BuBu (or I should be honest, HONGSHI) mania just claimed my soul

Hard to see, but I'm TRYING not crazily spam and be sappysappy everytime I squee sth concerning BuBu ie HongShi.  I swear, honest, I was not that excited about Bubu the drama all along even with my HongShi in it.  Then they go ahead and sparked a wildfire in me in all their interactions in interviews, in presscon, in weibo and DARN, what is a fangirl to do?! They r ruthless and there's no escape them sweetest PDAs. this will be a LONNNGGGG wk in waiting!!

I'm one melted pool of tears, sweet tears.  I've read my fair share of romance novellas, and this is like a sweet ride with RL breathing peeps as the OTP and witnessing their sweet happy marriage at the rounding up chapter.  Yes, I can freeze frame my HongShi atm and call it a happiest ending and me beyond happy, satisfied a shipper/voyeurpeepingtom.

This needs no translation. 

YH has finished his share of taping and squatting at the side of stage, watching his SS singing.  A treat to the fans there, who snapped him really closeup, his full concentration on what else.   Then ShiShi grabbed him lovingly on stage, holding his hands, he's shy but immediately showing his fanboy#1 status and sings along, waving encouragingly.  At the end, they bow to the audience tog, still holding hands, towards each other (reminding me of the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony) and obviously SS' hand is showing blatantly how she doesn't want to let go at the end.  Shishi, I get it, you can't live without your YH, and you have to sing it looking to his eyes words of '你的笑你的好,是我温暖的依靠 (Your smiles, your goodness, is my warmest reliance…), YH vice versa for the world to see.  I applaud your guts and bravery as sweethearts in love. *tears, oh sweet tears*

!#$%^*&&%$~  What set this ship apart fr the rest for me is how this, THIS blatantly public display of marriedness comes across to me as they r already holding it back, and the very next second they may just go horizontal and kiss the bejesus (and other unmentionables) out of each other.

I had a hellish busy morning at work and it took me forever to finish the 30 min clip.  It's presh and cute and fun like all HongSHi outing, and ShinChan is uber boyman charming.  But if very short on time, jump to 23 min mark.

Shishi is making a general comment on what she wishes the audience will take fr BuBu, when she gets to the point of wishing we can all laugh, be happy…experience the heartache, pain and cry along, she can't hold it all in and gets emotional.  Immediately after her comment, she and YH exchange loving/knowing glances at each other at the exact split second only significant others can and YH snuffs her out, 'you still can't mention said scene'   HE tried mightiest to laugh it off with her, but that serious concern, achyachy let me bear ur pain in his eyes, the keep looking back at her, fake playfully finger pointing , all tender loving care, slaysslaysslayssss me.  *I counted 4…5 times he tries to smile and looks away, part can't bear to look coz it hurts him so, but yet has to out of concern for his SS crying. HELP ME!*  AND SS turns and tries to not cry in front of the camera, but only at her LaoYuan…and his so soothing, sweet, all serious and tender "沒事" 'it's nth, it's ok' to SS….. *tearshappyhappyshippertears*

OMG! HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! I need hugs, happy hugs!

And then Shishi tries to carry on with the convo but is tearing up too much.  Host relay the SS Q to YH, he chatters on, and did he say most memorable scenes for him….are the ones with SS, the exact ones she's tearing up about and still too paintul to talk?!?! OR AM I DREAMING THIS ALL UP?!?! *DONT WAKE ME!!*



21 thoughts on “BuBu (or I should be honest, HONGSHI) mania just claimed my soul

  1. I’ve lost my inner squeeeing voice over the vid of them singing!!! *yup, still replaying whenever I can* Loverboy KNOWS ALL THE WORDS! and the song wasn’t even out for a month, no? HOw many times have that sweetest gooey dude listen to it?!?!

    and I just notice they r gazing at each other at that line of your smiles, how good you are…. is my warmest faith( my brain is sooo gooey a mess I cant think of a word to translate 依靠)

    haha I’m not sure if LB has given up, but I’m sure they’ll find a way around her, she’s just not in their/YH’s league of smartass!

    Happy wkend dear!

    1. To be really honest, I don’t ever want to see HongShi as an onscreen OTP ever. IMO the best sexual tension is achieved when the actor and actress are NOT dating. Notice there’s a pattern when an onscreen couple start dating IRL, they suddenly lose that initial spark/chemistry they once had on TV. To be really crude, that’s because they’re already sleeping together and hence have an outlet to release their sexual tension. Prime example is Deng Chao & Sun Li who denied their dating status for ages until they were about to get married.

