Well, HELLO~~~!!

TGIF! TGIF! TGIF!  I’m off to operation surprise vacay for my RL DH.  I hope he’ll be surprised and the pleasant kind lolz.  Car will start right after I wipe my droolz off my keyboard and grab my baggies.  OR, maybe I should go get myself a cold shower.

HU GE!  OMG!! So 2012 is really inching closer, huh? When the world as we know it (or my portfolio) is no more .  Some meaty cheering up is needed, and cold beer.  Cheers!!!! Or as loverboy hamming it into his Aussie buds, Gang bei!  Dry your cup! (Wet your mouth!)


I can’t hide my little jump of glee reading HG’s babbles/live chat at weibo snuffing the rumors of him leaving TR with words like" 我这不一直好好地在唐人呆着嘛"  kekeke, I love how he said he’s squarely stuck at TR, with just a hint of the stagnancy of his situation for me to meta on.  HG baby, I wish your resto is massively successful and in the next few make tonnes and tonnes of cash…while your bromance lover is off to make himself a household name.  THEN you 2 both join hands/hips and form ur own brotherly production company and do stuff you really really want to do out of the trappings of TR, you two really dun need them b8tches manage anything….and with that, send me off to my happy planet of bromance heaven! ^^

And I can’t properly leave mybinnie one whole wkend without a mention.

I’m happy when I see binnie happy.  He must have had an awesome vacay, drinking with his BFFHyungs.  Back to his unit, looking as pretty and sharp and dimply and gorg as my drama DH is, always. I love everything about it, the tan, the uniform, the biceps/arms/chest/thighs  in the uniform, if I get an HD pic of the L, I’ll print it on a bodypillow and hug it to sleep everynite.

Find the FUNNY!  ^^

*I’ve done this before, so I feel ur calfpain as a fellow shortie, sir! But MUAHHAHAHHHHHAAAAAAAA*

And just some random anecdote tweeted by a fellow senior fr his unit (original dearie poster did warn of its unknown source/maybe accuracy, but do I care?!  nah ^^):

Fr that senpei:
At first glance, HB is very handsome, but the more you look at him, the more he seems just another regular guy.  However, when I see him again the next morning, he’s back to extremely handsome.
He’ll answer anything about showbiz frankly, when asked about the actresses, who is he close to?   He said he’s not close to any actress,  there r only actors in his close circle.
…..since he has no actress he’s close to, the chitchat ends there, I feel quite bad, but he’s a good guy.

[ plz dun take this out of my lj 😉 source: HB baidu bar http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1164947051%5D

33 thoughts on “Well, HELLO~~~!!

  1. Squeeeeee! The trailer for YH & YM Lux mini-movie is out! And there are potential touching scenes, though I find it funny they are obsessed with easch other’s hair, LOL.

    I hate to say something sacriligious, but YH & YM would have made a much better couple and acting than Wallace & LSS in Iljimae. It was a great series but therr’s a missing oomph that onky YH & YM can provide. To hell with LB’s silly favoritism games. If you want the best actor & actress as rebels on the run, Wallace & LSS were just mediocre OK, no WOW factor. Only their fans would find them WOW out of biasness

    1. I hate life now being so swarmed but finally I watched! I sooo agree with you~! But then if u r not mediocre (or extremely loyal in YH’s case) u won’t stick w. doing TR’s fluff

      1. Wow, Tangren is really promoting LSS extremely heavily – 2nd BBJX commercial only shows LSS, Nicky & Kevin. Apologies to her fans here – not a fan of LSS, sorry. Even with her best effort acting (Chinese Iljimae), she remains far far behind her peers (particularly YM) in screen presence and acting skills.

        1. Agree LSS is not as good as the likes of YM and TY on acting skills alone, but she definitely already improved a LOT. I think this is largely attributed to her official training in ballet rather than acting. But her ballet background gave her a great advantage in a pure wuxia play like Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei – her agility is an attribute that few of her peers match.

