Why are you perfect?! WHYYY?!

YH did a promo interview with PPTV.  I've watched it 3 times, first just droolzing at his handsome and gorg eyes and can't take in anything else.  then his soothing lovely voice. IT's the 3rd viewing that I can not be too distracted by the pretty, what he said, as always, perfect and me squuuueeeeeing.

My fandoms always collide and mesh and have been pondering on the wonders of our world haha.  I was dancing and jumping in front of phone when I saw Faye replied Loverboy's tweet just couple days ago. He's her fanboy.  I like his taste!

Then he mentioned Nicky Wu.  I'm not the hugest Little Tigers Team (his hit boy band in the early 90s) but 青蘋果樂園, the first EP/CD YH got as a boy after his mom took him to some gymboree dance playgroup and that's the song he danced to.  I can still sing it!  GEEZ

And he talked about Er Yue He *fainttttttt* I didn't grow up a history nut.  and his books on the big 3 Qing Emperors  KangXi, YongZheng, QianLong are must reads if u r remotely interested in Qing history.  have been fangirling and rolling on floor how magnificant books they are since I got hands on them. They are the pinnacle of excellent historical bios….and added fuel to my whole Qing frenzy.  *and I'll forever and ever hate that aholescum for many lifetimes who is going to rape them into pieces and pieces of dog vomit he/she calls 'dramas'*  *PUKEE*

HE SANG TOTORO SONG FOR SHISHI TO CHEER HER UP WHEN SHE POPPED A PIMPLE!!! pimple is cutely referred to as 'doudou' (ie beanie) ToToRo sounds like DouDouDragon.  Can you be more CUTTEE?!  OK, I know you can.

This needs translation, but I need to run. Later!


Host: BBJX…LSS, Nicky, Kevin, Annie…blablablablabla will begin its broadcast September 10th on HuNan TV and PPTV, and PPTV has conducted interviews with the leads.  Today it's Prince 13, YH's turn.  YH is experienced in playing well known characters successfully before, but when he's heard he's playing Prince 13, the free spirited, charming royal maverick.  His pressure is palpable.

YH: We are a product of our environment and our nurturing and experience.   Charisma of Prince 13 is of the rarest kind.  He's not your typical dashing, rich boy born with a silver spoon.  He's a Prince.  He lives in the palace, he has every bit of the royal aura, schooled in the elitest royal education, yet he lacks all the conformity of the ruling class.  He's one of a kind.  He hates the status quo, he's a visionary, a reformist.  Although he encapsulates everything desirable in a royal prince, his sight is never in the court.  His heart is at JiangHu (the commoner's world). There lies his free-spirited charm. I think this is the hardest to flesh out in my character.  I feel very stressed over it.

Because I've read a lot of fiction on this exact period of the Qing dynasty.  Actually in many novels, Prince 13 is said to have this same personality, but each piece of fiction will have slightly different anecdotes.  The more you read, the more you'll fill in the blanks and visualize a much more rounded character.  Gradually, I've absorbed what's talked on Prince 13 and have an interpretation of him, and it's always progressively different.  When I read ErYue He's Kangxi Emperor, Yongzheng Emperor, there are a lot of pointers on Prince 13, helping me understand him better.

Host: In BBJX, most of the princes have romantic entanglements with RX, Prince 13 is the only person that truly bonded with her platonically and knows her the best.

YH: That's very true.  Really, what we coined 'platonic love' between a man and a woman.  It's particularly rare.  Even in RL, it's extremely hard an occurance *ok, I refuse to admit I'm delusional, but I see Loverboy misty at this exact moment 2:27! *  We can talk about everything and need no compromise.  We can be as direct with all out thoughts.  Why don't the others get RX!?  It's because she's a moderner!  She's transplanted back in time several hundred years back, it's normal for everyone to not able to understand her.  Even in our day and age, if we are talking about a 10 year time lapse, a lot of our thoughts are drastically different, let alone ~300 years.  The difference must be extremely huge.  That's why no one is able to get her.  But 13 is…in RX's words: an antiquity with a modern mind.  Back then, there are sets after sets of societal rules and stuck up moral compasses 13 wishes to break.  He can see pass them all and not judge a person accordingly.  How free-spirited he is, how much he can disregard the societal burdens, these are lacking in the rest, therefore he can understand the mind RX.  He is capable of letting go of the rules and hence have a clearer, purer view of RX and many other things, including romance.  He doesn't possess the strict doctrine of womankind has to follow Confucius moral injunction of obedience towards your father, husband and son and the 4 virtues [morality, charming desposition, eloquence/propriety in speech and an able hand in womanly pursuits(eg needlework)], be faithful and loyal to your one and only husband.  He thinks nth of that.

