A fangirly breather

I mean more gushing over the BuBu promo.

[credit: dearie fr YuanLiu baidu bar]

LSS usu is quite stiff and slightly out of her comfort zone in big events whenever she’s all dolled up, but here she’s genuinely happy and glowing, and call me a cuckoo to credit it all to the magic touch of YH holding her hands and just be in breathing distance next throughout.  I can almost picture her able to exhale at last and be at ease when her YH is by her side.  And the sweetness to the extent I’m blushing to her blushing and she only ONLY ever flirts with YH.

YH posted the pic in his weibo, can’t hold it in him fanboying how goddess-esquely gorgeous SS is.  We know LB is just RIGHT next to SS, but he have no care to include her, this is the moment his world is just the 2 of them sel-caing.  
And the usually reticent LSS flirts back she is absolutely sure Sir13 (YH) is couple times shuaier/handsomer, with a typo.  And, YH deftly corrected her, (and my Chinese is failing me, why is he calling her 13 mei/lil sis 13, it can’t be my CP shoujo fiend mind going haywire snapping this is SOOO CP and so not a slip in claiming LSS is MINE by YH!) yet nudges in an all serious, genuinely caring  message (for the world to see) wishing her (a safe trip) back to her set, in time to make the 4:30 am makeup call.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 

Lion cubs (the nick for fans of LSS), I know it’s a pity the pic is out focused, but bear in mind how excited YH is to see his SS, I bet his hands is shaky through the whole thing.  OTOH, I knew the pics will be blurry, I know him too well, and even if it’s perfectly sharp, I’ll be misty.  And there’s not one day, one YH tweet that goes by, that I don’t love him more, how wise and perfectly human and emotional and passionate in the face of the train tragedy earns him more fangirly godness points fr me.   And for him to can’t help but be serious at the end of a slew of weibo chattering with his TR buds on his high,  wrapping it with the note of wishing her a safe, swift trip back to her set.  Priceless.  Of the thousands of reply to that pic, a good % is asking them to get married.  I’m not sure if there’s a copycat show for We Got Married in CN, if there is one, I can’t come up with WHY HongShi is not on.


19 thoughts on “A fangirly breather

    1. haha I covered the left part and just droolz at YH some more. ;P

      I’m just in a dirty glee with YH almost telling LSS they have to stop this public weibo flirting coz she has to at work doing mean business the morning after. haha kinda feudal wifey reminding the hubby no more hanky panky, work in morning. muahahahaha

      1. Sorry to burst your bubbles. 13 mei/lil sis 13 is actually 13th Prince’s nickname for Ruoxi in BBJX. Character-wise at the beginning of the book, Kangxi deemed Ruoxi to be most similar to 13th Prince in terms of character – independent-minded and free-spirited. That’s why 13th Prince and Ruoxi became bosom buddies. One of the greatest heartbreaks for Yongzheng & Ruoxi in the novel is seeing 13th Prince’s complete change in character due to all those years in prison and tragic death of Lu Wu.

        1. OHHHH icic, haha and here I am, having flipped through half or more of CCJX. :p

          U know (I bet u can guess), my absolute favorite trope is bestbuds->OTP. Can’t help it. How on earth can I not ship 13mei and 13yeah?!

  1. I gushed so much at the sight of them holding hands walking down the red carpet. From all the red carpet events I’ve seen in China, the two girls always hook hands with the guy, not holding. I’m 99% sure that LSS was supposed to hook hands with YH like LB was doing but perhaps YH wanted some skinship. See how reluctant he was in letting go 😉

    BTW, 13th sister is RuoXi’s (LSS’s character) nickname in BBJX

    1. I’ve never held the opinion sourpuss can act even when decorum begs her to. I wished she’s a better actor, honest. It’s almost like she’s disgusted with that formal gesture or sharing space with our YH. psst, I’m sure 99.999999% of the world wish her the comfort of disappearing and leave our CP alone.

      There r so many firsts, that holding hands *OMG* esp when juxtaposed with that for sure arming by sourpuss and him not his usual jokester jab and sincerely tting she’s beyond pretty. And for LSS to tweet back saying he’s soo shuai himself…OMGGG haha we had a happy happy field day for sure.

      What was screaming in my head is: 小別勝新婚 ^^

  2. Actually why does ladyboss need to be there? She shouldn’t walk with them on stage. At other media events, it’s always only the actors on stage and answering press interviews. E.g. at Shanghai Film Fest, it was Nicky, LSS & Lin Gengxin. Why with YH & LSS, she has to be there? Grrr!

