Yuan Hong, be mine!

I’m sold sold sold, gonegoneGONE seconds in, seeing him cook, I can tell fr how much I envy his knife work of a true chef.  Then he has to be in a tight wetsuit as a lifeguard, loonie captain, farmer of cute sheep and piggies, what else?!  Sorry my brain snapped.

July 25th-29th.  His travelogue in Aussie cosplaying.   I’m allowed to be hyper and jumping off walls and not calm for 2 short weeks.  My fav kind of  cardio.

These new stills of his Prince 13 @ Bubu is the death of me.   He’s constantly voted as one who can rock the Qing half bald braided do, but when the braid is down, it’s a whole diff beast.  Leave it to Loverboy to still flutter my heart:

(All the drawings on the wall must be equivalent to the half naked posters dudes kept in their bachelor pad. 😉  jkjk it’s all of his wifey…AWWWW!)

Lady 13, I know you have the right, but I saw them fingers and they don’t appear to be doing anything properly loving and caressing and I reserve the right to pinch his cheeks this way I’ve always wanted to!!! *RAWR*

For comparison purpose (so mean and biased am I lol):

Prince9, who is a handsome actor his own right

and our Prince13 *SWWOOOOOOONNNN*

OR next to our heir Prince 4 (sowwy Nicky!)

I’ll build up to the climax of this picspam:  Happier clean and spiffy 13 with Princess MinMin(ie YH’s facetwin babysis)

AHHHHHHH UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I don’t care I like my hotties smoke, hotter still smoking the period appropriate opium and ANGST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TADA! Yes, this is what looks like after I’ve my hands on him and violated him while he’s still in his Qingdo.  MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA  and it’s HAWT, don’t stop me.

I’m still nonchalant with Bubu, don’t care enough for the drama, just anticipating the hot caps and perfectly happy with breezing through it with solely YH cuts at wind of PoSness.   BUT I  welcome any surprise!  Humor me, TengRen!


16 thoughts on “Yuan Hong, be mine!

  1. Wow, you really like him bald, LOL. Sigh, I wish he signs up with a proper talent agency soon. Brandcore’s been courting him like mad, but looks to me he likes to be freelance? Hmmm…

    I’m much more keen on Ad Mania actually. But Brandcore seems to be waiting around for a suitable primetime slot.

    1. I do! haha I like him with or without hair…but it’s not possible for someone to look any bit attractive in that unbraided half bald Qing do…I draw the line there! EXCEPT Loverboy! lolz

      How r u? I’m much more keen on Ad Mania as a drama as well, it should be out soon, no?

      1. Most production companies are avoiding the July slot as they predict the 80-episode New HZGG (airing currently on Hunan TV, TVB and Taiwan’s CTV) will take up the bulk of TV viewership. Frankly, I really do not think much of New HZGG and I can’t see myself sitting through 80 hours of a remake where all the actors/actresses’ charisma seriously lag behind the original classic.

        On a lighter note, 迷雾双龙 (Legend of the Double Dragons) will finally be aired this week on Gansu TV (GSTV) – covers mainly the Northwest region of China though. Hopefully we can see it online soon. 迷雾双龙 is like an indie independent production though, but marks the directorial debut of the cameraman of Ad Mania and Tian Di Min Xin.

        1. ZOMG!!! 迷雾双龙!!! NEXT WK?!?!?!?!?!?!? tbh, I’m excited for the fangirling, but I have very slim hope this drama will be my thing. I like my suspense tight and hole-less and turn of century period romance has to sweep me off floor good just coz I love it so much and I have seen some terrific ones growing up when TVB was still gold.

          But nth of my cynic, skeptical meanie in me will stop me watching this. Loverboy is hotter than a young Adam Cheng, whom my mom still insists owns that look of early 20C aristocrat prince.

          I’m one single being totally not getting the hype of any and everything HZGG since the very first one, or QY for that matter. This looks QY lowering herself to Yu-crap obviously, and it’s in vogue and I have no prob peeps liking their dramas and me mining and minding my own. But REALLY?! scheduling to avoid THIS crap?! And I’m sure they r going to give Goong2 the exact VVVVVVIP honor. LOLZ, funniest shit ever. Head is hurting

          1. You know what? New HZGG is not going to be 80 episodes. It will be 98 episodes!

            To give them the benefit of the doubt, the production is looking quite promising. But still, to have to sit through 98 episodes is really too much.

      2. I’ve asked Brandcore on the weibo before. They answered it will definitely be during the Summer holidays. But looks like everyone is waiting for New HZGG to be over before airing.

        I think Ad Mania’s airing on Dragon TV. People are guessing either Hunan TV or Dragon TV.

        1. Keep me posted!!! I’ve actually cleaned my drama slate or stopped myself with every ounce of my miserly selfcontrol starting new ones in anticipation for AM.

  2. WANT!!! 迷雾双龙!!!!!


    so 迷雾双龙 is out, right?
    I’ve been trying trying and trying and I can’t find anything. Have you seen it? Any links *pleading pleading eyes*

      1. Re: WANT!!! 迷雾双龙!!!!!

        I’m so confused, I saw all those liveblogging threads and thought it’s out yesterday (and Loverboy seemingly is led on?)

        OK, August is still goodnews! ^^ Thanks sweetie!

        1. Brandcore replied my weibo!

          娱果传播Brandcore 回复@xiaolong100:最近各大卫视因90周年党庆宣传,排片作了重大调整。 (今天 00:42)

          Right now all of China is celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the CCP.

        2. Re: WANT!!! 迷雾双龙!!!!!

          Here’s the reply from Gansu TV’s official blog:

          1. Re: WANT!!! 迷雾双龙!!!!!

            Thanks dear!!! ^^

            I can do August, it’s just DAYS away. So August is promising us TWO YH dramas as of now! This summer is treating us so kind!

  3. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    IDK why, but I’d look much more forward to YH-YM pairing than YH-LSS pairing onscreen. Somehow YH & YM both have this rebellious hot streak about them which will make them absolutely sizzle onscreen!

    So far I find LSS’ onscreen romances pretty ho-hum. Even BBJX which is a great love story, I’m not looking forward to seeing her with Nicky or Kevin.

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