Host: Although 13 has no chance of sharing a romantic scene with RX, but YH has a very memorable love scene in BBJX.

YH: I have very few romantic scenes in the drama.  Only a tryst with LW…when she left… She's been by my side for 10 years, during my imprisonment/house arrest.  After my jailtime, the monarchy is ours, but she doesn't wish to affect me in any way, because of her questionable upbringing, she left me.  It left a very deep impression on me.  Because 13 has never thought of fighting for the monarchy, he's simply living as he wishes, help out his big brother 4.  Finally, Bro4 has his throne, the whole world is under his/our feet…yet our loves of our lives have left us.  This pain, is very hard to digest.

Host: Before BBJX, YH and LSS have collaboration in several projects.  On the set of BBJX, they are very close and always joking around.

YH: Yes, we joked around a lot…all the time.  We made up many nicks for her.  Because…on the set, the one who's most tired, under the most pressure is she.  Our drama, BBJX is the story of RX.  She has the whole drama on her shoulder literally.  We alleviated it by joking with her, making up nicks for her.  Like DouDouLung (pimple dragon) when she has a zit (it phonetically sounds like ToToRo ie YH's weibo avie/his fav thing) and we'll sing the theme song of Totoro to tease her. *HE CHIRPSSSS TUNE OUT!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*  I guess, when it happens, she really gets into the mood of time-travel!

Host: Nicky Wu is known by everybody in the post80s generation.  YH is not an exception…..

YH: Fate is a very funny thing.  I've never been properly trained musically.  But back when I was just in grade's school, my mom sent me to some dance classes for kids.  It's just an excuse for the kids to play around.  The song accompanying the dance is 青蘋果樂園 (fr Nicky's boyband Little Tigers Team). That's also the very first album I've owned in my life.  I was a kid, I didn't even know what's an album, but that's the album my mom bought me.  It's still back in my home…. I've told him.  It's sucha funny occurance. This person is standing in front of you in flesh, and he's playing ur bigger brother.  And he really feels like of a bigger brother, my bigger brother.  He'll take care of everyone, our daily routines, what we eat, where to play and relax, he'll take care of it.  At work, he'll think of every member of the cast.   From what I observed on set, while acting out a scene, I may not have grasped my character completely, not as good as he grasped MY character, he'll give me pointers of what my emotions should be at a specific moment of a particular scene.  He will discuss it with all of us on how to act together producing a perfect scene.

Host:  In the drama, YH has a lot of interactions with his sisters-in-law.  He's branded 'SIL lover'.  YH admitted out of all his SILs, he likes RuoLan (Prince 8's concubine) the best.

YH: If talking strictly in the drama, I should like….*sigh* this is too hard, all my SiLs are TOO good.  But if I have to pick, maybe RL.  Very gentle and kind and considerate, very comfortable to be with.  She is a very gentle soul.  She uses her emcompassing love to conquer a lot of happenings in her life.  I think this is something very feminine, a womanly quality that is very warm and attractive.

Host: As he's getting older, YH wants to grow and improve.

YH:  I'm getting old.  I want to take things more seriously in life.  No matter if it's work, love or family.  I figure I need to be more serious about many aspects of my life.  There are many things I've yet to try, like singing, or I've tried my hands on hosting/MC.  Even writing!  Many things are piquing my interest and they are all very fun.  But what I love most is still acting.

Just another point to prove LB is a sillytwat.  YH wants to write, I bet he can write a better script than any of LB's writer minions. Again, her HUGEST loss in career EVER.

22 thoughts on “Why are you perfect?! WHYYY?!

      1. I’m just checking all the tieba threads. OK, he’s filming Princess Taiping in Hengdian, then drove 2 hours to Elephant Mountain and weibo’d on LSS’ iPhone (as confirmed by Sharon Hu) with William Peng until 2am, then drove back to Hengdian in the morning to film Taiping.

        Man, he sacrificed his sleep & rest just to see her at Elephant Mountain – and she’s only filming there temporarily. She should be back in Hengdian by the next week. And he hasn’t even yet added the weibo of his legit OTP on Taiping set – Alyssa Chia!

