gifs/vids I’m hording

Of coz it’s HBinnie’s galore!

There have been disturbing news/rumors of random shooting in some battalion, and another of a 19 year old cadet hanging himself with an apologetic suicide note to his parents in the Marines.  T_T Hang in there, guys!!!!

Some much lighter anecdotes of 2101 in MS fr vv/嗜睡猪猪 @weibo:

听说有人的朋友是酒窝哥哥的先任。但是海军陆战队的传统是,后任休假的时候,先任要给后任塞点零花钱。这先任最近比较苦恼,到底要给这个很有钱的后任多少假期零用。 I’ve heard one of my friend’s friend is a senpai of Dimpled Hyung.   A tradition of the Marines is when a dongseng starts his vacay, the senpai  has to give a bit of pocket $ to his youngling.   This senpai is in a bit of a dilemma, how much should he give his filthy rich dongseng?!

My friend is his Senpai Anecdote 2:  He’ll read every single fan letter diligently, but there’s no way to store the volume of it, they are all sent back home because his lockers are all stuffed with them.   He visits his DC gallery whenever he surfs the web.

My Friend is his Senpai Anecdote 3:  No idea why, but Senpai has a gut feeling Dimpled Hyung hides in the loo surreptitiously to gorge on chocopies.  Once they were watching TV, saw the Samsung TV CF he did with TangWei, in it she said: What is HB doing now?  Senpai said, What?  He’s right here, miserably stuck here doing nth!  Dimpled Hyung lol’d.

My Friend is his Senpai last Anecdote:  Senpai (who’s younger) really wants to chitchat with Dimpled Hyung.  Too bad they are worlds apart, it’s hard to find a common topic to convo on, it’s like talking to a foreigner.  Talk to him about school, he knows nth about it.   Chat up on PC games, he’s clueless.  Even on girl matters, he know NTH ABOUT IT~ How does he spend his time?

So to lighter, much cuter vids:
(Thanks to C binnie loonie dearie 涟漪微漾 for posting it on her weibo!)


The gifs:

And I haven’t seen this clip b4!! fr his 09 bday bash/fanmeet
(thanks to玄斛 @ youku!)

piano practising/binnie thoughts fr that 09 bday bash DVD:

Berlin bin DVD preview:

[I think most r C subbed, I haven’t got the time to watch them in full  myself, happy to briefly translate it to Eng if you holler!


2 thoughts on “gifs/vids I’m hording

  1. hihi dearie
    How are you? Hope Binnie is doing well. Last time and it was on the July 5th, I read the news, he said he received training and doing well.

    1. I’m good good good Kim! ^^ HUGSSSSS How are you?

      Yeah I have faith he’s a tough cookie and can battle any storms, but hearing a young man taking his own life in the Marines is heartbreaking for me, l can’t imagine how it’ll affect them in such a demanding setting.

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