Deeper TVB drama sink hole: mainly Lives of Omission spaazzzzz and picspam

I watch LoO Live, then DLand rewatch. FIVE DAYS A WK LAST 3WEEKS.  I may v well lose 3 years of my life fr the screaming and flailing and NEXT EP NOW DARN IT!!!

My oh MY, other than the very few Lakhorns skimmed, I've always considered TVB liberal in Asian dramalands, with everything, incest, fauxcest, sisters falling for one dude, pedophiles…all kinds of taboos, sprinkled here and there nowhere near trope status, without the fanfare, bells and whistles.  I've seen hot smooches, rollings in bed, french kisses… All in good fun and never too sensationalized and made a bigger deal of, respecting the storytelling.  But LoO has one OTP sooooo hot, everytime they r sharing screen, they kiss and/or carass and we know they go horizontal after the jump of scene, and ANGST, majorly HKgangster love angst…  And the recent TVB ladies on my screen, all strong real women, not nec kickass coz they dun need to prove nth, absolutely no wimps allowed.  I honestly think HK is a rare place where gender is quite invisible, all things considered.

I dun care for TVB dramas, for decades, there's maybe 1 every couple years that I thoroughly enjoyed and kept rewatching. My fav of ~10+ yrs (since I haven't been living in HK) have FIVE on list: Old Time Buddy, Detective Investigation Files I/II, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, War and Beauty and To Catch the Uncatchable. A thing that's absolutely bugging me still is the lack of decent actresses.  I'm asking for decent in looks and passable skills, not thespians, but it's HARD.  I've just lost sleep over Ghetto Justice, no regrets, while it's written with sooo much heart and love and charmingly acted by Kevin ( a changing my opinion for him night and day perf) and most of the ensemble, my allergy of Myolie is blaring 20 eps long.  I made peace with it since she's playing a 'sassy/bitchy/typical' HK gal.  Main win is her Kris has truckloads of chemistry with Kevin's L. A. Law and I love them characters to bits, despite her migraine inducing line delivery and uncontained facial spasticity. 

Fala Chan, the other leading lady in clearly the forerunner for the best TVB drama of the year Life of Omission is my type of cute.  Her Canto is trying, she's sweating bullets in efforts and I commend herbut I NEED C subs to get all her lines, she's only an alright actress with the role written with her limitations in mind.  But sadly she has little chemistry with Michael Tse, our leading man, playing the nth reincarnation of Laughing, amusing a character and I did check out Relic of an Emissary because it's a VERY loose timetravel spinoff of the hit  E.U., very normal TVB style of milking the golden goose. Kate Tsui, can't stand her self-aware screen presence, BUT again her sizzling, clothes flying off bodies next second hot bothering panty twisting chemistry with Bosco is……….Have to see to believe!

First scene they shared:

backstory: He paid for her Law Sch, to the extreme of joing the triads to have her dumping him.  She deposited part of the 'loan' in his acct after hearing he needs $. he wants no simple monetary installents.

' I need the money debt repaid by your body, it's like paying a whore to me'

*Cardi gone in 0.1s!* 'Fine, as long as I have nth to do with you after.' hmmmm it's HOT DIRTY ANGSTY VENGEFUL SEX w/ BOSCO!!, U SURE?!

And they both reminisce that fateful breaking up WHILE sexing. How he missed her call of her terrific news landed an apprenticeship, beaten to pulp and got his limp, and his crack possession. She then refused to be his lawyer when he needs her most in fear of jeopardizing her career.

It's wrong and messy and they r in hurt and pain and rage, but it's impossible to not ship them.

Especially when while putting on clothes, she said, 'Why are you so angry today?  Did you do sth dangerous again?' SO, this is NOT a ONE time thing!
And he cuts her to size reminding her she's the 'debtor', him 'creditor'

This is fr ep3 of 30.  The rest of the screen time is full of twisty edge of seat twists and all sorts of awesome.

ie scorching bromance of Michael Tse and Bosco:

They look at and touch each other like this all drama long *fanning BL fiend self*


4 thoughts on “Deeper TVB drama sink hole: mainly Lives of Omission spaazzzzz and picspam

    1. U know I’m pervie and posted that hottest scene of while drama;) it is more Infernal Affairs wannabe than soft p0rn. But I think u’ll enjoy the angst and how mire messed up this pair is even later on.

  1. Give us more Laughing and Bai Co pls! I actually love their interactions more than anything in the drama. And of course, the twists and turns (no matter how ridiculous they may seem).

    Fala and Michael have lil chemistry? I actually think they have loads and buckets of it (prolly due to my Mic bias hehe). And their dynamics have changed, which makes me a happy shipper! :DD

    I used to like the Bai Co-Paris ship more (for the above reasons of course!), but then slowly the Madam Jo and Laughing pairing took over? Gimmee more of those smooches and make-out sessions, I’ll be back in a zippy HAHA

    1. See, whassup with me?! Usually TVB is synonymous with ridiculous but I find them twists decently laid out.

      Yeah, M. Tse is more one trick and tend to OTT for my taste. I find Jodie+Laughing written well as an OTP, but the physical acting is not as believable, like i should be much more fanatic about them but I’m just involved just by the movemebt of their arc as opposed to their synergy esp comparing to Kate+Bosco. Kate is awful (imo) other than sharing a scene with Bosco, maybe that got my attention more…or the fact that I find Viscosity ridiculously haawwwttt! Haha

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