A Tony Leung afternoon of youtube tripping

Ah TonyTonyTony, you sexiest of the sexiest god/beast/bastard.   There’s no way I’m not watching Grandmaster in Cantonese.  Cantonese is not the sexiest dialect by far, mine sounds like a constant buzzing of quarrels.  Tony’s suave, moody jazz to my ears.

IF it’s up to me, I would have him read every chinese word.  Triple the joy: literature, his perfect Canto, and me tripping somewhere and doing things to him (excuse my filthy little mind)

But I do hate him, and WKW.  These 2 combined is the end of me.  One reminder of their  handiwork, I wanna rewatch my WHOLE collection of WKWxTonyLeung.  I can’t do it, that is on my very urgent dreamlist of things to do on my next himono-onna ‘vacay’.

A fanfantabulous tribute:

It’s really not right to make IpMan this suave, this sexy Tony (+WKW)!!

There are movies, that lingers and lingers in your mind.  In the Mood of Love is one of them for me.  I don’t think the movie itself is absolutely masterpiece, but it’s a movie made up of snippets after snippets of my favorite scenes that I can never ever get tired looking at, appreciating just how almost too stunningly heartbreakingly beautiful every single element is, this is one of the txtbk example, and I have the exact thought of someone who commented only Tony can be cool eating a wonton, and us…wanton :

But this is my favorite scene (ok, one of the fav, the Angkor Wut scene is extremely hard to beat): in my eyes, this scene is crowded by 4 characters, 2 couples (any way and combo), and all the prettiest 60s inanimate objects occupying the space r silent witness to a charged exchange of emotions, of love lost, or affairs confirmed.  I don’t think every gesture, every tiniest detail in this scene is not by meticulous design.  I love this so so much.

But my first hyperventilation/fangirly cinematic moment, the exact moment Tony Leung is a movie god to me:

So iconic even Stephen Chow did a parody in one of his tightest most brilliant

and I insist this Binnie Chocolate CF is heavily inspired by that 2 min of cinema magic:

imo, this is the pitiest most regretable cut ever, left out of In the Mood of Love:

ChungKing Express will forever be my sentimental fav,  it’s my cool comfy blankie, enveloping me of sounds, smells, moods of the 90s urban HK, when I was off in college, missing home miserably.  And yup, I’m off to rewatch it tonite.
It’s the ending. Tony,  oh Tony, ur eyes, ur smiles!  I’ve seen this scene 234671231 times, but I can’t still take in what Tony’s said, I’m just too full with jitters fr his hotness.   Faye is demonstrating how to survive semi-unscorched under his stares: shades, avoiding direct contact, and go off in silly tangents of chatters and still…. ie  It’s humanly impossible.

But 2046 gives us endless gorgeous tributes, this is a smashing musical one.  You know when u r watching these super stars, WKW captured the epitome of their glory.  They’ll never ever have more to say, to evoke on film:

WKW, you slick sick sly fox.  You are not going to do this to me every time you leak out just the tiniest bit of Grandmaster goodness.  ARGHHH!

7 thoughts on “A Tony Leung afternoon of youtube tripping

  1. The man with the beautiful, expressive eyes…

    Btw, found your entry when googling for “Grandmasters”.^^ It’s nice to see another tony- (hk-movie-)fan!
    I know Tony already from his early stage of acting career when he was still in TVB. I saw him for the first time in “soldier of fortune”, in which he had his (I think) first major role (stephen chow was also in it, but had a smaller role than tony). He was a beautiful boy, merely 20 years old, with a babyface and big, melancholic eyes. But his talent was already apparant that time. It’s amazing how he matured over the years to become one of the greatest, most versatile asian actors.:D

    1. If I could hug u, I would, but I can’t so I shan’t!!!!!! *loosely quoting Sheldon Cooper* I LURVE Soldier of Fortune (not because of Tony, but I’ve rewatched many times and noticed). He played another bit role in the more popular DemiGods and SemiDevils 82.

      Thro’ my 3-0 years of fangirling him, I’ve dissected the fandom so many times: it has ‘robbed’ me from many pleasures in life.

      I can’t appreciate any fav tropes in standard K-melo because I’ve seen and loved Beyond the Rose Garden (Nun raising orphan, birth secret, fauxcast…) many Saturdays in repeat when I was a tween. I’ve rewatched it recently and STILL it’s so well acted and produced with so much heart.

