Happy Moon Festival

One of the perks of growing old is….you keep adding things gone and yet it's not gone when you are holding it dear to your heart closer and tighter…and you know it'll stay there safe and sound and forever when u r not even aware of such a memory, a piece of pure love existed in your consciousness when u were younger, let alone it's sth this precious.

Moon festival for me is Grandma's house, a whole balcony of lanterns waiting for us to fight over. Star fruits that we'll only eat that night, tasted BLEH but totally cute, we'll poke the seeds out and do our moongazing thro the piece of star in our hand, sometimes poking out a smiley just for silly kid fun.  Mooncakes, the only kind with lotus paste and salted duck yolk inside all moonlike. Literally a hundred dishes of food.  Red candles and we spent the night lighting every one of them, in our little lanterns, on every surface.  When I watched Tangled, that's what its visual of that final scene reminded me of.

It's much older that my fond memories have faces of my family on them.   As a kid, all I care was the food and the toys and the sparkling candles, but it wouldn't be complete without my mom and my dear nanny lighting every candle for me, and putting them off when I'm tired of my rabbit lantern and I want the spaceship one, then the pagoda one….  I bet 99% of the time my eyes r fixed on the shiny pretty toy du moment, but I've secretly horded glimpses of their faces, unbeknowst to myself, lit by the candles, their eyes fixed lovingly on us kids every second.  And as the years grow, these glimpses are more and more vivid and glowing.

My nanny passes on yesterday after a long battle.  RIP my other Mommy. 🙂  I know you are in a much better, peaceful place and you will enjoy your new digs.  And no need to tell me that's you living with rabbit and a hot carpenter on Moon when I can't take my eyes off it tonight.

It's also Leslie's birthday.  Here he is serenading to 2 of his most beloved, his Mom and his OTP Mr Tong.  To the Teresa Teng's classic: The Moon Represents My Hearthttp://www.sinosplice.com/learn-chinese/the-moon-represents-my-heart

Full of warm cockles of tears?  How about a smile you can't wipe fr your face?

It's YangMi's bday!  Happy bday my fiesty girl! LSS wishes her gf a sweet happy birthday, with a note of 'Ganbette/Add Oil Us Both!!'  YM lovingly weibohugs back, 'TY my forever MeiMei/little sista, my darling! Cherish our best! LOVE<3 YOU!'  
And YH join the girlloveparty.

I do know it's shamefully greedy to wish for YangMi to be in the vicinity of WengDian for her bday.  But what I'll happily give up for a twitpic of my OT3?!!!!@!!#!5!@% *of coz greed knows no bound, that CAN be made better by a pic of my OT4 HG+YH+LSS+YM…and yes hugging and MLing in that order*

It's been 10 years and our world has been pre/post since.  RIP, In our memories, forever. Love and Peace.

6 thoughts on “Happy Moon Festival

  1. And immediately after the birthday wishes, he lets out his “LSS is mine” beast again:

      袁弘:@刘诗诗 Tequila的姿势很标准
    刘诗诗 :那是!也不看跟谁学的!

    Happy Mid-Autumn mookie! Eat lots of moon cakes!

    1. Thank you! Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you too!!

      I have a time diff with them, my day is their night. And last 2 wks, every single day, I wake up, before I brush my teeth, I have my phone with me and EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail, they give me this kind of sweetest lovey doveys unimaginable and I’ve been out in the world spotted with the most ridiculous moronic craycray grin all day since.

      Sth like this, and all day, all occasion.


      1. It’s not just our lovebirds but recently Guo Zhenni. And William Peng continues shamelessly. To be honest, William revealing YH was using LSS’ phone to tweet him until the wee hours is way too much info – I felt embarassed!

    1. LULZ I saw it too many times to admit. it’s soooooooo witty and snarky and CUTTTTEEEE. Kitty is angsting about the angst of a BL CP addict. HAHA I can’t properly translate it, it is swearing her hearts out in her cute voice, a whole sling of rhetorically questions, spilling tears and blood and @#$^&%

      hehe the lines that got my roflamo and still in tears is
      ‘CP fans r salt-baked chicken without wings in their past lifetime, right?!?!?!??!?!’


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