          Admittedly I’m drawn to the real-life personalities of actors & actresses. No matter the controversy around YM about supposed plastic surgeries and her blabbing about the bad side of the industry, she has a gutsy kick-a$$ personality that (like YH’s) is so interesting, 3-dimensional and full of life.

  2. Oh no Mookie! The highly watched BBJX commercial on Hunan TV only lists LSS, Nicky, Kevin, Damian Lau, Annie Liu in the credits! WHAT HAPPENED TO YH & LIN GENGXIN!!!!!

    Never mind. We have our beloved LUX endorsement mini-movie with my beloved YH & YM to be shown on Hunan TV and other prominent TV stations soon! *love love LOVE YH-YM*

    1. Good that I’ve pre*RAGE* and have a serious irking LB will be …well LB. I’ve written her name in Sharpie on my fugly pair of sneakers and will go to visit petting farm and trample as many pieces of S. I can find. I dun really care for those stupid Mango shows and now can be sure SS will be dazed with mind off somewhere missing her YH and the show be boring like hell, Shin-chan will also be missing his other half of the 1314 OTP and willbe wt the brink of sad tears instead of the hilarious BL jokester. Why can’t LB grow a head of sine basic biz sense?! I consider peeps still with TR either stupid or mediocre in talent it both no matter how much I like ’em.

      And I just read this: @小可0704: 过几天,我们将有一场重大的新闻发布会,关于于正作品走向的一步新台阶。于正工作室和华夏视听环球传媒合作,将拍摄《康熙大帝》《雍正王朝》《乾隆皇帝》以及《笑傲江湖》,我们会在发布会上正式启动《笑傲江湖》。届时,于正将偕众多明星出席。欢迎热情讨论你心目中的康熙、雍正和乾隆三大帝王……

      2012 has just arrived early for me. I need a week of puking blood b4 I can be functional enough to rageeeee and swear my life off. D.A.M.N!!!!!#$@%&***–+$#@@$%&**$#%–%#@#346–+

      1. Maybe LB saw red over YH-YM collaboration 😦 I remember YZ saying when he was negotiating with her to get YH into MRXJ, she wanted YM out of the production. And for being anti YH-YM, I’ll draw whiskers on her sourpuss face. Anyway, I’m still crossing my fingers we will see ALL princes including YH & Lin Gengxin on Happy Camp. :clap:

        I hate to say this, but I won’t be able to resist the temptation to watch Gong 2 as Du Chun and Shu Chang are the leads.

        1. It’s not a maybe, she’s blatantly fuming with flames coming out of her eyesnoseearsmouth MAD even at that HongShi lovely public date or whatever official event that was.

          HAHA and give it to loverboy to just flame the fire further. I LOVE he tweeted a YHYM twitpic. KEEP IT COMING!! HOOT!HOOT!!!!

          I actually have no prob with Goong2 and it becoming a hit, coz I dun care about its ‘source material’. BUT for sth as sacred as SPW!!!?@?!??!?!? and I need a month to acknowledge or even mention the other remakes, I can’t process atm, those are my fav of fav Cdramas, what got me checking out ANY Cdramas at all in the first place. I’m extremely traumatized. I think I’ll go berserk and start attacking gay fatties in my hood. (no offense to my neighbors who happen to be plus size queens out there, I love you~! But any reminder, resemblance of (S)He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I’ll turn a biting rabid b8tch.)

          1. LOL, they look more wicked than usual in that twitpic – YH with his scruff, YM in her shades.

            YH’s tweet:
            “In our lives we always re-encounter people. Knowing that taking pictures together when coincidentally meeting on an airplane can easily cause problems, but we still took it.” (Reference to the Cecilia/Edison airplane pics)

            YM’s reply: “Saying it’s a coincidence, who believes it, hmmph…” *whatever! smilie*

  3. OK Mookie, while we wait for BBJX and Ad Mania to broadcast, plus Mi Wu Shuang Long to appear on Tudou, we still have real-life HongShi drama to fangirl.

