T minus 499 days

The headlines are devastating, we can only take it a day at a time.  Scandals are breaking out in ROK Marines, the figures are nauseating of how widespread sexual harassment is prevalent.  I can’t process it, I can’t.  I can only pray and wish and pray some more my Hyunbinnie is hanging in there, safe and as well as he can.

ROK Marines will be issuing the promo pamphlet. :/  Do as they please, I’ve given up, but one thing, explain to me ROK, I feel I’m getting stupider every time I read sth concerning the Marines, WHYYYYY SELLING it at a price?!?!? 

Excerpts:  many many many thanks to 炫彬贴吧/hbsky for the original C trans.  Eng trans by me.

4 thoughts on “T minus 499 days

  1. What’s even more galling is that I’m sure someone will find a way to blame this on Hyun Bin as well. When the story first broke about the project, didn’t his agency have to deny some rumor about them requesting payment from the Marines for HB’s participation? As if he could decline to participate!! It’s the military, for heaven sake, not a production company, you have to do what they tell you to do when they tell you to do it.

    Not to mention the backlash from other Marines – special treatment, too much focus on one soldier etc etc. That won’t make his remaining time in MS any easier. I just don’t understand the rationale behind this, unless the defense budget in South Korea has been significantly cut and they really need the money or something. Why do something that smacks of blatant exploitation??

    1. Your rant is my rant. I don’t want to think about it more. It really really pains and angers me to no end. I’m trying to focus on the brightest, brightest end of things at this point.

      Haters will hate, I guess once the word is out the ROK Marines have this stupid idea in mind, HBinnie got the bulk of the backlash already. IF they didn’t do this publication, they will blame it squarely on him one way or the other.

      I’ll take this as an official record of a very precious period of Binnie’s life, I think he’s no longer bothered by it by now, so I shouldn’t be as well.

      1. I was so busy ranting I forgot to thank you for the translation. Thanks a lot 🙂 sorry!

        Especially love the “Kid, this is the first enlistment for hyung as well” part, lol. Some of his seniors and commanding officers must actually be younger than him. How weird is that dynamic??

        1. It must be an experience being ~10 older than his fellow enlistees.

          I’m pretty sure for his seniors and commanding officers, he can’t be referred as hyung even though he’s much older.

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