      1. lolz, I do agree to a point but for different reasoning. I have a very strict division btn peeps I ship in dramas vs RL. tbvh, I don’t even ship peeps, even friends I know v well and wish them get together. That is absolutely none of my freaken business whatsoever, so I still dun really get the whole hoopla of drama CP shipping….other than HongShi (but it doesnt count as I am bored of them onscrn as a CP for the nth time)

        I just think for a RL CP to have matchy repertoire and skills and talents AND to have that elusive of most onscreen chemistry is a needle in a haysack, harder to find when they have been messing around in the hay! I revered the acting profession, it’s an artistic profession first and foremost. I dun expect RL heart surgeons who are a RL CP to be exactly the same performance wise in their profession. So when u r involved in RL, it takes another set of complex skills whether to bring ur own intimate interaction in, some habits, mannerisms of which u may not even aware of in your utmost privacy AND acting as a CP as different characters than ur own self. I don’t think LSS will ever have that set of skills in her, EVER. I do like her, but it’s all comparative. She’s very pleasant to my eyes, and it’s not based on her talent as an actress, but more she’s not bugging me in any possible way on scrn and off, whereas even as much as I rave/fangirl YM as the most talented lass of her gen, her sucking in Goong acting wise (and choice of project…) and her gross PSs r not sth I can not notice and rant!6$!%&$%# I do not care for LYF, I find her losing her ‘goddess-ness’, plainer and plainer the more I see her on screen (the lack of screen presence/personality) and horrid in skills.

        I don’t have an aversion to RL CP acting on screen as OTP, but I’ve tried to pull my hair out but still I can’t find a pair that I can rem sizzling on screen. Maybe CJB and ShuiLing? I would also vote for Tony and Carina but Tony is too smart and serious and GOOD to attempt such an almost failfail endeavor. Tony and Maggie?!?! 😉

        1. Here’s what dangermousie said: “And what can I say for Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi as Yang Kang and Mu Nianci? If Hu Ge/Ariel Lin are sweetness and friendship and joy, they are all tormented dark passion and dependence and the edge of sanity. Their chemistry is off the charts. I have rarely seen anything in dramaworld to match it.”

          As for me, i’ve never seen anything in the dramaworld like YK-MNC in LOCH08. Which means they weren’t dating during LOCH08 days. Period.

          1. the YK-MNC of LOCH08 is the making of a Louis Cha LOCH fanfic writing fanatic first and foremost 😉

            Yup, I don’t think they r dating back then. I can’t believe they don’t have some feelings for each other back then though in RL, esp LSS.

  2. GEEZ, I went and lurked in W. Peng’s weibo…he’s like THIS close to not keeping his lid close…and also that Mr Ho fr Mango, why is he posting a pic of HS stealing a glance at each other in front of EVERYBODY at the presscon and writing this kind of sappy meta?!


    HAHA the amusemt in HS shipping is that we all know, they all know, everybody knows and yet they still make us all spazz.

    Frankly, I’m still unsure on what’s on that crazily complicated brilliant mind of YH. I dun see as drastic a diff in him in diff stages of their ‘relationship’ as LSS. Yes, I do see SS being special, esp on how predictable he is just now, tting Kevin in TVB tone after SS’ (and the world united @ing him, totally expecting him to follow SS’ footstep as closely as he always has)

    1. You know Mookie, there’s something so appealing about a devastatingly hot guy (who probably has a million women hitting on him in real-life and is so experienced in flirting) going all so tender and ga-ga over his girl. Sigh…*stars in the eyes*

  3. The way he said “沒事” (it’s OK) so tenderly in that split second, means he’s probably said that privately a zillion times to her….horizontal.

    1. muahahahaha!!! You are possibly true. That or u live under their mattress.

      jk aside, I’m still not with out doubts they r not at that stage of relationship. I’ve opposing view of religious doctrine/propriety of no sex before marriage (and that righteous lecture…meh!) BUT because they r so openly PuppiesRainbowsUnicornsCUTE and flirty and genuinely besotted they seems still in the sweetest earliest stages of courting/infatuation. Their biz is very brutal, imo YH is extremely practical and meticulously thoroughly thoughtful in this dept and he wouldnt/couldnt start anything that’ll jeopardize their careers and in his case his passion in life. haha I joked (not really) they r married lately because I’m constantly shocked by their loveydovey intimacy of the most romantic newlyweds played out in the open. IF I don’t put it that way, I dunno how to aptly describe what I’m reading seeing hearing fr the interviews, fr their weibos…fr the insiders around them.

      I mean, imho, if they had a physical intimacy and in sth stable for a while, I just can’t imagine this lvl of longing, the can’t get my eyes/hands/thoughts off you and only you behavior in presscon, in Mango taping of all places.

      1. Here’s a fan-taken video of YH blocking LSS during her wardrobe malfunction in an earlier press conf.

        I was wondering why she couldn’t hide behind one of her onscreen OTPs. WHY does he need to step out of line to block her, LOL.