    1. LSS cooked chicken wings for her Lao Yuan’s birthday, who lovingly snapped a picture of her work, saying her cooking skills has improved tremendously.
    2. He called LSS “student”. This is evidence that he’s the one teaching her cooking and/or working in Tangren kitchen with her. E.g. Nicky mentioned both of them boiled Tangyuan soup for the poor suffering princes shivering in the icy cold rain. Then Ye Qing (who plays Yutan in BBJX) posted a pic of him was peeling prawns for LSS sometime during filming. Now, LSS has cooked something for YH all by herself!
    3. The Xuanyuanjian dance choreographer posted a pic of himself with LSS, saying LSS worked till late last night on her dance moves. Even though she had to wake up before 7 the next morn, she didn’t go to bed but slogged at the kitchen to cook for YH. This means YH & LSS photographed those chicken wings late at night.

    No matter what, YH and LB have something in common – both of them ADORE LSS. When LSS commented on his Princess Taiping Turkic prince official pic, she joked that she’s preparing a “heater” for him so don’t catch a cold. LB reposted LSS’ comment saying the kitchen (i.e. LSS) should get some really hot soup for him. All the Tangren peeps are jibing at YH for having to wear thick woolly costume during the height of summer!

    Now we know LB was referring to LSS preparing some kind of surprise dish for his coming birthday!

    1. Gawddd! ! How can we not ship them in RL?! HOW?!^^
      We dun even have to tally just on how prompt YH reply to everything SS on weibo! I have an idling he took up that furry role in Princess TaiPing just to be in WD so he can spend bday with her. Awwwwww the power of love!!!!

  4. Mookie! YH is bringing out the 13th Prince sooooo well in the new BBJX trailer dedicated 13th Prince!

    I’m really thankful there’s a dedicated Hunan TV trailer on YH’s 13th Prince alone. Even Nicky and Kevin didn’t have that honour!

    C’mon, you have to admit LB must have been touched by how much LSS loves YH – cooking those wings for him late into the night after a hard day’s training with the choreographer, when she has to get up before 7am the next day!

      1. C’mon, remember the first few trailers which didn’t have YH anywhere? Now there’s a completely dedicated one on his 13th Prince alone! It’s the power of LOVE!!! (i.e. LSS obviously loving her YH with those chicken wings – hey, this can’t miss LB’s eyes, no matter how dense she is)

        This is going to be a really exciting next few days. While our HongShi couple will be at Happy Camp with Lin Gengxin, Liu Yuxin and the rest of the main cast on 29 August, the folks at Hunan TV decided to invite HongShi ALONE for a intimate talk programme the next day (30 August) – Behind The Story.

        Just to give you some background – Behind The Story is a much more intimate interview show than Happy Camp. It’s a show where the host will quiz individual stars on their love life. I remember they interviewed LYF some time earlier this year.

        FYI – FengMi (FSF and Yang Mi) were also interviewed on Behind The Story, which will be aired this Sunday! Yay!

        Also, notice that all the other girls he was flirting with have disappeared from his weibo? E.g. Xie Wen Xuan, his Miracle Doctor Tao co-star whom he was flirting A LOT with for a long time – she didn’t even appear during the onslaught of birthday wishes. YM is attached, so she’s not counted.

        1. lolz girlfriend, LB really didnt cross my bloodbrainbarrier to reach any conscious regard when HongShi is going full on ADORBS cybermakingout. It’s one thing cooking for your sweetheart, another lvl of gooeyness IF u can’t cook to survive (I’m a walking example), THEN the other for your sweetheart to TWEET to the WWW exclaiming the LUB…THEN you go ahead to shameless tweetback in glee of how much time he spent preening (and according to LSS PSing) over ONE tweetpic of said chicken wings. There’s nth sweeter, and I was told I had such a silly moronic grin on my face last wk drinking a coke just coz I associated it with them sweetest coke wings. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!