    1. haha because YH+LSS is the real CP?!

      That’s just her style, she never does anything she should, but always always sticks her head in things she shouldn’t. Oh well.

      But really, I’ll just take it as another proof sth is going on with YH+LSS muahahahaha. I was expecting her to mother hen LSS and sticks herself squarely in the middle but we got HOLDING SWEET HANDS!!!!

      1. Wow, the hand-holding was so tight. I have seen HG & LYF hold hands briefly as they walked up the stage for CP1 press conference. But it’s like a formal light holding hands thing.

        But with our YH+LSS, their hands were gripped really really TIGHT!

        1. hehe it’s not just tight, I saw YH’s fingers moving and feeling. Other peeps do hold hands, but considering how stiff SS usu is doing these things, and how she normally is not girly, nor flirts with ANYBODY and seeing how comfy, intimate and smiling and the most natural thing their holding hands seems to her. AND THEY R NOT CP in BUBU!

      2. Why do you think they held hands in public? Both of them are intelligent people who’d know very well fans will speculate.

        1. imo, very honestly, I still don’t think they are dating. BUT they have sthsth for each other, and my opinion is LSS has more intent than YH to start anything. It’s just I see her acting more daringly different with YH, than YH with other ladies (or his boys, no saying YH is not also showing a diff, less jokester, more caring, sweet him whenever he interacts with LSS in public.

          I think they are seriously good friends and YH cares for her a lot, like a little sister and a bit more, but I think fr how deeper down he’s a thinking, intellectual guy, older than his age, and LSS seems like into more childish things, I’m not sure if LSS has everything he wants in a soulmate and he’s someone very loyal and careful with his personal relationships and with all these concerns, it would be hard for him to push it further in fear of jeopardizing what they are having now. Whereas I think LSS is much more daring and is not someone who’ll think things over to death like YH, IF YH initiates, she’ll be willing. And in the mean time, haha they are past the point of care and have been openly displaying their form of affection for a LONG while, haven’t they?

          HAHA just my pure YY meta-ing.

  3. I’m not sure if my eyes are deceiving me, but didn’t she thought of going in between them at 0:53 on the video (while they were signing on the wall)?

    And I think he tried to hold her hand again at 1:22!

    1. No, you have fine fine eyes! I saw her too, when they r signing right?! and she wanna sneak into the middle but HongShi is impermeable!!

      Argh, but LB managed to make me dislike her more the more I see her. My opinion is that since the bulk of promo fr TR is via weibo anyways, I do not understand why any little appearance of any other TRers (ie HG) will be made into a seriously big deal, yet this one, which I think YH was there BECAUSE she can’t get all the other dudes, she didn’t say a word much.

  4. I really honestly never ever ship dramaCP in RL. HS is an exception exception. I’m actually very against that notion, imo, it’s a disservice of great screen chemistry and acting, truth be told.

    and so for them to convince me there’s sth going on more than friends, it speaks VOLUMES!! ^^ I also notice that indescribable shift to sth much more serious and no longer just public harmless flirting in their interactions during BuBu, esp that morning after McD CP breakfast of exactly identical food.*awwwwwwwww*

    and tbh, I don’t recall my hubs ever holding my hands this tight and for this long, and vice versa. And here they are fingers tangled, it’s definitely not for show.

    And it’s subtle but so blatantly there how YH flirts with the ladies vs LSS, he’s always holding himself in, keeping the casanova-ing in tightly sealed control, whereas with the other ladies (or guys) he’s comfy to go to all out and with no care of image. HE used to do the same with SS, but not anymore around BuBu.

    kekeke, they both should just consumate it, and make cute babies. I don’t mean to be rude to SS fans but as I don’t think SS has an edge in this very competitive industry to make it big. Plus, the thought of YH doting on his kids is too swoonworthy priceless for words I’m in tears!

    1. Do you follow LSS’ weibo? There was one particular entry by Yoyo on 6 July which LSS replied to cryptically. This piqued the lions’ interest:

      @哟哟yoyo:Love is now everything in your eyes. So happy for you~~

      1. I do follow her, but I’ve been negligent…hmmmm haha I dun think SS is one to talk to the world about it. I read into it as someone in their sistahood falling in love. She’s more action speaks louder than words kinda girl.

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