Hyun Bin: ‘Travel more, love more.’

(fr HB baidu bar)

Latest Greetings fr mybinnie *I miss you sooo much!!!!*

How are you? I’m HB. 
I met a lot of friends in their 20s here, who worried aboutwhat their future hold.
When I was little, I dreamed of being a cop, but I caught the acting bug and became an actor.
Now I feel like this is my fate to have a life gifted with fulfillment.
As their hyung, I’m at the age I can discuss Life with them.
I live by 3 rules:
Be true to yourself,
travel more,
love more.
For fans who are my age, try it out!
The weather is getting hot, hope everyone can have a healthy summer to re-energize.

(thanks to HB baidu bar for the C trans!)

And *SIGH*  Thanks to 嗜睡猪猪@weibo for the following binnie anecdotes on his Marine life, my guess is leaked fr the photobook I Am A Marine: *sob*  Your awesomeness is making me cry, binnie!!!!!!! I just wanna give you a hug (and no way I’m letting you goooo!)!!

C trans Fr: 嗜睡猪猪 ‘s weibo, Eng trans by me.


Binnie’s life @ the Marines:  Although he expected the training to be extremely tough, he is more stressed out fr the curiosity of ppl around him and the inevitable coldness and bitterness by some.   There’s nothing he can do about it, he can only try harder to assimilate into his unit.

酒窝窝作为步枪手入伍后,白翎岛也开始建立文明的军营文化,窝窝表示希望不再有野蛮的殴打和谩骂,在发生多次事故后确实需要树立军队文化。但是他也觉得, 为什么要从自己所在部队开始,从自己到达这里开始,虽然如果是因为自己有喜人的改变也不错,但为一个二兵来改变,先任内心也估计有反弹,感到负担

After his enlistment in the Rifles, Paekyong Island’s barracks r experiencing more civility.  Binnie expresses how much he doesn’t want to see fights and instigation.  Civility in the army is much needed esp after the incidents.  But he also thinks, why does is has to begin in his unit after he is enlisted? Not to say it’s a bad thing, things are going to be better because of him, but a change provoked by someone like him, a lower ranking officer, it must not be holding well in the minds of his senpei, he felt immense pressure because of it.


Binnie has started learning English and Japanese in his unit, it’s always useful for traveling, watching movies, and interacting with foreign actors.  Because he has no time to learn them while he’s working, this gives him a chance to seriously learn.   He also reads his fan letters diligently, and will send handwritten letters back home to his parents.

之前说训练时期唱那男人是真的,据说书里有些,因为还用唱军歌的方式唱,非常好笑。他说自己的歌被同期唱,觉得有点难为情。因为自己比同期大十岁,就是一 个大哥哥,要非常努力去融入他们,年长和名气都成为了负担。地狱周训练的时候真的觉得自己会熬不过,能够过来感到庆幸和心安。

It is true his fellow recruits always sing That Man, according to the booklet, they will even sing it in the tone of singing army tunes, very hilarious.  He said he’s quite embarrassed his song is sung by his fellow cadets, because he’s older than most of them by 10 years, he’s a much older hyung, so he needs to try very hard to socialize with them.  His age and his fame are both great burden.   During the week of hellish training, he thought he won’t make it, the fact he survived makes him very proud and relieved.

12 thoughts on “Hyun Bin: ‘Travel more, love more.’

  1. Thanks mookie for the trans, I miss him sooo much. Regarding to the released photobook and though I dislike the idea releasing photobook, I have stopped to think about what other ppl think about him, they don’t care to know about the facts anyway. Just hope he is healthy and safety in the marine.

    1. *hug* Kim! I’ve been thinking of you! Hope everything is better.

      *sigh* but our worst fear has happened. He did hurt his ankles (I think it’s achilles tendon fr the sound of it in C trans)very early on, and doctors warn him if he didn’t heal it properly, his feet will have chronic tendonitis. But he sucked it up, hang on and didn’t want to cause more noise. And we can guess how tough the Marines training is and gosh….I wanna cry!!

      Plus, places like AllKpop and other K ent news site have been saying I Am A Marine is a HB photobook, which is what I feared most for it to be misinterpreted. It’ll open to floodgate of antis and we both know how those peeps will just take a line or two and twist it into a whole diff beast for their sick amusement. I also wished his participation in that talent contest at his old drama school is not out, clearly he wants to stay as anon with his cap and all, even though he must not be taking any compensation for it, antis will still spin it into him doing some job as an artist and it’s against enlistment rules and regulations for sure.

      I Am Marine is 350+ pages with only ~50 pics of him. Yes, binnie is That Namja now, but there are stars before him in enlistment but none has published a photobook while in service. If they use more care posting and translating, it will be less absurd. I’m just relieved despite it all, his fangirls r hordes more than his antis in those sites. haha but who doesnt love binnie has a serious problem of taste in my book anyways! ^^

      Also, I’m sorry and annoyed for HK being hinted on her losing wt (I dont rem her ever gaining wt to begin with) has anything to do with her breakup. Those paparazzi jerks really need to be more creative.

      1. I’m fine dearie, will be ahead to Rome soon. Hope you are fine too, no need to worry, Binnie is a tough guy, he will be just fine.

        Regarding to the pics of Kyo, haha, the pics were almost 1 year ago, not recent pix. They are pics Kyo uploaded to fans site recently but they aren’t new, Oct last year. And you know how the media love to catch attention with the headlines haha, they dont even care to do some homework before reporting, just like a robot . In fact, it’s pretty unusual that Kyo uploaded pics to fans twice within 10 days hehe. I have stopped to take the korean reports serious, a lot of crap.

        Hello to happynuna! Hugs to mookie and happynuna.

        1. Just wanna to add, Kyo uploaded pics once on the 19th july and the others on the 28th , the day after binnie had his vacation hehe. OK , i will seal my lips mookie, keke.

        2. Have an awesome awesome vacay!! and in Rome~! *swoon* I’ve never been there but that’s my next destination (IF I can get any more vacay days).

          My inlaws will be visiting in a month. Yup, I was reminded by my goog calender, or else I’ll try not to stress myself too much over it. lol

  2. hi,mookie & utkim.I’m happynuna .Miss Binnie a lot & miss both of you too.

    mookie,thanks for the translation.

    1. Hi Nuna! How are you? Hope all is well! ^^

      I miss him so badly, I thought I’ll ease up after a while, but seeing his pics in the photobook is not helping. I saw how MORE tough it must’ve been for him, nth I can imagine, esp how much stress and pressure he felt within being so famous and being bombarded by all these silly special treatment fr the Marines without a concern about his well being. *SIGH*

      He’s even tougher than we thought, so I need to worry less, but it’s hard to do!

  3. Hi Emma!

    Hope you are having a great week/summer.

    I’m very tempted to write him letters, or even just postcards with less words so he won’t be labored with reading them. HAHA and I flashed back to the last ep of MNIKSS of Samshik sending letters and postcards to his beloved! *blush*

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