          *if u can hear me, nope it’s not an earthquake of Hurricane, but my RAWRing and jumping up and down should be as horrific and shattering!*

          1. Mookie, did you read the latest magazine interview with YH? (check out the tieba thread). The reporter asked him what he thinks about fans hoping he will get together with LSS or YM in real life. He said he appreciates fans’ hopes, but work life is different from real life. Then the reporter pressed him whether he’s single, he hesitated and said he rather not share such things with the public.

            Red beans are taking this as a hint that he’s not single, with some speculating that it’s Xie Wen Xuan or LSS.

            TBH, I can’t imagine this Ms Xie or any outside gf not getting jealous over his blatant cyber-flirting with LSS. Why should LSS respond to his flirts (e.g. those chicken wings, that goddess beauty comment) if he’s attached to another girl?

            1. ARGH!! I’m off to some wilderness again this wkend and I only have my phone! I’m droolzing at his HAWT pic for too long for my sanity’s sake, but I can’t squint my eyes enough to read the characters.

              HAHAHA I can’t believe the reporter asked that in the first place, and so specifically mentioning LSS/YM.

              I dun get the fuss with MissXie, he seems his usual chummy self with her, with SS, it’s a totally diff ballpark of cutest flirting! But I do can take what’s in public may not be everything (see Nic and Cecilia) so as long as he’s happy, single, in a relationship…with whomever, it’s all good!

              but meantime there’s no stopping us all being crazy HongShi shipper, at least they both r feeding us yummy treats!!! I can’t wait for that HongShi interview thing, or any BuBu promos with them. AFter seeing the trailers Bubu seems less prone to the CtW shittiness, but nth will beat the RL romancing of these 2.

              1. Hey, Tian Di Min Xin won 3 awards at the CCTV Awards. I was expecting YH at the very glitzy CCTV Awards Night (HG was there with Jackie Chan, and so was FengMi), but he opted for happy casual dining with LSS, Nicky, Lin Gengxin etc. And Mango publicist’s weibo recently wrote poetic descriptions of 13th Prince and then LSS’ charm consecutively.

                1. Gosh, I really like TDMX!!! I’m glad it won awards, totally deserving!!

                  ARGH….HG….plz stay away fr JC and his shiz, I absolutely can’t stand him and I dun want to not like you! even for the sake of Loverboy!

              2. The debate still goes on about that mag article WHY he doesn’t want to share if he’s single or not.

                TBH (and this has nth to do with the shipper in me), if I were YH’s gf, I’d definitely be jealous as hell (and not understanding at all) about him preening and fussing over those late night chicken wings (hey, he took the photo at 1am!). Then the late-night B-Day wishes when the clock struck midnight, the morning McD breakfast… And then adding the weibos of every co-star of hers and not even his own co-stars?

                I’d believe maybe pre-BBJX he might have been dating other girls like Ms Xie or an Wuhan homegirl. Then came BBJX and post-BBJX – something has changed man, changed! I don’t remember LSS doing such things for his birthday last year?! In fact, i don’t remember her even wishing him Happy B-day last year.

                On the other hand, HG seems more careful about refraining from such blatant flirting with anyone bcos he’s in a stable relationship with Xue Jianing.

                BTW, did you watch the Hunan TV Everyday variety show with LSS, Guo Zhenni & Liu Yuxin? I do love LSS, but honestly, without YH around, all she does is smile and be sweet in general – which is all OK, but kinda…errr…bland? I need him around to spice up her interviews!

                1. kekeke it’s a hard case to proof them NOT dating, but if they want to keep it in somewhat a saran wrap of not blatantly outting themselves, fine with me.

                  I just find it very hard to explain just on the fact of that shoulder massage on set alone. They both have assistants, LSS is numero uno at TR, those TR ladies will pamper her if she needs some rubbing of achy shoulders. And for Uncle photog to snap it, tweet it (must be with them consents), blog it and we ship it to death WITHOUT them uttering one slight protest. HUH!