        There IS a significant change in him Mookie. I don’t remember him seeing LSS outside of work last year, much less going out of his way to see her. In fact, he spent most of his time in Wuhan and filming projects outside of Hengdian. Sure, they glowed when they met for CtW press events bcos they probably don’t see each other much outside of work, and they definitely didn’t glow as brightly as now! He didn’t even visit her during Strange Hero filming, and I don’t think she even wished him Happy Birthday last year.

        1. It’s sooooooo sweeeettt, this romantic dude! Maybe he will be done with Taiping’s shooting by next wk?!?! HAHA we r both very sure he took up that Taiping for the sake to be physically in WD and near a certain someone, TP looks shiteous tbh.

          I do think they do keep in touch, just maybe not seeing each other, and they are still testy, I think they made a lot of very careful consideration what they r doing now…but now that Loverboy is not with TR, he’s FREE (it’s more the guilt and lying I think he feels if he dates SS and TR has a no dating policy btn employees) and with his witty way of getting around things, LB can’t do shiz about SS. Afterall I doubt they can write it into binding contract of no dating whatsoever.

          So how is William involved with them?! IS he the scriptwriter for Bubu? I only know he’s scriptwriter and with Mango. haha he’s been leaking more and more blatantly they are a pair. How he commented they are still ‘acting’ fr his observation these few on a cap of YK/NC glaring at each other with the HOTTEST despise/hatred at their very first meeting in LoCH08. LOLZ can I interpret it that either 1. they have not despise/animosity btw 2. They way NC/SS trying very hard to feign nonchalance is such an act?

          1. William Peng only got to know the BBJX cast when BBJX was bought by Hunan TV. The BBJX scriptwriter is the same as Yang Men Nu Jiang (one of the early TR series when TR was just LGL & friends, no LB). Plus Tong Hua is 100% behind the scriptwriting effort.

            1. Now I’m amazed how come he’s soooo extremely close to YH in particular. HAHA it’s a known fact what he had taped up must be sth concerning YH (and SS) I’m convinced!!! And they dun really mind him hinting it everywhere and yet they come up with this cutest WB spamwar hahahahahahahaha

              1. Hey, the media was buzzing about our CP way before the BBJX interviews. See http://tv.ifensi.com/article-382930.html


      2. Hi, I’m new to livejournal and love your blog! Wow, Shi Shi is so soooo lucky. She has a devastatingly handsome guy so romantic, caring and touchingly sweet to her. Yang Mi and Liu Yifei’s boyfriends are nowhere his match in looks, brains and personality.

        I’d be totally moved and fall head over heels even if a shitty-looking nerd does to me what Yuan Hong is doing for Shi Shi.

  1. Yo mookie!

    Did you see YH’s response to the Anhui satellite station’s LSS bashing (calling her a pirated copy of LYF in order to provoke publicity for their own show that’s airing same time as BuBu)? William Peng and K are all “whatevs, we’re not gonna get into a shouting match with u,” and here’s Lao Yuan swooping in:


    You can just feel the righteous indignation and protectiveness over his girl behind what he wrote. I’m swooning over here. Seriously.

    1. O LORRDDD, I didn’t know that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read the scummy that Anhui sat.TV posted on their webby, !#$%^&*(&#!@`

      I’m in a constant melted gooey state (sorry it’s gross a visual hahahahahaha) with everything he’s did for Bubu and ultimately for SS these days. even in this PPTV interview, how concerned he’s with SS’ well being, feelings during filming and obviously every moment….no words. I mean of coz it’s standard to talk about the leads in these promo interviews, but usu it’s still coming fr the interaction btn urself and the lead and how well u work tog, get along, blablabla…ie what he said about Nicky, very buddy, friendly terms, BUT with SS, he’s going above and beyond, saying he be the jokester so as to ease her intense emotional toll on the set, poking cute fun at her, a 30 yo dude singing Totoro not just to make her lol, but in an official promo vid. He’s pulling all the stops to make Bubu’s promo the best it can be, for what?! for the love of the drama?! he’s just a minor role here, he didnt even do half as much for dramas he’s playing lead, and who’s the key benefactor if Bubu is huge?! SS, his SS.

      *siggghhhh and awwwwww* I haven’t seen a more hopeless romantic outside my fluffy romance novels.

