A Yuan Hong Appearance Schedule

It’s been a hectic in a very good way summer for me so far, and for now I do love some quieter couple time.  And isn’t it timely YH will be appearing on TV screens all over the place!  Teehee!!!

July 25-29:  Aussie Travelogue


  1. All kinds of TV promos for BuBu including the biggie C variety 快乐大本营…now I know TR said the cast, IF, just IFFF they dare leave out our Prince13, I swear I would bombard LB and all them TR bitches’ weibo with nasty nasty spams. 
  2. Mi Wu Shuang Long
  3. Ad Mania

September:  BuBu (after newWZGG is all hundred+ eps done)

And YH is singlehandedly keeping their bromance alive on weibo, a convo with their buddies on a friend’s wedding of a phone call to YH+HG who can’t be in attendance and how much the groom misses the dudes and the well wishes uttered for a lovely long life together for the happy couple,,,,somehow leads to YH questioning WHICH happy couple they are wishing to be ‘forever united in love, grow white hair old together’  Oh Loverboy, you are so hopelessly in BL! <333  Just be married already, m’kay? (jk *not really* haha)

If I’m a more dedicated HuGe fangirl, he’s even more ALL over the place.  I’m keeping a very lazy eye on Unbeatable.  His nth collaboration with PD Chiang (Legend).  The title song MV HG sang himself looks sharp, with crisp action directing (I still think nobody can touch HK PDs in drama action sequences in Asia) and I may be in a mood for sth modern CN as a palate cleanser fr the periods, just for a change. Maybe.

I’m in the minority of preferring HG much much much more in modern attire, his features r more delicate and refine for suits, suits, police uniforms and more suits.  And I have a very shallow I-can’t-help-it face crush on Roy Qiu.

I’m only watching Material Queen live. (watching 6 atm) It’s not really an addiction, but that’s the only thing that’s up there in my interest lvl and owning my heartstrings.  It’s summer, and I love to be out by bodies of water chilling more! ^^ 


34 thoughts on “A Yuan Hong Appearance Schedule

    1. Hi dear!

      I’ve just caught a breather and catching up. I saw that clip of YuanShi!! They look so perfect together, still. Even with the sourpuss, trillion watt lightbulb next to them (and seriously LB, what’s with that face, it’s not flattering, esp not next to a CP so dashing and perfect)

      And I’m watching 《型男撞地球》 atm. Ahhh, make my day. Miss him sooo much and he has to play with the cutest things, koalas, Roos, tasmanian devil calls Prada… even the Aussie keepers r quite cute. And 满锅 did a terrific job with the camera with all the cutest things on earth (YH included of coz). I just wished his voice is not as cutesy, he must be a bit tense and trying too hard. But all in all what a treat to my senses!

  1. See this vid:

    LSS looking at someone’s sexy picture and she mentioned a pair of beer mugs + leg? Do you think she’s referring to yr loverboy? Hahaha!

    This video was deleted from the weibos very soon after. But fans managed to download it. And look! She’s wearing that brown leather bracelet just like Lao Yuan’s!

    1. OMGeee…LSS is sooo cute in that clip. I can’t figure out what she’s saying without your captions. haha I thought YH was the hand person on the right, she looked at that person very lovingly and her smiles are sooo sweet!

      I love LSS being herself in these casual clothes instead of the trying too hard to be trendy. This suits her so well, and this is YH’s style as well. and they love their CP outfits!

  2. More to come in August Mookie! YH has accepted a role in Hunan TV’s 太平公主秘史 (Legend of Princess Tai Ping) and will be filming from August to October. Zhang Han is also in it.

    1. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      Christmas in August for us!?!?! ^^ I bet all the redbeans have been good girls!

      But tbh, this looks like sth soooo Mango. And what will be play?!! He’s working with a bunch of peeps who can’t act at all *hide* but I do understand this will be great explosure and possibly a viral hit like Goong?! And will lead to bigger better things.

      This will be sth I’m watching solely for Loverboy. Am I too rash to count it off!? I can’t sit through the other hits of 一起来看太平格格(步步惊心). I don’t like anybody else (to put it mildly)

        1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

          I knew there’s something up with that scruff. YH is going to be an Ashina clan prince in 太平公主 (Princess Tai Ping)! The Ashina clan was a minority Central Asian/Turkic tribe during the Tang Dynasty.

          1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

            You are so awesome!:)) I just go and read up on Ashina. As long as he’s playing 1. a prince (hot devilish), 2. with stubble 3. in exotic clothes, preferably just loin cloth. ME= in heavens!!

