It’s Christmas in August for HongShi Shippers

Fact concluded after careful, most thorough investigation by me via my precious weibo feed,  pages full of HongShi spazzing. *SQUEEEEEE* and YH is as happy as me! [all fr weibo, credit on pix]


Shishi grabbed YH on stage to HOLD HANDS AND SING TOG!! LSS, r u throwing ur career off the cliff?!?! coz with everything u r doing, how can we ship u with moving thing other than YH?!?!? I will watch this ep all hawkeyes to see why on earth u r not grabbing ur BuBu OTP Nic.  *excuse me while I go dance and pick up my brain and learn to breathe again* We've seen this nth times, but they just have to keep 'acting' out the OLD skit of how to pick up a hottie on street.  *yawn~jkjk* This day and age they looked like a married cp just showing some irky 'Get A Rm!' PDA

Also in the HongShi shipper Gift Pack:

  1. ShinChan/Prince 14 having to act out how to pick up SS, he failed and IMMEDIATELY he asks for YH/Prince13's effective pointers *smart kid, patpatpat*.
  2. Shishi got caught up in emotions talking about her Mom, YH hands her a tissue BEFORE she even starts tearing
  3. Breaktime:
  4. I just wanna say Shishi, babe, it must be the nth time u've seen ur wifey cooks, no need to stick ur whole torso up and admire.

13 thoughts on “It’s Christmas in August for HongShi Shippers

  1. Awww…the next day press conference with the rest of the cast had Annie Liu standing in-between them and there wasn’t any opportunity for them to do their loveys.

    Anyway, in answer to your query why she didn’t pull Nicky up on stage – I saw a fan report that when she went on stage to sing (she was suppose to sing solo), the others went back to their changing/rest rooms. It was only YH who stayed behind sitting at the side watching, that’s why she pulled him up on stage and not Little Tiger Nicky. And apparently, when LSS pulled YH onto the stage with her, a bunch of fans were shouting for them to get married and be together!

    But I get the impression he’s trying to temper down their public displays (he’s not holding her hand as tightly as during the Sohu thing). HongShi didn’t go ALL OUT like FengMi did during their Gong interviews. FSF was cuddling and carrying YM all over the stage! If you notice, YH held her hand very lightly during the singing.

    Anyway, just to point out – ShiGe, HuoShi, YuShi (with Ma Tianyu), DongShi (with Peter Ho) etc ships are only amongst fans of the respective leading men. Whereas for HongShi – ho ho! They have INSIDERS as their shipping fans – Uncle Yanfei, Hunan TV’s PR guy He Xiao Ting, Nicky, Han Dong, Ye Qing, Guo Zhenni.

    TBH, something has changed on BBJX set. I don’t think they were this close during LOCH08, Fantasy Zhu Xian or CtW filming/interviews. Fans at the YuanLiu tieba have become much more convinced since…ahem!…Uncle Yanfei’s pictures. I don’t remember Janine saying anything about them during CtW – and she being such a goofball would have said something if she sees something.

    But my poor HongMi – no fan base (yet).

    1. O! I do drama-ship HongMi hard since prince ed! 🙂 I can’t wait for Lux!!!

      Tbh I’m quite bored with HongShi onscrn hahaha. The scripts and writing can’t even touch what these 2 sweethearts give us EVRY SINGLE TIME NO FAIL!

      and what is this?! @洛水之北-: 刘诗诗 : 宫廷里 袁弘 : 我不复杂。 刘诗诗 : 唯一不复杂的就是十三。 袁弘 : 可是你没有选我。用你的角度,不是若曦的角度。 刘诗诗 : 最欣赏的就是十三,最喜欢的也是十三。 主持人赵宁 : 戏中她为什么没有爱上十三呢? 刘诗诗 : 里面有一场戏专门讨论这个问题。 袁 弘 : 刚才问她生活,剧中若曦跟她生活不一样。男女之间一搭上,会不会有感情,有好感和爱慕之情不一样的。 面的男人太复杂了。

      They just won’t let me get my beauty zzzzzzz!!!

      1. Oh man, see this clip:

        around 1:30 of the clip, the reporter said LSS continued to be deeply affected by the role long after filming. YH said that long after filming ended, whenever she sees a BBJX-related picture in the Net or a comment on BBJX, her eyes will tear up.

