Deep, deep sinkhole of TVB addiction (part1)

IF this is what it's like being possessed and need exorcism, I'm hugging and loving that little poitergiest owning me, screaming DON'T GO while spewing canto vomit (so maybe I do need help).  For the first time in my entire HKer life, I'm sucked/obsessed/slurping up THREE TVBs: Ghetto Justice, The Other Truth and Life of Omission.  It's life sucking. (I'm dropping Other Truth, it's just not as good and I dun have the time)

Ghetto Justice is turning my cold snarky heart into a gooey mess .  Kevin's LA Law is a revelation .  He takes everyone, critics (my previous camp) and fans(my TEAM an ep in) alike by surprise how perfect he's for the role and he has my vote for the best actor award. I just LOVE his Law Ba to bits.  The dynamics of show, in some ways work like, Hero the adorable dorama.  LA Law (whole name Law Lik-Ah) or his ghetto nick Law Ba (the queen/king of butt) is a barrister, dress like a construction coolie and works pro bono at a community center in the urban squalor ghetto ShamShuiPo in HK.  Of coz he has a colorful, successful past and he gave it all up for mysterious reasons.  OTP Myolie's Wong SiFu isa green smart and sassy lawyer fr the 'hood but aims high and mighty working her way up the ranks and out of ShamShuiPo where her Mom still works at a foodstall there.  She has a status symbol of chamber in Central, but this is all going to be shaken up.  I love it's 20 eps and not a min of drag, typical arcs of a case every couple eps delving deeper into all the side characters, all are charming and lively.

Pervie me is posting caps of the makeout btn our OTP, of coz.  But GJ's crown of glory is LawBa and his pitch perfect, entertaining lively lines.  Bravo writer!! Wow, I'm still in shocked I did not, for once, ever physically headdesk in a recent TVBdrama.  WOW!  Can I just have a glimmer of hope TVB is back on track to be watchable?!  or is it 2012?!?!?!

LA's idea of gifting: grabby kiss on roof

4 frames later, they scrambled into his office's pingpongtable/desk.  Lady on top and aggressor..not for long….

I dun really get the C interweb's rage on the TVBslang.  These classic lines r in our lingo, I speak those words everytime I talk in Canto, so I dun get the special hilarity our cutest BuBu gang was poking fun at specifically at Kevin (got the CUTE of coz haha). But it's like that old hot bowl of chicken soup Mom makes on a rainy night hearing Myolie saying, ' Dun be silly, we are both adults'  Following LA's 'Are you going to take responsibility (of last nite?! *pleading eyes*  A classic for the morning after.

And yup, it's not morning after in a light TVBdrama if dude is NOT in girl's frilly top:

Round 2 (or 3, 4….)

And this scene got me misty! <333 AWWWW Police car, about to be jailed (in her place)


4 thoughts on “Deep, deep sinkhole of TVB addiction (part1)

  1. I checked out 3 eps of Ghetto Justice and didn’t enjoy it that much? Think I was averse to the plot and execution (the way LA Law handled the cases just made me LOL). Maybe I’ll get back to it someday, because I remember having enjoyed Kevin’s performance in that short 3 eps. So honest and vocal in all amusing ways possible. Never thought of him as a serious actor, but this changed my perception a bit.

    1. I’m smittened 1ep in! So maybe this is just not your cup of tea. 😉 This is more a drama of a great ensemble of characters. I find the lines spiffy, sharp, lively and pure nuggets of colloquial gems. I rem most lines of LA but cant rem much about the lawyering. Same as my love for Hero or the TVB oldie File of Justice 12345.

      1. I actually liked the characters and their dynamics. But then I guess the lawyering parts bugged me. Will probably check it out again sometime in future. Peepz keep telling me that The Other Truth’s way better but then I haven’t had the time yet T___T

        And Hero, loved that drama to death. The only Takuya drama that I liked. hehe..

        1. Ohhh! I’ve heard exact same opinions of TOT>>>GJ but I am disappointed with OT. If u have prob with GJ’s lawyering, OT is much more aggravating (for me), maybe coz there’s wayyy more court scenes. There r things offending me. Actually it’s OT and its raves fr too many friends and fam that started this whole timesink of checking out GJ and LoO. Here I am! @_@

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