                  I do like LSS, but she’s bland, and she’s not the best actress and will never be. I’ll say it for the nth time she only has enough chemistry with YH alone to make any impression without help of everything else a la Ijimae! But we won’t have to wait long, loverboy wont leave us hanging and dry without some public flirting with SS, even if it’s just on weibo. Everytime it’s leaked out they’ve hang out, things happen to the joy of our shipper heart! ^^

                  1. Hi, Anon 2 here again. Sorry, not really a fan of LSS. If not for YH’s blatant flirting, I won’t notice her. I wish TR had stuck to the original idea of casting YH as 4th Prince and (rumoured) Ady An or Shu Chang as Ruoxi (much as I like HongShi, Ady & Shu Chang are much stronger actresses). 4th Prince & Ruoxi are suppose to have intense sexual chemistry (in the book) – I totally can’t see any between Nicky & LSS!

                    I doubt think BBJX can top Gong’s ratings. Nicky-LSS (LongShi) chem is near zero compared to FSF-YM. I know you aren’t a fan of FengMi, but they had undeniable awesome chem just as sizzling as HongShi in LOCH08.

                    1. I’m not a fan of LSS’ acting, but she’s a sweet girl me thinks. And Oddly she doesnt bug me…I’m usu very allergic to horrible actresses (and actors)

                      Nahhh, not a fan of Ady An, esp when she’ll be allowed to go OTT as I suspect Ruoxi can be (or I should say what YangMi did with her char in Goong), I’ve a preemptive headache just imagining. I dun mind her most of the time, but I’ve never been impressed with anything she’s in, to be fair, I haven’t stuck through most of her dramas, so what is her best acting job?

                      Shu Chang, me like and can see as Ruoxi. I’m not too against LSS as Ruoxi, her general woodiness may play to her advantage for my sake being in cultural shock and not overdoing it. I do agree NTH much is going on with her RX and Nic’s Prince4, whereas if YH were to play Prince4, it’ll be hot scorching WANT! We’ll see, I’m not as skeptical but nowhere near longing for it, but the trailers have been nice.

                      I concur FengMi has chemistry, but I hold YangMi as a leader of her gen in acting chops and she has chemistry to varying degree with almost everything I’ve seen her in, Goong is one of her worst outing acting-wise in my book. FSF, really, I think he’s a decent actor, I can totally tolerate him in other Yumama stuff, but his Prince8 is totally a slow phy abusive retard (no offense to retard), true to his Domyoji roots. I see them as some typical bickering CP, but they r polar opposite of what I saw in HongShi in LoCH08.

                      FengMi, imo, r too comfy and buddybuddy like homies. I honestly can’t see a speck of RL romantic vibe btn them at all. They are overboard with all that skinship and innuendos that it’s too blatant an act, some good acting job I must say, but sth is very off for me to believe it’s the real deal. I mean I have a RL gay bff that I acted and flirted with exactly the same way as FengMi since highsch.

                      HongShi, OTOH, is almost like they tried damnest to keep it hushed up and under wraps esp on the side of LSS but MAJORLY fail. haha considering how barely passable an actress I think LSS is, I dun think she has the FengMi’s talent and worldly smarts to be game in it for so long and me still buying it. And the main thing I see precious and diff in HongShi is, LSS has only this league of chem with YH now and forever, YM, I expect her to stir up many more fanatic CPship in the coming decades of her career.

                  2. The forced kiss by Nicky on LSS in the BBJX trailer looks like an icky bald uncle molesting a young girl. In the book, that kiss was suppose to be so intensely sexually appealing that Ruoxi kept playing it over her head. I have nth against Nicky – he’s a very charismatic actor with great onscreen presence. Unfortunately, I’m also a book purist and I don’t find their onscreen chem justifying the book.

                    1. I’m not a Prince4 gang, so I’m kinda on the fence in falling for the hotness that is the OTP. We’ll see. I do like Nic and imo, he’s a miscast here as far as I’ve seen with 4 being such a complicated gray character and all.