      1. Oh MAN! For a long time I was swooning over FSF’s touching romantic gestures to Yang Mi. But YH sure takes the cake! The fact that YH is drop-dead gorgeous compared to the dorky FSF, makes the HongShi romanticism 100000X appealing.

        This is beyond fluffy romance novels. It’s one thing for an average joe (FSF) to be beside himself with joy at ensnaring an yu jie, but another thing when the guy is devastatingly handsome and gooey all over his girl. To be very honest, LSS is pretty with her own charm, but I’d consider LYF drop-dead gorgeous, not her. YM is gorgeous in a kickass way – somehow I always see her as a badass biker chick, haha!

        But it’s LSS who has the most devastatingly handsome hunk crraaazy about her *swoon*

        My feel is that they’ve decided to become openly bold about their feelings bcos LB keeps wanting her artistes’ public personas to be single and available. E.g. TR put out a statement that HG was with just a platonic friend after those airport pics with XJN broke out in the media. Though HG later admitted to the media that he’s in a relationship. I think they are all rebelling, hahaha!

        But yeah, the way he’s going all out of his way to promote LSS even in his own promo video! I do remember the very first press conference last Dec when they announced the casting – YH looked kinda unhappy, LSS looked stiff with all that fake smiling and kinda unhappy. And it was revealed later that he was reluctant to participate in BBJX. If he was as goo-goo-ga-ga over her (as he is now) at that time, he would never consider refusing to take part in BBJX.

        So I’m convinced…something changed significantly between them during BBJX filming.

        1. I find all those openly FSF/YM CPing PDAs very yikes!/oily/ewwwwwww/fake/fabricated haha but that’s me. I just dun buy it any and all of it, they r trying too hard.

          LYF was extremely gorgeous to me as well in all those LC adaptations, or even CP1…but since then she’s slowly ‘come down to earth’. I guess it’s mostly the fault of Chinese Ghost Story. I find her screen presence in a movie very lacking and bland. I do think LSS will have the exact and worst problem, and I do agree LYF is prettier than LSS, but I no longer see the resemblance in features. LYF has much stronger features, more almond eyed, much fuller lips, but that also contributed to the more I see her, the more I got fatigued.

          YM……………… As I’ve said along, she’s a terrific actress wasting her time in shiz…but her face is beyond help after wayyy too many PS. Her PS is totally getting into the way she can do certain calmer faces. what a PITY!!! But I do still hold the opinion her terrific acting way outweighs her look, potential untapped.

          I think, this is all my crazyhead talking, YH has always have sthsth going on with LSS, but he’s also a very meticulously cautious and thoroughly thoughtful a person. Around the time of CtW, I can sense he’s quite frustration with TR and his career, so it’s not the best timing to start anything romantically. AND although I think he fits the role of 13 to a teeee, I’m disappointed he’s not getting the prince8 role at least, being a TR artist, he doesnt even get dips in a Guy2 in one of their hugest project in years. I would be bleeding and puking blood if I’m in his shoes, so that aspect alone, it’s totally understandable he’s reluctant to participate in BBJX. HAHA and can my HongShi soul be dancing more crazydance and meta MAYBE coz he’s getting the role of 13, and he can only play BFF with his SS but NO kissing and bedding AND he has to witness her kissing and bedding his toddler idol Nicky and it’s too much for him to take in?! And it’s also the time he’s made up his mind, final straw CtW to leave TR for good. It must be a turbulent time for him and any relationship he is involved in, may it be with fellow TRers or anything romantic (imo he has sthsth for LSS since LoCH)

          1. LB became all bitchy after that interview he did with tencent and claimed that he was the one who rejected the No. 1 male lead in BBJX to film a modern series.

            No freakin’ way an Er Yue He fanboy will give up a chance to play Yongzheng. LB’s such a born liar. I remember during CP3 promos she removed YM’s character pic from the CP3 Taiwanese posters. YN’s fans demanded an explanation from LB and to cover her own a$$, LB put the blame on YM’s management company saying that they were the ones who refused to let TR use her picture for the Taiwanese promo ads. C’mon, even retards can see what a stupid lie that is – which company in would want to refuse public exposure of their own artist?? And c’mon, CP3 is a TR production, how can she blatantly lie that TR doesn’t even have any control over their own ads?!

            Sorry for the rant here – I’m a big YM fangirl. AND of course a major HongMi supporter.

