A preview of HongShi ie BuBu’s own Daily Variety: We Got Married

I absolutely am above the brink of my threshold of CUTE with HongShi.  It's like they r united in tickling me to roflamo!@#%$^ nonstop and relentless and now I'm begging for them to PLEEAASSSEEE stop and just let me catch a breath while I'm gigggling to an ounce of my death.  Even if BuBu sucks stinkily, I would still be forever grateful for the new heights it brought CP fandom.

If you haven't tuned in the cutest show HongShi: We Got Married on weibo for the last 2+ years.  Last year they did a BuBuJingXin special.

Just some pretty pic highlights of the 'story' so far:

They have been spoted in dozens of CP outfits throughout the years, to spice things up, I am a witness to them coining PDA is CP Totoro handwarmers.

Waxing poetic sour grapes holding up a blossoming twig while his SS is romancing Prince14

See, if it's YH tweeting this and writing a jealous poem over it, expected.  This pic is posted by the official TR Mr Photographer.  A poem is first waxed by the genius of the wardrobe team:  I've a twig of blossom, rooted in my heart…quietly, speechless..me jealous.
a repost fr my previous entry then:
YH: In his embrace while I carass the flower branch, 'OMG!' I
whimpered in my heart. Why is life always cold and cruel?! I turned my
face, own tears I wiped.

(I split sides)
BETTER yet, his adorable fangirls kept the haikuing going
fangirl 1: Time and love waits for no man, in reminisce, she's still your Babe (LSS's nick is Shi-bo/ 'Shi-babe')
fangirl 2: Bald head, red (YH's nick) eyed, big lightbulb (third wheel). Babe will enter your dreams… your tears she wiped.


It'll take MONTHS of me staring at public display of affections amongst my coworkers IF they r openly dating and giving gf a loveydovey massage in front of my eyes…and I bet I'll still glance, and scoff.  No one in that pic is giving HongShi a passing glance.  *and let me squee a bit seeing Qiao Hui the cutest fiesty little maid ever, <3333*

Lunar new year's greeting, like for Christmas we send out cards with a photo of our lovely fam, for YH, what else but a SS pic huh?  and wishing the world a Happy New Year IN THE PLACE OF LSS!!!  *really horribly shameless you, YH!! kekeke*

hmmm, we caught YH recently blatantly using SS' phone to weibo, conformed by a TR stafflady AND Mango cable's writer William Peng (he's quickly ascending to my fav TV 'variety' writer ever, sitting right next to PD Na of 1N2D *sobbb*), so this maybe a habit long going on, just never caught as red handed.

The infamous morning after CP identical breakfast posted by LSS.  YH was in his exact same jeans and sweater combo as the BuBu presscon the nite b4.  *I bet they do listen to my banshee chants and got a room that night….*

And that BuBu promo thingy of pure gold HongShi *that female being hovering around, I call it an eyesore*

So happy newlyweds at their wedding banquet, YH can't hold it in and gushed how pretty his SS is on weibo. AND his SS gushed back how handsome her LaoYuan is and none of his usual playerish flirty banter, just an all serious, most caring, well wishing she'll get to HengDian safe and sound and will make her 4ish am workcall.

Then the holding hands singing which needs no more mentioning (or I'll be looping that vid till 3am tonite)
And his genuine spilling of love and care and concern for LSS in every mentionable interview he's done.

And it's the premiere of BuBu last wkend that give them the guts to come as blatantly open as a CP, and their HongShi: Hello BuBu fans! We GOT MARRIED is born.

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “A preview of HongShi ie BuBu’s own Daily Variety: We Got Married

  1. I didn’t think they were anything more than close friends during CtW. I’d say they got together only during BBJX, as confirmed by William Peng & all tgeir colleagues.

    1. I always think they have sth more, maybe not exactly aware of cognitive of it but didn’t think/dare go that extra step…kinda like what RX and 13 has in BuBu.

      I can’t help but meta with the themes of BBJX, being the fault of time and the missing and longing and not belonging…that theme song, in my head it’s a HongShi song, but maybe a hopeful and happiest future?!

      Either way, I guess prompted by all the circumstances of YH leaving TR, and SS so immersed in her role RX, things cleared up and the hindrance or hesitations r no more. No matter what’s ahead of them, at least they are having a sweetest memorable time tog and for us to SQEUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE our lungs off everyday.

  2. Suddenly she’s throbbing with intense chem with ALL the princes in BBJX. I didn’t see tgat in Strange Hero. I can only attribute the change to being more at ease with a man (i.e. Her Lao Yuan)

    1. Surprise Surprise! Seriously, I do like SS, not exactly as an actress but she’s pleasant on my screen. She has serviceable chem with Wallace in Strange Hero, but here in the tiniest scenes, she’s so pitch perfectly aflutter in different ways towards each individual prince.

      But it’s ridiculous, although in all seriousness I’m shipping as the drama wants me to be scene fr scene, but come a 13RX scene POUF!! Instantaneously I’m snapped out of the story and going NO FREAKEN WAY THEY R NOT KISSING AND MAKING BABIES NEXT. They are too much.

      As a shameless YH fangirl, I think he still nails his 13 exactly as written, fleshing it off the pages, BUTTTTT he’s too much electricity in his eyes whenever it’s lying on SS, not intentional at all, both as the character 13 or the actor YH but it’s blatantly there.

        1. Can’t be help since everyone is in the know that’s what they are doing in real life. How else can you explain him using LSS phone to weibo William Peng in the wee hours of the morn.

  3. hihi! I’m sucha horrible HongShi shipper comparing tomthe sweeeties at spcnet and the baidu dearies setting up a fan’bar’ for the CP. it’s like a little slice of sweet heaven, every time i visit there, and wikk turn any cold hardened soul into a gooey mess believing in L.O.V.E., whichever kind we want to define what they r having, all over again.

    In all seriousness, it’s not hard to conclude if u read his weibo he’s been diligently wittily writing, YH is the true dreamboat, very 13-esque, super loyal and loving to his dear ones.

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