      I fell in love with KimuTaku in his heydays like all hormonal girls, but the fact that Tony is as charismatic but so much more talented and versatile and more importantly never content to be stagnant made it impossible for me to go batshitcrazy over too many idols even if I tried my mightiest. He can do comedy like nobody’s business, be a charming teen idol in his early days, then he totally blew everybody’s mind nailing a HHH in City of Sadness.

      not enough

      1. Lol! Well, I’m also very happy to greet another Hk-TV/-Movie fan.xD You can speak cantonese? Do you also love watching ATV and TVB of the 80s and 90s? I’m totally addicted to those TV-dramas, unfortunately I didn’t come across many ppl who also are fond of them…

        I was very young when I saw “soldier of fortune” and costume-drama “two most honourable knights”, where I got to know Tony for the first time. “Fortune” is a great drama bc of the plot and character development, but a great bonus personally for me was also, that it starred Felix Wong and Kent Tong (3 of the 5 Tigers if we count in Tony). Of course I did notice Tony that time, bc he was so cute and I like his character in that drama.xD
        And I’m a big Kanto-Pop fan of the 80s and 90s and I remember that I once saw Tony hosting a Concert Show with Carina.
        I have to admit that since then I didn’t follow Tony that much really, until when I watched Hero (as an avid Jet Li-fan I couldn’t miss to also watch this masterpiece of movie art).;))

        DemiGods & Semidevils? I’ve never heard that Tony was in that drama. But I recently saw New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre and am currently watching the Grand Canal, which are both classical dramas with Tony.
        Rosen Garden is on my must-watch list.;) But you really make me very curious to watch it now! (though I still have to finish Grand Canal)

        KimTaku? Do you mean Kimura Takuya? Yes, he’s charming, but if it comes to japanese actors then I’m more a fan of Sanada Hiroyuki, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Watanabe Ken.^^

        Can’t agree with you more on how charming, attractive and a talented actor Tony is.

        1. Oh! please keep your reply long! It’s so lovely to meet a kin! ^^

          Cantonese is my mother tongue. haha I’m pretty sure I’m the exact definition of TV addict. For some reason my primary school has very light HW load and I can always watch every single TVB drama on air. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every Tony drama existing hahaha. The most awesome thing to feed my addiction is TVB will rerun their great oldies Saturday afternoon and those r always the best and I was older then to go full on addict/fangirl mode.

          I bet a lot of ppl’s fav Felix drama is the obvious LoCH83, it is a sentimental fav adaptation of the book for me, but I LOVE Felix in Soldier of Fortune, he’s hot in it. Of course Kent made the hottest badboy ever on TVB. It was just angsty and romantic and don’t you think it hampers the ‘enjoyment’ of watching the same old refurbished stories now?!

          If u r into Kdramas, Rose Garden really has all those fav tropes of birth secrets, orphans prejudiced against, in love with your maybe sister. He’s absolutely dripping boyish charisma there. Another favorite in his early days when he’s mostly selling his natural charm is , have u seen it? I was soo in love with him playing half of an adorable very young married couple, they fight, they r lovey dovey and the ‘supporting’ other pair is Ray Lui and DoDo Cheng being a hot and bickering couple, they r terrific.

          Yes Kimura Takuya, I think he’s the only comparable Golden boy/man J equivalent that is popular for as long as Tony in HK…but of course tbh, he’s very overrated. My J actor crush is Yutaka Takenouchi but he doesn’t have nearly popularity as Kimura.

          1. I wish I could say that cantonese is my mother tongue. But unfortunately it’s my third language after german and Hainan-dialect. Though my parents are articulate in mandarin and cantonese, we never spoke cantonese in our family. I’ve learned to understand the language while watching all those TV-dramas. I can speak it a bit too. But that’s all. At least I can still enjoy watching those TV-dramas and Hk-movies without subtitles and understand the dialogues to great deal.^^

            I’m catching up with Tony’s movies and TVB-dramas. I’ve recently finished Duke of Mount Deer and Police Cadet I+II. Duke of Mount Deer is just plain awesome, I haven’t enjoyed a costume-drama that much since the ATV-Drama New Justice Pao 1994. Tony was soo boyishly cute and he made Wai Siu Bo a much more likeable character than in the book. He’s the best in this role (though he looks more gorgeous in Han-costumes and with long hair like in ‘Hero’ or ‘Heavenly Sword & Dragon Sabre’

