Thank God for AC, Fridges, Icetea, Icecoffee, Binnie etcetc.

Normally I LURVE driving back home fr work.  When it’s ~100F/38C 3 days in a roll and I’m dreaming of a vacay in Alaska/Arctic/Antarctica or just huge vast bodies of ice and stuck in the usual Fri jams, not so much.  I blasted my car AC for survival and never have I wanna live in a fridge more (if I can fit in).  An igloo, or me turning myself into a penguin in Antarctica which my (no longer) significant other was teasing our uncanny resemblance whole vacay: me in wetsuit and penguin, both taunting around a substantial belly and eating too much fish in Hawaii.   For the nth time, nosy Aunts, I’m not knocked up, I just am an evil twin of a penguin after pigging out.  Or a pig in a wetsuit.  WHATEVER.  I even wore a bikini flaunting it, while stuffing myself with cool poke.  That’s the whole point of vacay, no?!  I’ve given my extended female family a good 6 months of gossipy fodder till we meet again.  And yes, I’m determined to starve if I have to and exercise (when it’s not 100F) lose all amt of fat and wear super skintight things i’m way too old for and eyesore them to infinity and beyond!!! MUAHAHAHAHA

But then, the thought of living in a fridge and stuffing myself with fish had me in stitches, I flashed back this visual:

As much as I love HBinnie, I dun wanna share a lift with him in some fish market full of freezers and ice picks…*shiver*

or have some convo with him about going to Hawaii~~!!!!

It’s been 2 years since FoL premiered in the summer of 2009 on MBC.  Boy was that a glorious heartbreaking ride for me, it’s life altering as far as my fangirling id goes.  That is the point of no return, binnie has given me the performance of his career.  And it festered my love of this man to random thoughts of him in bumper to bumper traffic.  I was kicking myself for not have an icetea minifridge in my car.  (or COLD COLD beer, but I dun wanna get arrested)

And do you need binnie pics to go with summer beverages?!  (if you r screaming yesYesYESS!, u r getting there, being a binnie loonie)



Iced coffee:

some like it hot:

and on the go, leaning all hot and gorg by a st post:

or by a meter:

And there are more binnie pics to go with every wkend occasion:

getting dressed in some animal print, channeling some inner JGS in specs:

grocery shopping for a romantic dinner with THIS date:

cherry picking with this cute farmer lad:

horseback riding with this cowboy:


playing tourists:

lazing/reading or…. in bed *RAWR*:

be fashionably late if your date is THIS hot waiting:

being moody on a sofa/sniffing the febreze *erm ewww*:

Or even just being a b*tch if u wanna:


4 thoughts on “Thank God for AC, Fridges, Icetea, Icecoffee, Binnie etcetc.

  1. The first picture …. oh god …. psychoticBinnie scared the hell out of me. That scene is like 5 minutes after the opening montage of him catching rain drops in his hand and being all poetic about the sky understanding the sorrow of the world and her beautiful smile and what not. “Where the heck is that guy?” was my first thought. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

    1. ME too!!! I know someone saying she’s not that keen on finishing FOL because of all the fangirling on binnie is a big deterrent. (obviously she holds an unfavorable opinion on HBinnie/us loonies!) I can’t help but jabbed, huh?! FANGIRLING @ FOL?!?!?!?! Are we even watching the same drama?!?!?!?!

  2. in the picture of him by the parking meter, there’s a certain resemblance to Lee Byung Hoon…I think its the hair+plus the shadows that it casts on his face…it’s wierd when you consider whom they’ve both dated….or maybe SJK picks men that look alike?!…aaaanyways…love these and thank you for engaging this Binnie fangirl so aptly

    1. lolz, that pic has most of his features covered up by the cup or in shadows 😉 But maybe the feel of someone casually, effortlessly enticing?!

      I don’t see any resemblance of binnie facially or in body proportions with LBH, esp considering HBinnie has longer legs than normal proportion allows, and his head is much smaller for his ht. His jawline is also frequently discussed as being feminine, whereas LBH has one of the more manly bold chin in Hallyu.

      If u ask me, I do see HBinnie’s resemblance with Jang Hyuk esp when he’s masquerading an earthier, wilder vibe. Some scenes in Manchu has an alarming resemblance to me.

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