                  3. Well, LB is not that dense after all. She knows LSS has her limitations compared to Yang Mi who conducted an awesome, very insightful interview in Hunan TV’s Behind The Story ALL BY HERSELF (did you watch it? – they just aired it yesterday. Gawd, I love YM! That girl has this ultra-cool attitude man!).

                    This is Hunan TV – LB cannot afford a single wrong step. She needs YH to be there with LSS for her interview to match up to YM’s off-screen/interview awesomeness.

                    1. I’ve only seen part 1 of 6 on youtube!! ARGH! I’m soo behind in everything clips and shows and all the goodness!! 😦

                      You are too kind, I’ll exactly call what LB is blatantly doing: DENSE! That is a taped interview show right?! Why not train LSS to just handle it alone?! it could be micromanaged with questions all rehearsed and stuff but yet rely on the same old HongShi ship?!?!?! It’s soo tactless to be using YH to bump up LSS esp now that he’s left the company and has never had any similar treatment as SS ALL THESE FREAKEN YEARS UNDER HER STUPID MANAGEMENT!

                      I mean I can foresee all the talking points out of the HongShi show to be purely YH (how deep/thoughtful/witty/smartass/funny/charming…..etcetc) or the giggly happy YHship, who are just jumping up and down (ie me) just with them being awwwwwwwwSOSWEET sharing the screen the way only they r capable of. It wont score LSS any brownie point, the lions love their SS being a piece of pretty wood inept in varieties, let her be! Why force it when she can never be a worldly YM?!

                    2. Anon 2 again

                      I credit YH for giving his utmost all and support to LSS in BBJX even though the series was suppose to be his vehicle. And look at how much he charmed the entire audience at the Hunan TV show, giving the spotlight whenever he can to LSS. He pulls all stops to help her, even though it means unfair treatment to him.

                      This is L.O.V.E.

                    3. Re: Anon 2 again

                      I’m in tears reading fr a lion crediting YH giving LSS specific pointers to catch some spotlight in the Happy Camp show.

                      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, really I stand close to my gut feelings what they have is soooooo precious they dun even want to mess with it with really really starting a romance in fear of losing what they are having atm. AND for me, this ultimate caring and concern for each other’s well being is priceless priceless.

                      So there CAN be platonic love of the highest order btn a man and a woman, maybe?

                    4. Re: Anon 2 again

                      Before BBJX, I would say platonic love of the highest order. But after BBJX (something has changed man!) and that comment from an insider like Mango何小庭, I’m not so sure anymore.

                      Plus given the fact that LB would do her very best to ensure her precious Tangren pets remain single and available to the public eye. She would want to make sure LSS looks single.

                      I mean, come off it – Hu Ge was photographed sharing a luggage carrier with Xue Jianing at the airport (which is an obvious giveaway that they vacationed together). Yet LB puts out a statement insisting that Hu Ge is still single and he was with just a ‘friend’? Like HELLO!

                    5. Re: Anon 2 again

                      MY very tiny corner of shipper brain is telling me now that YH has left TR, SS is WAY MORE bold with showing her affection, as if she has no hindrance in LB biting her YH. I dun think LSS is that ambitious in the biz, and the only person other than her parents and YH that loves her as much as kin is LB, she’s safe and very tame in every other aspects doing her usual and still be #1 Jie/Lady @ TR, BUT when it comes to her LaoYuan, I think she doesn’t care what LB hollers and will just do what her heart dictates, she’s not that good an actress every way we look, right?! hehe As long as they dun spell it out in black and white statements LB is soo not smart nor in their league to huff and puff, I mean they r just still selling same old, the SS first kiss, SS teaching Loverboy ballet, SS/YH ‘faking’ picking up a hottie/each other, them singing, holding hands, looking longingly at each other, giggling and smiling like there’s only the 2 of them in world…HAHAHA

                      Does LSS look single EVER when YH is in her space?!?! ^^ MAybe to the delusional LB. They (or I should say YH) r so smart to get around LB by now, even IF she did have a say in the sitting arrangement of 4, RX, 14, 13, they still manage to get some close proximity time sitting next to each other. lololololololololololol

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