Ripley 7, lost again in the shipping, WTH?!

What is going on?!  I enjoyed HJ the least in the first couple episodes, but then this ep, I’m only tugged by her every scene.  She brings out normal human emotions in our Miri, I feel for BOTH of them whenever they are by themselves.

Her scenes with YH are the best of the ep for me, gosh that scene at the Church/orphanage:

*sob* KHJ is soooo amazing! Sweetie, YH’s bestie/your oppa is VERY cute and caring and wayyy sharper in romance, just nudging! 

I can’t even follow all my switches in shippings and it’s only 7 eps in!

i blame it on the MiRi/MH ship.  Objectively I think MH is the best caretaker for MiRi, yet I’m still not computing the whole MH falling for MR.  I’m too practical to be a romantic, I admit, but really, Ajusshi, SLOW DOWN! Mom’s heirloom proposal is creepy, I don’t care if it’s only me thinking it’s not swoony.  *Sigh* I’m sooo sad coz  the biggest draw for me to watch R is KSW to begin with,  WAYYYY more than anybody else, but his character is more and more uninteresting/unattractive and reduced a cipher to push the plot along. I stopped caring for him, him being a ‘hopeless romantic’ 24/7 is my big turn off.

I’m also having a hard time buying the MiRi/YH ship atm.  I have crushes left and right constantly myself, so I’m no judge, falling for the pretty is natural as well, but his opinion of MiRi as being honest and frank is quite random…when she did a 180 in attitude towards him for no apparent reason.  That whole princessy bitchy tantrum at the surprise party in her name, ARGH!  There was sth going on in that weepy beach scene @ JeJu last ep, but this episode there’s no electricity btn them, fake or not fr MiRi’s part. I’m getting bored by Miri’s manipulations.  If it’s going to be MiRi using solely her pretty all the way to the top, I’m pre-bored.

I don’t care how horrible your life’s been up to this point, Miri, you do not break a puppy’s heart and make him almost cry like this!

I let it slide when MiRi is going all gold diggerish on YH and dumping Ahjusshi by the curb emotionally last ep.  But allow me to nitpick, It’s really not nec for her to secure a better golden ticket in being this greedy.  She crossed the line, imo.  Now with all her unapologetic abuse of HJ’s friendship, which she’s aware is genuine, stealing her designs in GLEE, and Ahjusshi, OHHH Ajusshi and your pals, come on, you can’t all have your heads at your penises, please say it aint’ so!!  She SAID she’s a JAPANESE major at ToDai, why the heck can she do architecture now?!?!?!  (and be some lecturer as new job fr the preview?!?!)  She is stooping too low and this is too ridiculous to fake.  I’m having a hard time as is with MiRi able to scrap by all her lies, but this one, I predict I’ll have a hella hard time to suspend in the threadbare logic..and that sick jolly smile on her face as if she’s made a grand accomplishment is the last straw, finally making me batty.  I wished she struggled more instead of enjoying soo much and sooo fast being the evil bitch.   It disappoints me she’s going this lowbrow without much urgency or need or provocation.  I do feel for her when she’s with HJ, when she can loosen her facade, but not enough to condone everything she’s done and will keep doing in escalation.

So am I having my very first Girl2 syndrome?! 

Rant aside, I love the lovely angst, jitters of HJ towards YH.  I connect with every nuance emotionally and her pain is my pain.  <3333

2 thoughts on “Ripley 7, lost again in the shipping, WTH?!

  1. I find myself rooting for all the wrong OTPs in this drama.

    I prefer Myung Hoon with Miri and Hee Joo with Yoo Hyun.

    I know I’m suppose to root for Miri and Yoo Hyun as a couple, but for some reason I can’t get behind them. :/ Their scenes lean more towards awkward than cute for me.

    1. Yeah, it’s more awkward than cute for me as well btn MR/YH. I was seriously cringing through that supposingly extremely romantic arc in 9.

      I think there’s more chemistry btn YooChun and KHJ and more chemistry btn LDH and KSW as actors. Even MiRi/HeeJoo or YH/MH have more natural sparks. But the writing is bombarding the MR/YH ship on us when they are not there yet, or may never be.

      I’m sad we don’t see much of HeeJoo ep9. I guess how much she’s onscreen is disproportional to how batty I’m with drama.

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