            1. OMG!!! *HUGGGGGGGGGGG* It’s almost impossible to find a new fan appreciating the awesomeness of Tony(+Andy) in DoMD nowaways with all the newer versions out there, flashier, ‘prettier’ but so lacking in everything else. DoMD85 is my absolute fav. Louis Cha adaptation ever (I was a crazy letter-writing fangirl of Mr Cha back then hahaha) and almost 30 years later, it’s safe to say nobody is ever going to flesh out that character as perfectly as Tony. Dicky’s was watchable by its own, without regard to the novel, but it’s done as a clownish slapstick comedy with no depth at all, quite a disgrace to the original. I hate HuangXiaoMing’s version, the 2008 Royal Tramp the most, he went so overboard with the sleaze and the character is so disgusting, there’s no redeeming quality in his WXB yet we still have to watch him wooing all the wives and emperor and everybody (they must be ALL insane!) in that drama.
              See, that’s why I’m saying Tony ‘spoiled’ enjoyments of other things in life because everything else shies in comparison. Yeah his character in A Long Way Home did get jerky, it’ didn’t bother me as they r depicting a very young married couple bumps and all. I loved the chemistry and I really love DoDo and Ray as well.

              Ahhhh! I loved Felix in edgier roles as well, and he’s quite a firecracker in RL.

              I actually saw the least of Andy amongst the 5 tigers. Ken was typecast in baddie roles early on, esp after the tragedy of Barbara’s suicide. I liked Michael Miu as Gulong’s Chor LauHeung, but loved his turn of century slapstick comedy with Barbara (they had amazing chemistry!)like 天師執位(The Fearless Duo)/生鏽橋王.

              imo Yutaka is the more conventional gorgeous, talented J actor of his generation, but too bad he has to share the generation with KimuTaku. If you’ve seen a seminal oldschool Jdorama Long Vacation (still my fav dorama romance) He’s the guy2 to KimuTaku’s career making Guy1. If u r interested in reading more on J actors, Koala did a great roundup: http://koalasplayground.com/2011/10/02/a-look-at-the-leading-actors-of-japanese-entertainment/

              I’m glad u r enjoying Rose Garden! *hug* Watch on!! ^^

              1. Couldn’t agree with you more! What I really miss in nowaday’s tv-serie and movies is the ‘heart’ you can feel when watching them. Many recent TV-dramas and movies are mostly relying too much on special effects but the acting sucks most of the time. I tried to watch some of the newer tv-dramas, but I couldn’t really find one that I truly enjoyed so much like those of the 80s and 90s. It’s sad actually, as you can feel how the golden age of Hk-film industry is truly gone now.
                Tony was just brilliant in DoMD! (I was actually surprised at how cheeky but cute his smile is xD) I could tell that he had much fun playing that character, which is so totally different than his RL-personality. I got the feeling that the rest of the cast also enjoyed acting in that drama.^^
                The role also required a totally different acting style of him than we are used to in his later movies. More of an expressive, over-the-top one than his usual subtle acting style. But he pulled it off so effortlessly and naturally, a truly gifted, intense actor. Well, maybe the only ‘flaw’ is that Tony looks too handsome, as Wai Siu Bo is actually an ordinary man with luck and wits only as his traits. Andy was also not lesser impressive in playing the complex character of the Kangxi Emperor, displaying his playful/kiddish & noble/determined side. And he was great at emotional scenes as well. Btw though I knew Tony before Andy, I was (and still am) first an Andy-fan bc I enjoyed his music very much and still do (I knew him first as an singer). And I watched a lot of Andy-movies too. I love both of them equally, but it’s true that Tony has this certain kind of screen presence and charisma that he always draw my attention even when he acts alongside of other great charismatic actors. Well, I guess I can’t escape those famously soulful, gorgeous eyes. Probably goes for a lot of other ppl too.xD

                Actually I watched Dicky’s version years b4 when it aired on TV. And I didn’t know the book. Yes, it’s enjoyable to a certain extent (mostly bc I like Ruby Lin), but Dicky really ruined a lot for me. I used to like him a lot in the past, I found him quite outstanding in the TVB-drama “The Key Man”, but somehow after watching several movies and TV-dramas of him I got kinda annoyed of him. I find his acting very forced and unnatural. But it’s maybe only me.

                It’s indeed interesting how Kent Tong always got the role of an “outsider” of the 5. Like in the “Tigers”, where he was the baddie again, or in “Yang’s Sage” where he was the only one who wasn’t a member of the Yang-family and also the one who had no love interest in that drama. Sad, how Barbara’s tragic death affected him. I don’t know what of the rumors concerning her death and their relationship is true. But I kinda feel sorry for him, still.

                Wow! Thanks for the link! Now scrolling down some pics and names I do find many I recognize. And I like some of them, like Abe Hiroshi, Fujiki Naohito (who reminds me a bit of Ekin Cheng, but seems to be more of a talented actor), Matsumoto Jun…

                *huggles back* It’s so nice to fangirl with someone else other than my sister about HK-veterans and tv-dramas.^_____^

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