            I also can’t swipe this happy smile on my face seeing YM’s twitpic w/ Loverboy! I do think the girl is ballsy and has talent if she puts it to good use and seeing them all friendly and happy and no LB ugliness can get in the way. *GLEEEE*

            I do ship YH/LSS in RL, but we have tonnes of fodder of their ship on screen already, and their ship is more opposite attracts. I secretly hope YH and YM will be in some seriously good period and give me a really tete a tete bickering smartass CP!

            1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

              I’m so amused to read that YH & YM call each other Xi Man & Xi Rui = He-Man & She-Ra. Hahahaha! I can see him being really bad-a$$ goofy with YM – like bar talk! Whereas with the ladylike LSS, he’s so gentlemanly and serious with her.

              1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                lolz I was cracking up sooo bad after I realize they r talking about HeMan and SheRa!

                I’ve been praying for YM to pick a better course and be more on quality than quantity. I honestly see her as a Cecilia Cheung equiv. when she’s first out. There’s enough looks, and balls of raw explosive talent and a screen presence the exact opposite of what LSS has. YM can make crap watchable (goong aside), SS is v comfy and calming to look at on screen like a pleasant gentle breeze, but she doesn’t have the ability to elevate the material, not TR’s blotchy writing at least.

            2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

              Wow! It’s true. Hunan TV weibo confirmed YH will be the Ashina tribal prince and will romance both the female leads – Princess Tai Ping (Zheng Shuang) and her sister (Alyssa Chia).

        2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

          lolz lets see how Alyssia DIES in front of his eyes then.

          I’ve accepted the news as is, and seeing all the positives, this is going to be him HOTHOTHOT (I lovelovelove him w/ stubble OhmyYLX!!! I mean too many girls r ready to just forget about country for him, no!? I know I would and we all r snickering at wifey5 for her comeuppance for not choosing him and got herself a monk!)

          1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

            Latest news is that YH has just wrapped up his LUX mini-movie with YM and has gone to Hengdian to film The Secret History of Princess Taiping.
            @芒果娱乐无极限:@袁弘 确定在《太平公主》中出演番邦王子阿史那思慕!(又是小王爷神马的 )这位番邦王子将跟太平公主有不少情感纠葛,就是不知道跟他对戏的是郑(爽)太平还是贾(贾静雯)太平?(orz才发现,这个戏里有真假太平,戏外两位太平也是一郑一贾 ) 原文转发(234)|原文评论(131)

            Woot! A hawt exotic Central Asian PRINCE romancing Princess Tai Ping (Zheng Shuang)! OK, Hunan TV dramas are “lei”, but this is still a lead role (I think he’s either first or second male lead with Zheng Han).

            1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

              LOLZ, so basically he’s playing his usual sexy bastard, luring all the girls.

              Good luck to ZH, coz before LoCH, I dun even know exactly how the character 弘 is properly pronounced and he stole the show for me, fr the hands of a very serviceable HuGe, who was my initial catch (along with it being LoCH and me eternally a LC fangirl). Not in a million years will I expect to feel bad for YK. let alone actively ship him with MC (and even HR haha)

              The more I think about it, the more I’m actually delighted with this Princess TaiPing. Yes, there won’t be anything remotely resembling historical accuracy, but our Loverboy is set to steal the show and act circles around EVERYBODY!! WOOT!!!

            2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

              I hold the opinion he can spin up chemistry with inanimate objects! I can stand Zheng Shuang (I think).

              How come he’s not yet on set then if he’s ‘second’ lead? *sigh* ZH is Mango’s own crown prince, he’s guy1 for sure.

              and can we at last sigh a sigh of relief with that sweet scene of Allen sending Loverboy off? Gosh it’s soo sweet! and nth like that LB. She’ll just insist she’s treating ’em well, but we have EYES!!!

              1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                Well, Allen must have been sending him off to Hengdian. And isn’t he only just done with the Lux mini-movie with Yang Mi?

                I know you all are major HongShi shippers, but I honestly feel the actress who matches him best in looks and acting chops is Yang Mi.

                1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                  But he’s just hanging out with his bffs last nite in his home town. He’s not reporting on set till mid month…and I thot HD is close enough fr SH an
                  d not needing a flight.

                  Hahaha u will be surprised I ship HS in RL. But dcreenwise I’m a YH/YM all the way. Case in point: see my ramblings at the YH schedule post 😉

                  1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                    He seems so close to his Wuhan folks and buddies. Every opportunity he has, even for a few days, he flies back to his Wuhan hometown. Remember the rest of the crew celebrated CNY during BBJX filming and he flew back to Wuhan even for 2 to 3 days to have his reunion dinner with his folks and mahjong with his buddies.

