Watching and will watch

1. Wuxia, the movie I’ve the anticipation size of the pacific ocean btn me and China, I’ve watched 10 min of it and has to stop.

TAKESHI! You need to thank your God/Buddha/Devil/TPTB you are sooo freakishly gorgeous and is a RL BenjaminButtons in regressing youthful looks. GEEZ, Peter Chan, I know every director has a questionable muse, but WHY TAKESHI!?? ME shallow, and I LOVE his face very very very VERY much and I can and have been tolerating his acting no problemo all these decades, so never have I thought I still have a big ugly rant on his ACTING here. Here is what messes with me most, why the accent? Sichuanese, I’m told?! I don’t speak a lick, all I know is what he’s pursing his lips spilling out is NOT Sichuanese, he’s miserably trying to pull sth this hard so out of his league, what the HECK are u thinking PD/producer?!?!?!?!?!?

Wuxia the movie when I’m not so wanting to grab a cheese grater to grate the flesh out of my ears off…is like a copycat of Sherlock Holmes, sans bromance, sans acid trip speed of pace.  So traumatizingly disappointing I need to stop and gather myself fr a breakdown by shutting it.

I havent seen enough of my TangWei, maybe she’ll calm me down. Or I need many stiff drinks just to reclick play.

2.  Ripley, suddenly, miraculously, TWO GOOD NO CRINGING THROUGH AND THROUGH EPS last wk.  I’m looking for last nite’s ep atm asap!

3. Scent of a Woman: Not a must see, I’m not anticipating in fear of disappointment and my hardened soft spot for Suna will shrink further and I don’t ever want that. I know I can’t stop myself trying it out, clean slate, no expectation.  No teasers, no trailers, no nth.  I only know Suna is paying homage to CJS’ do in Last Scandal.  Terminal disease, LDW in suits.  She’ll glam up.  There’s a rich bitch girl 2, a yummy doc guy 2, the WW cp redux  I’m preshipping.  So these stills r not helping in keeping me calm and nonchalant. 

Ahh, shiny, sparkling gorgeousness of LDW:

4. Loverboy’s Aussie travelogue will be out 7/18.  IN! A! WEEK!  


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