BuBuJingXin @ Happy Camp

I can't believe my eyes how GORG I find this WHOLE cast.  The ladies…I'm so jealous of any and all of their pretty!  No fair! My mom has always reminded me I fangirl Damien Lau in her womb (she was a hardcore fan) and I was the youngest fan of the ultimate melodramatic TVB hit based on a popular novel 金粉世家 (tauted as the 'new' Dreams of Red Chambers based in the 1920s).   I lapped up the later remake with ChenKun and AngelDong for old times sake. Then my new found current crush on Kevin Cheng's L.A. Law with my Ghetto Justice marathon.  And I find Prince 14/Lin Geng Xin tall, handsome, silly and so full of potential. Last, and haha can never be least my Loverboy. Most of the BuBu cast taped the popular Hunan TV variety Happy Camp, they played the angle of YH being the sisterinlaw's man, an advancement of his usual ladies' man status. Picspam! [credits on pics; fr weibo]
YH LOVES to coordinate outfits with his OTP, Prince 13 is the ultimate Prince4 shipper.  * GOSH Loverboy, sooo GORG!*  fans attending the taping are saying YH stole the show (as expected) and he's unbelievably handsome in person (a given) Here he is gloating ShiShi is looking so sweet and pretty in pink and smiling!  I HAVE to credit some to her LaoYuan breathing the same air in the studio with her. *sigh* It's some balloon popping game and why on earth is Loverboy allowed to be so poised and suave and shaui?!?! I think all the princes sang and played silly games.  Have to admit Kevin looks great bald. They are so gorg, even their side profiles r…GORG! *envy* Prince 8 and his wifey. Angel Liu is EVERYWHERE these days.  Good for her, she's pretty and quite talented.  and Loverboy, I know your nick is The SIL Man, but that droolz face on public TV is too much (hawtness).  HOLD it! I can't help it YH is my Cdrama ILUBYOU, and I only see Nic and the famous host of Happy Camp ogling all starry eyes at his gorgeousness.

More BuBuJingXin trailers r out last wk, I can bet my binnie collection on YH running with it acting circles around the rest of the cast judging by a trailer focused on him alone.and one with all the Princes:

9 thoughts on “BuBuJingXin @ Happy Camp

    1. Kekeke they r still promoting BuBu, LSS can only pick her ‘otp’ or else fear she can’t hold it! (I do fear for her sake)

      Hahaha I’m so cracking up reading the Hongshi dearies saying YH wore that same shade of shocking pink and now they r playing with their CP outfit a day apart! HAHAHAHAHAAAA! OH GOSH I’m in tears, they r genius shippers and Hongshi NEVER disappoint! :DDDDDD

      1. Sorry to burst your bubbles. Nicky & Lin Gengxin are joining HongShi for Behind The Story interview. Initially it was just HongShi alone, but maybe LB felt that the Sohu thing created too much heat between those two, LOL. And the lovebirds aren’t sitting together. LSS had to sit with Nicky. 😦

        I guess we were hoping too much for another interview with HongShi alone. Look at LB’s sourpuss face at Sohu – she prob decided then and there that they should be separated. C’mon, she didn’t even want YH to be at CtW interviews! The initial Hunan TV announcement only said HongShi will be at Behind The Story. My guess is that she pushed in Lin Gengxin (it’s OK, I like the guy anyway) and who can refuse an A-lister like Nicky? Anyway, I love Nicky too. But I wish we had HongShi sit together instead of Lin Gengxin in between them.

        I guess it’s good to have more of the cast there, but I don’t see why we can’t have a LSS solo interview. YM had a solo interview with Behind The Story. Even the bland LYF could handle it by herself.

        Guess it’s reinforcements galore for LSS after YM’s ultra-cool solo with Behind The Story.

        1. Ooohh! Just as I was getting disappointed that YH & LSS aren’t sitting together, trust YH’s awesomeness to bring out the goodies! My gosh, I believe he stole the interview from even an A-lister like Nicky! They even had a segment where they had YH take on the role of host! And then I believe the host made him sing too? Hahaha!

          OMG double OMG!!! They even made LSS sing to YH and the two of them held hands together on stage! Awww, so sweet!!

          And look! Even the Mango reporter is convinced that HongShi love each other.

          I’m convinced the one and only true match for YH in kick-ass awesome charisma and charm is YM. Imagine if HongMi interviews together – explosion!

          1. OHHHH!! O M G!!! Mango何小庭 said that?!?!?! hahaha but HongShi is not even trying to hide no more.

            I do agree HongMi will make one kickass charming entertaining interview, they r both entertainers and such great friends, they r truly compatible on screen and off as BFFs. BUTTTT, nth beats all that subtle and no longer that subtle genuine sweetness and flirting that is HongShi for me

        2. See?! No ONE, NO ONE is denser than LB. I bet her evil plan is to let it initially be HongShi, get us all jumping and dancing, THEN throw in the official OTP to hammer it in for fear there won’t be ANY Bubu OTP shipping at all come Sept 10th and distract/entertain us and YH with the 1314 ship.

          YH will still steal the show with Shinchan, with Nic, with LSS. LB, scheme all your silliest densest plottings u want, u can’t do a thing about it!

          1. Well, while we fangirl the HongShi ship, the ShiGe (HG & LSS) ship seems to be more popular from what I see on the tieba threads (HG is more famous than YH anyway). I remember even before this show, some fans excitedly proclaimed on the Hengdian reporter’s weibo that they saw LSS grocery shopping with HG. But the Hengdian reporter burst their bubbles by saying she grocery shops with YH, not HG.

            1. Tieba is loitered with 99% hardcore shippers of all kind. I know the ShiGe shippers r of a much larger boat, hence more ‘popular’. But is a Ship convincing just coz it’s vast? And who cares?! certainly not me nor any HongShi shippers!^^ I dun ship nth in RL other than HongShi. Not even HongMi. Most r first and foremost HG fanbabies, and by association a big chunk wishes TR to be bigger and grander for their HG’s sake and since TR is putting ALL their eggs in the SS basket, in their pretty unicorns and puppies world, ShiGe is their fairytale. hahaha out of all Shi-ships, I’ve never seen any romantic sparks btn ShiGe EVER. Even if they did go grocery shopping with pics and all, I will only see siblings shopping for …groceries. I mean tbvh, I dun mind HuGe and ShiShi falling in love and all, I dun even mind HongShi in reality have nth romantic btn them (but I would have to reevaluate LSS’ acting chops). I’m truly honestly an anti shipper of all kinds. BUT just that HongShi is dragging me into this abyss time and again and amuse me to no end and I can’t for the love of All the Power to Be find any hint to NOT ship.

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