                    Anyway, for Secret History of Princess Taiping, Liu Yu Xin is filming now. My guess is that they are filming Wu Zetian’s young days as a concubine (Liu Yu Xin is playing the young Wu Ze Tian) and Princess Taiping was still a child. YH’s Tibetan prince comes in when Princess Taiping and her sister become adults (i.e. Zheng Shuang and Alyssa Chia) so that he can romance both of them, heheh!

                    1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      tbh, this really tip me over to fangirl him mad. I absolutely adore peeps who r close to their childhood buds. I pick my guys that way…even higher than being filial to parents.

                      Ah icic, it all makes sense. So will Loverboy be in HD in time to buddy with the TR gang for a dinner or sth @ their presscon for 轩辕剑? keke I can never get enough of HongShi blatant flirting although they really should get a roomm shut the door and lock it fr within/our prying eyes! 😉

                2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                  Yes, I know! I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kevin Tsai (he co-hosts Kangxi Lai Le with Dee Hsu) for having such FABULOUS GOOD TASTE in casting YH & YM together in his Lux mini-movie! Now I wanna kick Mei Hua (YM’s management company) for committing her to Ming Yun/Destiny’s Concerto with FSF, and because Ming Yun is a modern drama filmed in Beijing, she couldn’t currently film Princess Tai Ping scenes in The Secret History Of Wu Zetian in Hengdian. She would have been Princess Tai Ping in the sequel filming right now and paired with YH!

                  Argh! Another missed opportunity for my beloved YH-YM coupling. Hope there’s more to come, more to come…

                  1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                    Oops! Sorry Mookie, got to give you some background. Yang Mi was the first choice for Princess Tai Ping role in The Secret History of Wu Zetian which would have led her to the title role in The Secret History of Princess Tai Ping. But her and FSF’s management companies got too hyped up for another FengMi collaboration in Ming Yun/Destiny’s Concerto.

                  2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                    No I’m officially beyond piss with that stinkiest PoS that is Goong. Although I don’t think there’s hope this Princess TP will have any ounce of good writing for Loverboy and YM has done couple life’s quota for PoSs for $$$, IF YM is Princess TP, she has the power to elevate shitty script (Case in point An Xiang against a totally OTT crazycraycraycuckoo hamming HXM). That’s why I’m so batty with her in Goong, coz as waste of paper as that ‘script’, she’s no heart in it and went on cruise control on hamming a la a HXM. (but I can’t blame her too much when doing Yumama stuff is such a prostitution really)

                    I can’t point finger at anything specific but FSF bugs me, very subtly, all over the place. I think he’s quite talented, quite pretty, decent, really, an actor…blablabla, but still he bugs me and sth is off and unattractive with him. it’s just my weird aesthetics, I guess.

                    And YM should have a new management pronto. They r wasting her away in doing PoS after PoS. She is ‘suffering’ with the same dilemma as our YH. She needs to be coupled on screen with somebody who is equally as talented and matchy, and YH is the only answer. Ditto with YH.

                    1. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      Sorry to burst your bubbles, but if there’s any big-time producer who’s a huge fangirl of YH-YM pairing, it’s Yu Zheng! Once he’s done with his Gong sequels, I don’t mind YH & YM starring together in a romantic YZ series actually. YZ does pretty good romances.

                    2. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      Sorry to burst urs hon, but pretty and good and romance r all 3 things YZ will never be able to poop out. Regurgitated, sure.

                      If there’s that day YH can stoop so low as to do a Yushit, I will stop fangirling him. Easy peasy 😉

                    3. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      I won’t rule out Yu Zheng since he’s now producing a new TV adaptation of Smiling Proud Wanderer. I’d take anything with YH-YM together, even POS.

                    4. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      ARGH, this is exactly why I hate him 2 trillions times more. I ADORE that book, that piece of fiction is easily my fav pieces of trees ever existed. And with YZ raping it. I want to nuke it and him and bury the whole thing, anything concerning it 60 ft under.

                      And not just I dun wish YH to ever do a YZ, I’d rather he leaves the industry than to do a YZ. Deeper down, I was praying for a long time YM will be free fr his pimping. I hope v soon, coz I’m very close to be allergic to her on scrn.

                      Imvho, calling YZ’s stuff PoS will make him dance for days happy as treating it as a grandest compliment. I prefer to call them TAE/total ass explosions ^^

                      *secretly handmaking voodoodoll to beat the ‘little ppl’ for that to never ever happen close to my YH/YM*

                    5. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      I just read on YM’s tieba thread! YH & YM will be playing a couple in the Lux mini-movie!! They will have this complicated on-off relationship spanning 10 years type, but they get a happy ending. It sounds like YM’s character is rather cold, but in the end becomes quite proactive in winning over YH. AND this Lux mini-movie is coming out end-August!

