Ripley 8

It’s pulling me back, even # eps r always better than odd.    I cruise along the ep with nth much to stab at and this end scene is totally sating my bromance fiend!! Lord have mercy!

Borrowing fr our Puppy’s logic in love, coincidences = fated.  Here they are at the exact same jewellery store picking up rings (while you are at it, writer-shi, why not make them pick the EXACT SAME FREAKING ONE AND MAKE THEIR OWN PAIR OF CP RINGS RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND BE MARRIED!!!!! XDD)  Matchymatchy wavelength/intuition/ESP is LOVE most intense!!!  Puppy, see, you just bump into Miri at all the random places, but what you have here with Ajusshi PWN’D that!  I’m being honest and serious here, the way Ahjusshi is looking at Puppy is much more loving and tender and sweet and rainbows and unicorns than any of his intense eying/lusting on MiRi and his noble gestures all ep long.  And Puppy is reciprocating!!! I dunno, as lovey dovey as his scenes with MiRi are in this ep, it’s too saccharine and  YH comes off like some high school boy having a first crush on his pretty teacher.

ZOMGs sooooooooo freaken CUTE, you two!  I know I should check myself in some institution, but as intense as things r developing, ie we have multiple marriage proposals and love declarations, my OTPs r all same sex CPs: MiRi/HJ; Ahjusshi/Puppy; Puppy/BFF*winkwink*Roomie

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