Ripley 9: ‘sorry…I’ve never loved you.’

This drama has never toppled over to love for me.  I’ve to admit I’m too unromantic to watch sth as ‘oldschool’ as Ripley.  I’m agreeing with the major plotpoints and pace, no complaints of our quadrant of love both in the acting and the general characterization, but how it’s executed by writer is so juvenile and silly. ep9 is getting me majorly batty almost the entire first half.

1. I can’t picture 2 dudes, 2 hoteliers at that, 2 business partners and so forth, having the time of the day in the afternoon to go shop for rings and sit down at coffee shop pouring hearts, blushing over their respective romances (with the same woman, but they dont know that).  I don’t know straight guys who barely know each other personally will do that. OR are they feeling each other out, double entendre-ing on their budding bromance?!?!?!??!?!??!?!

2. Miri as some lecturer.   Is a goddess cocktail dress, the dress code for a lecturer in Korea?!  And those male AND female students praising her pretty to no end loudly and in unison (why the freck should that cross minds in EVERY one of them?!).  And she tore up her notes then asked a couple to come up the stage and kiss, called it a day AND got UNANIMOUS applause for THAT?!  I mean there’s not even one b8tchy b8tch like me in the class who would’ve turned blind by ALL the eyerolling?!?! What exactly is so winning about the lecture proper for the applause and do they CLAP for realz after some lecture at college in RL?!?!  If I were there, I would be shellshocked at all the WTFness all around, and will wonder are my fellow students all the silliest shoujo fiends that think they r starring in some shoujo manga fluff that can’t get enough of any kiss anytime anyday to solve any sticky ‘plot’?!??!?!?!

3. AND some prof (whose day job is to lecture, I suppose) is ALSO enamored by MR’s ‘lecture’.  W!T!F!!!!??!?!

4.  ANDDDD MH and his ahjusshi homies have to praise MR some more on her ‘terrific’ job on ‘lecturing’  but mostly her gorgeousness.  I want to poke my eyeballs and eardrums.  OH PLEASEEEE, although I’m not of the male sex, but I’m offended as a fellow human beings in their place that just coz MR is pretty on the eyes EVERY FREAKING BODY is reduced to this lvl of shallowness in the academic field.  Since this is basing itself off a RL story of a con lady, I didnt know if the scammer is using purely her physical beauty and nth else.  IF that’s the case, I lament our poor crazily superficial society!

5. That humongous load of stale CHEESE that is the YH proposal.  *CRINGE*  Why is there a slideshow of EVERY moment they spent together?!  IF MR has some of her streetsmarts still in her, won’t that all scream scary stalker, private investigator hawking on her every move by this chaebol prince/stalker??!?!?!  And YooChunie can sing and play piano live decently, why r they playing a recording?!  It totally regressed it to sth synthetic and fake and a disjoint fr his YH belting wholeheartedly out a serenade and looking longingly puppyeyed at his MR.

6.  I can BE convinced things going as rocket speed as a YH proposal, but really those ‘reasons’ u r trying to convince a skeptical MR is sooo failing lame, YH.  AT least kiss her breath away coz ur words r sickly saccharine and emptily fluffy in sync with sth ripped off a lame shoujo manga and no way I’m buying a MR buying it if I’m loling like a hyena.  Because, really ~30 yos getting married without even the urge of one passionate smooch in our day/age is one fat lie/joke/honey he’s gay.

7. Silliness aside, but really… I dun see real concrete romance btn MR and YH.  MR is clearly having feelings towards Ahjusshi, hence all the angsting tearing in real heartpain beautifully played out by LDH and puppy is just meal ticket extraordinaire. What YH has towards MR is 99% pity of her hardships and loneliness he knows of or witnessed and lust/ sexist domination disguised as  noble knight in shining armor I’ll RESCUE YOUUUU, DAMSEL!!  ARGH….My head hurts.

8. MR has lost her brains, is she OUT OF HER MIND wearing that love band at work when she’s bound to bump into MH?!?!?  Either cut if off clean, don’t slice my ahjusshi’s heart like that, b8tch!

2 thoughts on “Ripley 9: ‘sorry…I’ve never loved you.’

  1. LOL….I love your rant

    I watched the first few eps and don’t like LDH here. Was going to continue to watch for male lead 1 and 2, but now I guess I should not expect too much.

    1. Yeah, although I’m not a fan of LDH, I’m very open-minded judging fr one performance separate fr the other of any actor. Her tendency of OTTness is bugging me fr the get go and I have to consciously will myself to feel for what Miri is written out, not organically getting the emotional pull effortlessly fr her perf. She’s nailing the angsty, darker scenes, but when she’s faking cute, or in a less charged scene, her annoying habits bugged me. She overdid the fake. There is a fine line to convey the point she’s faking it (or not) to us, yet convincing enough to fool the guys, but so far, I have to reduce the boys into hormonal Pavlovian puppies hearing that luring bell of MR IS PRETTY AND HONEST AND ALL THE ATTRACTIVE THINGS. :/

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