The Grandmasters

@ , any vacay plans for Cannes next May? 😉

All things r hinting on WKW getting The Grandmasters ready for an outing there, and Tony a shot at Prix d’interprétation masculine.  Gosh I can’t believe his recognition for In the Mood for Love was in 2000!  

And thanks for the heads up for the trailer!  It’s glorious!

‘Kung Fu is one stroke horizontal, the other vertical.  Wrong; you lie; right, stand.  Your take?’

Trailer and Tony r widely praised, he conveyed the air of the modest, mild mannered master, sharp, fierce with his kung fu moves. ‘ His last  fist hitting out the title 一代宗師, dominating yet alluring.’ -MingpaoNews

[fr MingPaoNews]

I’ll never be a fan of Donnie Yen’s acting, he’s improved tonnes to serviceable, but still you see the ever presence self-awareness.  More posing than digger deeper into the psyche of the character.  Tony, of course, convinced me in 1 min of preview Donnie tried passably in a movie long.  I’m fine with IpMan, it is what it is, a conventionally good kung fu action blockbuster, but it’s not thought provoking.  I’m expecting Grandmasters to give me lots to think about, and this is the least I’m expecting fr WKWxTony.


2 thoughts on “The Grandmasters

  1. Vacation in Cannes next year? haha, i was planning for a trip last May for a glimpse of the casts to the TGM, esp Kyo and heard JDG would be there too and you know where i ended up lah..Turkey instead! and as you said, if we can only trust and know the exact date of the release,I will try my best..but, when it comes to WKR, tsk..tsk, it’s unpredicable.

    I have also watched all the Ips men, new born Ip, Ip1 and 2. I like them all. I really wish and hope with a good story, good kungfu and solid performance acting which i have no worry, they will be good *cross fingers and toes* …ahh, can’t wait.

    Today is my official summer vacation. I’m looking forward my hols with family and later on I will have with friends in Rome as planned. YAY! Hope you have a great great time dear!! *hugzz*

    1. YAYYY!! So happy for you dear! ^^ Have a glorious time with Fam and Friends! There’s nth better in world.

      *ENVY* I desperate need a trip to Europe…but I have no vacay days left for the rest of the year after a Sept trip with fam.

      I think….Cannes 2012 is a very good probability. WKW is a Cannes fixture anyways, and the trailer is shown to an exclusive elitist insider crowd with the signing of confidentiality and all. So we’re not supposed to see it and it’s purely for testing of water temp for WKW by the peeps he values the opinion. I’ve not heard a bad word about it, not a grumble fr our maestro Wong. He’ll keep tweaking it to death, but I’m 100% sure there is one complete cut he has in his hands to play with, a cut he’s quite satisfied with, or else we won’t even see this prepreprepreview.

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