Pretty pretty post

If you can hear some crazy hollering of 'MY PRECIOUSSSS~!', No, that LoTR didn't replay itself for the nth time, It's me, throat going gone sore of unmentionables I did to my screens.

*psst: Loverboy, u just got yourself a whole imperial palace full of wifeys, concubines, gfs, and even bfs claims @ weibo.  These NOT helping the wildire.

ahhh BIN~!!!

MyBinnie will celebrate his big 3-0 running in a charity marathon as Marine KTP. AHHHHHHH, why are my biases sooooo freaken perfect and awesome?!?!?!??!
I'm planning to do my little trailrunning and think of him every tree of the way, hard to not pic his longlonggggg legs seeing those trunks, u know?!!!!

12 thoughts on “Pretty pretty post

    1. Have a sweet one yourself dear! ^^

      I bet we’ll see binnie swarmed by masses and masses of ppl at the marathon!
      Kyo’s new trailer looks good, I can see how she’s immersed in the role and is even more natural and at ease….but it looks quite melodramatic, is that the movie with KDW?

      1. Mookie, BBJX is electrifying AWESOME!! And you’re right, YH is having electrifying chem with LSS in every scene. He really shouldn’t be around when she’s with her legit OTPs (Nicky & Kevin). Already I swooned over Ruoxi’s first meeting with 4th Prince. But when YH’s 13th appears in another encounter between 4th and Ruoxi, he takes away all the chem!


          haha I am happily droolzing at his caps already and was going to wait till I have time to binge. I can’t keep up with the 2eps/day schedule!!!!

    2. It’ll be good to see Binnie again.

      No, Jan. The one with KDW was just an omnibus movie about 30-40 min, while this one is new and a full scale movie, her co star is a 15 years old girl keke…This is a human movie about forgivness and a melodramatic one.

      Have a nice weekend Jan!

  1. Hopefully lots and lots of pictures of Binnie from the marathon 🙂 Would he be wearing shorts, you think? No, no, banish all perverted thoughts!! Hihihi I feel a bit sorry for him though, spending his birthday doing an official event. That’s always such a drag. But it’s not like he could spend it with friends and family anyway if he wasn’t doing the marathon, so it’s ok probably.

    1. He’s a sports nut, so I bet his idea of a bday celebration will be batting balls or golf and running in a marathon should spare him being bombarded with camera’s an inch fr his face WHILE he’s sprinting at least! XD

      Yeah, I dun think he can get away with an official days off just for bday so this is a nice change of pace fr the Marines on his special day, doing sth special he likes. ^^

      1. Well obviously the photographers should spare him the face shoots and focus on the legs! lol

        Thanks for the info on the bday. So swwet counting the time with mommy too.

  2. Why is it 30 and not 29, do you know? I’ve been wondering since Binnie mentioned it in the Taxi interview, that he’ll be 30 this year. He was born in 82, right?

    Wah, so many question! Bianhe 🙂

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