        1. THEY. ARE. MARRIED. (may not be legally, but they r romantically conjoined) I dun need no more convincing, NOPE.

          I’m still catching up with that hilarious weibo prank/PDA they put up last night. GEEZ HongShi, sweeties, plz give us and writer Peng a calm, peaceful night’s zzzz, I can’t stand the ridiculous sacchariness of them without squeeing myself deaf EVERY subsequent tt.

          1. Just 4 more days to BBJX! I so love YH’s 13th Prince from his solo trailer – he knows Er Yue He’s bios inside out (he has long proclaimed Er Yue He as his absolute favourite author) so I’m so looking forward to his interpretation. Although Nicky has palmed 4th Prince role, it would have been really interesting how YH would have handled Yongzheng. Stupid Yumama got the TV remake rights to all of Mr Er’s bios, I feel sooo :MAD:!! that just on this basis alone, we can’t ever see YH in an actual Er Yue He adaptation – and that’s his favourite author!!

            Don’t worry Mookie – I very much doubt he will ever work with Yumama as he definitely won’t want to get banned from Xiao Bai Lou (TR’s HQ at Hengdian) to see his SS. Did you see pics of him by fans visiting Xiao Bai Lou over the weekend, with even pics of him at night bouncing his basketball? Obviously he’s been staying there all weekend. Hey, there were NIGHT PICS!!! Heheh!

            Awww…Tangren press/promo events won’t be the same without him! I just think whenever he’s there (like with LOCH08 and now BBJX), the promos are so much more kickass. The HongShi singing at Behind The Story has more than palmed YM’s solo on the same show. Frankly even for Tangren’s most promoted series, CP3, I can’t recall any interview/event which was memorable – they were nice to watch but still cookie-cutters of other press events of other shows. BBJX promos were…WOW!

            I can’t figure out whether LB is a good businesswoman or not. Doesn’t she know YH can be a very valuable ASSET?!!



              O GOSH!!! O GOSSHHHHH! I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about coz it’s raw and hurting and bleeding (myheart) and ranted to you about how absolutely pulverized my heart is when YuAhole is rehashing my all time Cdrama first love Yong Zheng Dynasty (and his KangXi and his QianLong) and I went and read all the novels after gushing and gushing over the dramas OOOO MMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! That is equivalent to how I wept tears with YB raping my LC’s Smiling Proud Warrior (absolutely my fav piece of fiction ever since 12) and it’s absolutely a double whammy of horrendous pain.

            2. and *sobbb* am I too hormonal+emotional being quite melodramatic over how bouncing his bball at nite in XBL?! As if he’s missing it soooo baddd and dun ever wanna leave but have to?! *sighHHHHH* sucha hopeless romantic you Loverboy and it’s insanely infectious.

              imo LB is a silly twat in RL, I dun think she qualifies as an evil bitch *again imo to be devilish, it takes brains and madskills*…She does have a passion in this biz, but without the brains, the effort and time spent r wasted on stupidest futile endeavors. TR really lacks ANY promo/PR intelligence, and here’s where YH is most precious! What he did for BuBu just his wits and cute, with ZERO $ spent, spun out such entertaining witty daily dramas @ weibo, it’s amazing and unbelievable, never obtuse, offensive, OTT (opposite of what FengMi was doing during Goong) I actually would kill to see them Bubu cast and writer Will as a reality show and forget about Bubu the drama proper, swear. It’s clear as snow he’s the gel that holds the whole cute cast tog with him genuinely close and caring to everything and everyone. Even as huge a drama as LoCH08 for TR back then, I didn’t notice much impression in the mass media even counting HG’s terrific accident and the death of their TR friend. And they are doing a LC, a huge ass deal and they have Ariel, and YH got tonnes of chatter despite the controversial altering and STILL he’s a newb soysauce guy in the biz 5 years after.

              I understand she has limited resources coz I do feel she has a bottomline in standard most of the time unlike Yu. BUT instead of allocating it to the golden smartgoose YH, she’s putting it all in one basket to her little swan SS.

            1. To state the blatant obvious truth, William has REPEATEDLY weibo’d YH must be tting in SS’ place, no way SS is weiboing out of her own fingers and typing ALL of them words yesterday and today. HAHA I just read a Conan the detective red bean PI-ing the timing and WHAT he used to weibo last nite and concluded he’s traveled the 3 hours in btn his set in WD in the afternoon to where SS was shooting in Elephant Mt and them using phones over sweet (possibly candlelight~) dinner and yup, they are attached at phones/ipads/hips….

              Gosh let me just get this out of my chest for the nth time YH, SS, the HongShis are all sooooo presh!! And they make all the peeps around them ridiculously cute as well.

  4. Kinda late, but I love you guys!

    I caught on the HongShi ship a little late, but man I soo adore them. I’m so glad I found your LJournal. All these 411 and BTS and gushing is super awesome even if I’m behind!!

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