A picspam nightcap of the Sunny Happiness pretties!

Just saw these @ weibo, ahhh the lovely Sunny Happiness OTP reunited with our insanely viable HOT Guy2 Li YiFeng.  It just makes me so deliriously happy. 

Sunny Happiness is an anomaly of just a handful of TW idoldramas that stole my heart and threw away the keys.   I kinda wanna rewatch bits of it, seeing these happy pics that makes me smile, it’s summer and I always love to revisit some lovely fluffy sweet things.


Lining up in order of hotness for me: Mike>>Blue>>>>>>MingDao

I have to admit I didn’t recognize FengFeng in his new do AT ALL!  STill hot, but gone is any boyish younger bro greenness!  I kinda wished Janine and Mike will give us new dos (I’m kinda sick of Mike’s though he still has his pretty face)

And FengFeng tt’d this pic of himself and Janine, fanboying her gorgeousness and flirtatiously asking if her luminous glow is due to some new romance.  hehe Janine teases, praising he’s more manly, grown up and hot and she won’t dare cheating (on his bigbro!) and since she’s broken his heart, she will see to it he finds his happiness before she does~! So cute, you 2!! ^^

[Fr weibo]

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