        Reporters are asking him about LSS’ feelings over BBJX – like it’s given that he knows best!

        1. O MY….seriously, I’m not delusional, but adding up everything, are they officially coming off as married?!

          I mean I won’t even chant them to get married, get a room, have kids, they r just doing all that and more, no?

          I’m at the brink of tears seeing how achyachyheart Loverboy is witnessing his SS so deeply immersed into her RuoXi. And can I just up my expectation a tiny little with LSS apparently so putting her all in BuBu AND the collective fact that all of these actors, all of them me like to love, have been so genuinely loving this project, Damian included *and is heavily tipping my scales of wt into Bubu is possibly GOOD*

          1. Can it be more obvious that long after filming ended (and long after he has left TR), YH and LSS see each other regularly. It’s like already known to the whole wide world.

            Anyway, LB probably had a “no dating” policy in Tangren (in fact, she once said she wanted Hu Ge to pursue LSS – this was during CP3. I guess she was joking). But now that YH’s left, he can show off his LSS love in really obvious ways.

            1. haha the fact she SAID she wanted HG to pursue LSS is exactly why I see negative possibility in that ship (and the fact I dun see ANY romantic chem btn them ever, but they do appear too many times with YH and they each has WAYYYYY more chem off the charts with him)

              Actually I think YH is almost the same old in the love showing but it’s LSS that’s quite bold and fearless lately. Things r just soo genuine and not a hint of act for promo’s sake my jaws r dropped.

              And I concur with the HongShis Loverboy initiated that dindin gathering just so to have a HongShi dinner date, the rest r just pawns in their schemes of things.

              And fr the lack of tt on anything Princess TP fr his part and CRAZILY BUBUmania, it just reinstate our theory he does that drama as some side char, deadly suffers in fur in scorching WD heat just to be near his SS, nth else. Case closed!

      2. You can’t deny it Mookie. They are practically admitting their real-life love relationship to the whole wide world. I honestly didn’t expect them to become this obvious.

        When LSS said that all the princes are too complicated and YH said “I’m not complicated”, it sounded like he was offering himself! When she said that her favourite is 13th and the interviewer asked why she didn’t fall in love with him in the story, she said that there’s a scene discussing this, and YH replied that LSS is different from Ruoxi. To me, it sounds like he’s implying the real LSS would fall in love with 13th. They kept talking about real life and the story and romance and friendship in vague terms.

        1. You know, this is THE BEST, WAYYY better than I thought things will be btn them. They r so blatantly more than friends in actions for the world to see, YET they can hide under that invisible cloak during interviews and not admit to shiz WHILE in the same breath go on and be more married than ever.

          LOVEEEE IT! This is really the most brilliant way to handle the situation. They can flirt and be loveydovey all they want, yet they dun have to face the ugly of an open relationship in the biz. There’s nth LB or whatnots can do about it, they didn’t say they r OTP, they even deny it, yet they just is, confirmed by EVERYTHING else than a black and white official admission but condoned by all the insiders, writers, reporters, MrPhotog in the know.

          Loveit! Loveit!!!

          1. Anon 2 here. Sorry, I actually meant to put quotation marks around that description above, but posted too quickly. Due credit goes to spcnet forum.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how futile LB is in her attempts cracks me up without fail.

      I dun think it’s truly attempt to separate HS, but just to hammer and spin some paltry noise towards the love triangle which is sorely missing, as lame as it is. So far, we’re extremely amused by the bromances of infinite combos, and LSS will only have sizzling, pulsating chem with YH on and off scrn. The best scenario is with the help of Nicky and Kevin, and decent writing/scripting sparks will fly, fr the trailers, I’m optimistic, but nth staged can upstage HS whenever these 2 r in one place.

      No, there will never ever be no more HongShi to fangirl, they’ll ALWAYS find a way, esp with the help of all the insiders in the know vs sillyLB. 😉

        1. Re: Anon 2 again

          You know, my gut is telling me 10 yrs fr now, they’ll leak out they r married rt after BuBu. LSS’ bday party is actually their wedding reception. BLABLABLA! XD

          I swear, when his BFFMun has LSS’ #, called her in Wuhanese (I forgot the reason), then he leaked out on weibo she uttered did u mistaken me for LaoYuan? I got it. IF they r just the bestest of friends, his homie won’t passive aggressive poke at them like the rest of us.

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