like he’s the very lucky opposite of MiRi, dealt the right cards and have choices in hiding his pain and be functional in life whereas MiRi has absolutely no such luxury.  I would have a hard time if they are not meant to be the OTP fr now on, dead or not.

My bleeding bleeding pulverized heart MH Ahjusshi!!  I’m a sucker for caring filial son, and he croons all lovingly at his Mommy’s bedside.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  I feel sooo sorry for him and in that scene, he’s soo alone and vulnerable and projecting a boyish warmth of a loving son, no amt of time in playing the capable CEO of some biggie hotel can scrub that extremely poor, lonely upbringing and the caretaker of his sick vegetative mother away fr him.

And he chooses to be even more vulnerable in love and allows himself to hope and think of a future in a true loving relationship, what he longs for most all his lonely life.  *SIGHHHHH*  Also, he’s so trusting and giving once he’s fallen, I’m very scared of his shit hits fan moment that’s sure to come.  Dreading, but W!A!N!T!

I love HJ’s character developments the most out of the characters.  In ways, I’m like the HJ I’m anticipating, can do anything for a friend but I have a harsh bottomline and once snapped, I’m brutal.  One thing for sure, we’re not going the silly dimwit goody2shoes route we’ll need to constantly shake sense into her head.  I’m nodding at her rolling eyes in the drinking scene and man, does it hurt doubly much when I rem myself in a similar situation with my crush, crushing another girl in my face. She’s more real than that innocent, kind, too good to be true caricature, capable of the right amount of jealousy towards YH like any normal girl.  And YH *sigh*, how he’s behaving towards HJ is sweetly affable, he genuinely regards her as a good friend, but that closeness and strictly friendly concern is totally killing the girl yet everything is out in the open, honest btn them now.  This is grounds for a solid relationship in development wherever it’s heading.  I’m not sure where she’ll be at the end of the ride, but I’m hoping she’ll go to a deeper end than Miri, not the typical crazybitch demise, but sharp in grabbing what she wants most in life when it matters most as well, YH.

A little disappointment is not some MiRi/Stepmom action, it’s hinted YH’s stepmom is probably a MiRi back in her days, this may sound very wrong, but it’s like she’s sniffed out the scent and instinctively knows MiRi is a lying liar who lies and is in the shady bargirl business.  It takes one to know one. 

To top it all, this drama is giving me lovely bromances.  YH and his buddy CJ’s bromance is sooo beautiful.  Both the boys are easy on the eyes but how he’s looking after YH’s interest every step of the way, got his back, grilling our heroine bitch to death is too much bromance!  Any normal straight guy is defenseless against MiRi, we’ve been hammered and he can still use the only thinking body part of his anatomy!  He can’t be more blatant when he is gushing about how perfect YH is @ HJ <3333333333333

And gosh, the MH/YH bromance is kicking up a notch.   They sizzle and connect so effortlessly, imo MH has more chemistry with YH than MiRi.

Acting-wise, KSW and KHJ are so right on the money.  I love that hospital scene of Ahjusshi.  KHJ is terrific, delivering the confrontation with YH and his lies at Mondo rooftop with an awesome precision.  LDH still has her habits but much toned down to my relief and delight.  YooChun is still green and clunky, but there are scenes he’s making it work.  Can’t ask for more.

And the cutie is FINALLY singing in a solo # on the OST to be released next week.  Please make it happen and don’t let some evil enslaving butthurting company blocking it.

One thought on “O GAWD! Ripley6

  1. It’s been way too long since I’ve stopped by your site, jie jie! Just look at your new layout!

    What a great post! I’m following Ripley through recaps on Dramabeans, and even I get chills at just how shrewd Miri is becoming by the episodes. She’s so manipulative and yet there are fleeting glimpses of her vulnerability that I find really fascinating as well. I’m lovin’ the entire cast for Ripley, and actually wished I had more time to watch it. Sigh.

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