            Anon 2

            1. LB is the silliest airhead in her position in the biz, EVER, guys and girls included. Her foot in mouth syndrome is beyond help and she’s TACTLESS. I really dunno y she can get to her position with her inaptness with words. I’ve watched a few of her clips talking, nth impressive, I’m not going to buy anything coming out of her mouth meh.

              Just curious, as a hotblooded YM fangirl, what’s your honest opinion on Goong? (u dun have to answer, no worries 😉 )

              1. Don’t worry, lots of YM fans (myself included) are in agreement with you that Gong’s an unforgivable disappointment and wasted the potential of FSF & YM. THOUGH I’d say CtW wasted even MORE of YH & LSS! At least FengMi had substantial screentime and a waaaayy better developed love story. Calling YH male 1 in CtW is a complete joke with Edwin Siu having 2X more scenes than him. But then again, YH was probably more than happy lots of his scenes were cut. My guess is that he rather have ALL his scenes cut from CtW.

                Gong’s a so-called “period” that pretends to be add some “modern” elements which are abandoned quickly and without reason! It failed majorly to bring any real emotion so YZ throws in some Meteor Garden rip-off – how did the actors manage to get through this without pulling their hair out?!! Not to mention Kangxi is a complete buffoon easily duped like a seating duck. And to think I used to respect Ken Tong!

                Anyway, in any case, YM sucked up to YZ as she was being blacklisted in the industry by LB. I’m confident she has put all that shiz behind her and moving on to solid projects like Hua Pi 2 and Ru Yi with Hawrick.

          2. Well, I hope he gets on a more stable course from now on. He seemed so lost last year. I was following some tieba and tianya threads where certain insiders said he was dating some girl not in the entertainment line and then later Ms Xie. But all in all being playboyish and smarta$$, nothing romantic. And then there was his palpable discomfort during the first BBJX press conf to announce the cast.

            But since BBJX and getting cozier with LSS, now he’s REALLY romantic!!

        2. Frankly, I’m giving LSS a chance in BBJX only because YH loves her so much.

          Plus no matter how badly treated she was by LB, YM still proclaimed her support for LSS during her March birthday wishes.

          1. I’m a bit taken aback by YM. I do like her guts, but same token this is a cutthroat biz she’s in, I don’t think she’s 省油燈. I’m not saying it’s not genuine, but she’s much smarter and everything she says or does is not as simple as it is. If it comes fr LSS, then I won’t doubt any agenda or what coz she’s truly a simpleton. I’m really quite turnoff fr all the milking of FengMi on her part just for promo sake. Goong, she sold out, but I don’t mind it if she just did it for the $$$ and fame and move on, but she milked it and milked it as if she’s proud of what she did in it during its broadcast, that’s poor judgment and taste.

      2. So sorry Mookie, I’m going to make you RANT again.
        于正1978 [新浪个人认证] :白天跟@白冰 念我#笑傲江湖#剧本里某人对令狐冲的一句话,忽然感触良多,比写的时候还感触:我不会陪你到老,陪你到老 的一定是个傻女人,让你看着她的脸变皱,看着她牙齿脱落,而我要你永远记住我最美好的一面,为此我宁愿忍受 一生的孤独!(猜猜谁说的?等我慢慢笑熬浆糊)明天北京见!

        This is the ONE TIME we want YZ to cast YM as the No. 1 female lead in his drama (SPW adaptation), and he casts Bai Bing instead? I guess she’s under YZ’s management. So it looks like rumours might be true – Bai Bing as RYY and Mickey He as LHC *PUKE*

        My dream LHC-RYY pairing would have been HongMi. ooohhh!

        1. O…. YZ’s SPW is the DramaThatSHOULDNOTBEMENTIONED. I’ve lost my ranting/swearing voice when I’ve heard of MH as LHC a few days back. I dun wanna spread the horror by talking about it. It’s tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo painful and I keep swearing out loud atm.

          I SWEAR I’m not NOT watching this YuPoopTM extraordinaire unless I want an extremely painful torturous suicide. I’m actually relieved YM won’t be YYY. *phew* imo BaiBing is extremely pedestrian in looks and talent, plain and forgettable. and Mickey He is nightmare inducing at this point just the thought of him, and I’m sure I’m this close to an exorcist green vomit experience if I have the visual of what his LHC will be like.

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