                      So that He-Man & She-Ra weibo chat was just the two of them goofing around, LOL. Those goofballs!

                      I am SOOOOOOO excited, thirsting and hungering for a YH-YM OTP collab even for a short mini-movie. I know HG-YM pairing was pretty popular after CP3, but honestly even in CP3, I was still shipping my precious YH-YM together. Doesn’t matter if you, Mookie, stops fangirling YH if he ever accepts a YZ project. If YZ ever casts YH & YM together in Smiling Proud Wanderer, I’ll be eternally grateful to him and forgive every Gong fiasco there is out there.

                    6. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

                      My poor bleeding heartburn heart! Can’t we settle with Luxmovie for now and wish for MUCHHHHHHH better things for the sake of them talented thespians instead of feeding one’s own fangirl cp fancy?! You need to love both of them more, wayyyyy more. An actor really do lost serious street cred amongst the peeps who matter doing YuShiz. YM is holding her own coz she’s established herself squarely solid as the next in line for the BigFour of her Gen. YH really doesn’t have the chips to spare.

                      Plus I’m still able to not suffer a cardiac arrest coz I really can’t see LC greenlighting Yu to be anywhere remotely touching SPW. If Yu dares to pull a Meteor Imperial Garden, Mr LC will sue every ounce of his pompous fat off his arse.

                      And even if YH survives the YuAntis(me included), he will be skinned alive for a lousy SPW remake guaranteed in Yu’s handling by the LC fans(me and himself included). I just dun see him needing the paycheck or the notoriety that ridiculous much to kill his career and be so short-sighted.
                      SPW is sacred to me for 20+ years. I’d rather I live to never have to see it remade/raped ever ever again. I still need to reread it every few to my fullest enjoyment. This will be the last straw. Yu can make it IFfffF*chuckles* he gets the right to the adaptation but i will forever refuse to acknowledge it even if my own mother acts in it.

  3. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Do you notice LSS seems to desire to take on roles like Yan San Niang and mostly recently Tuoba Yu’Er (which she chose over Snow in Xuan Yuan Sword) – these characters kinda resemble YM’s (or even YH’s) RL personality much more so than hers.

  4. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I hope the little lioncubs won’t get mad at me (coz I do love SS), SS is a limited actress, she works very hard and is improving, but she’s not a natural like a YM. She has ok chem with Wallace in Ijimae because they r both on par in skills (serviceably decent, but never WOWing)and Ijimae is much more slapstick with lots of cartoonish touches to occupy us fr the need of depending on the acting to deliver. So other than that, she is only able to bring sizzling chem with YH.

    Whereas YH can set everything to incinerate by a glance. Look-wise, nth is going on with YLX and Lady5, BUT he sold it so freaken well. I even think he has a sweet, intense chemistry with little Song Jia in TianDiMinZin, surprising me. The only onscreen pairing that I’m so not buying is with his OTP in Prince’s Education (gosh, that’s one MarySue boring girl1 I wanna hurl things at). haha no price in who I ship him with there, of coz!

    So what I see with YH+LSS is YH bringing the best out of SS, but he’s just cruising along his usual terrific self. With YM +some solid scripting, they can have a synergy that we cant predict how awesome! The other end of things is YM hasn’t been paired with anyone on par with her talent and looks. I think both of them can bring out the best of the other. I know it’s some short CF movie they r doing for Lux(?) but it’s sth we can’t miss.

  5. Re: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Aren’t we all!! HAHAHA Plus, the deal with YH is, yes he looks rebellious and badboy, but he’s a nerd and a goof and this is all show, deep down he’s that gooey loyal sweetheart. Lethal.
    But don’t u think SS in RL is quite tomboyish though obedient? She doesn’t do mindgames and she’s a simple girl. It’s just that her looks fit in gentler, feminine roles. She actually is more at ease and less wooden/cautious when she’s playing SanNiang or even Princess.

  6. Yay Mookie! Mi Wu Shuang Long (Legend of the Double Dragons) has an airing date on Gansu TV and it’s 10 August 2011.

    @甘肃电视台观众剧乐部V的微博:**悬疑大戏《迷雾双龙》8月10日晚(明晚)甘肃文化影视频道独家解密! [视频]http://t.cn/aRMU69死亡笼罩下的邢家大院,意外频发,人心惶惶;列强觊觎中的神秘双龙,藏于乱世,纷争四起;一群盗取文物的贪婪之徒,一段守护国宝的家国恩仇。网络在线收看地址:飞天新传媒http://t.cn/ao6z81

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