BuBu costume P0rn

I still can’t properly spazz on how insanely much I <333333 BuBu.  I’ll start with sth usu at the very bottom of my list of things I care most in dramas: clothes.

I do care, I’m annoyingly nitpicky over tiniest things, this is usu not a factoring yay/nay by a long shot.  In BuBu, it’s clearly just an amazing pretty glistening cherry on top of the most gorgeous YUM cake.

I fangirl ONE C/HK drama/movie costume designer and she’s Shirley Chan.  There’s nth she’s touched that’s not memorable to my aesthetically untrained eyes.  Fr Chinese Ghost Story to God of Gambler to even Young Yang Clan (I must say the costumes and YH’x YLX r what kept me watching the whole thing) plus so many iconic Stephen Chows in btn, I admit even in wayyyy too awful to stomach dramas like CP3, I watched way more than I can stomach just because she’s the costume designer, that goddessy sparkling white getup on YM is still one of the most awe-inspiring visual I’ve seen.

I came across the dedication and extreme lvl of thought, the artistry and craftsmanship put into the BuBu costumes and it literally made me cry. 

*weeping tears of pure joy*

The front of one of RX’s robe

The fabric has the flowery pattern wovened in it, and the embroidery is added on top of very inch to signify the understated grandeur when RX is living under Prince8’s roof.  The gold buttons r fr the period.

We haven’t seen this yet, but this is a favorite of mine, the robe RouXi will wear at Emperor’s KangXi’s funeral:

‘Ascending to Heaven whilst riding a crane’ is the utmost poetic well wishing RIP in Chinese.  White and Black r the only ‘colors’ allowed, the detailing and the care for the crane facing west (West Heaven = Nirvana).  speechless

Other closeups:

The character I’ve been weeping and sobbing and crying and wailing for the last 2 days is RuoLan *oh my torn bleeding hearttttt*
Peonies are commonly embroidered as a symbol of upperclass, it’s the King of flowers, a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  BUT RuoLan won’t be spotted in its gawdy red (ie the headpiece on archenemy Consort8), hers is done in a refined taste of blue and silver threads, the body is in the branches theme, a good luck for bearing many children, her pick is cherry blossom, a quintessential symbol of tenacity, (surviving bitter cold in high grounds) and elegance.

And her namesake: orchid (Lan) on silk, too beautiful for words.

Prince 13’s OTP Lu Wu (her name literally is Green Weed): Vines and Lotus.  She’s of a lowly Manchurian birth and an equivalent to a geisha. Lotus has always been a symbol of striving and excelling through difficult circumstances, just like the beautiful purely white flower arising fr the murky muddy pond.

Even with a minor role of Consort8 Ming Hui: Her robe is embroidered with wisteria….which can’t survive without clinging to her tree, Wisteria symbolizes a deep rooted love.

Her little bratty sister Consort10 Ming Yu has persimmons and its flowers embroidered all over:

Persimmons is a symbol of good luck and with the embroidary of its leaves and branches spread all over the robe, it is a well wish of bearing many children.  However, persimmon is a tree that will shed all its leaves before fruits ripened in Consort 10’s case, it’s an premonition of Prince10 losing his sheltering fr 8 after 4 gets the throne and yet like the fruit of a persimmon tree, they find a way to fruitation, just like Prince10 realizing how valuable his consort is to him.

And the princes, OMG, their party wardrobe for Prince10 bday had my jaws on floor!

My Loverboy Prince 13 loves cherry blossoms and since he has no desire in the contention for the throne his dragons are embroidered in silver threads instead of the standard gold to emphasize his vigor and strength in character.

Prince 4 literally has all his intention on his sleeves:

(credit: weibos of the wardrobe geniuses working @ BuBuJingXin)


7 thoughts on “BuBu costume P0rn

    1. Huggggg Kim! 🙂 Hope u r having a beautiful week so far. Fall is my favorite season.

      I was this close to major in fineArt… I can never ever look away fr Art. This drama I’m totally obsessed is totally overloading spoiling my eyes with the gorgeous and depth. How can I ever not nitpick others now?!

  1. BuBu costumes

    Hi just found your site when I was doing research in to the clothes of the tv series and OMG thank you so much . Just one question it may sound strange but how many layers went in to each costume that they had to wear ?
    i am also quires about the hair styles and the gold bar that goes through them , what is the back ground info on them do they show status ?
    sorry if this is a long rant , i have looked every where and i cant even find the basic info on the dress of the time period .

    thanks for any info
    xxxxxx Erica

    1. Re: BuBu costumes

      Hi Erica!

      Oh, I’m just a mere shallow fangirl of the pretty! But let me babble on a bit in a proper post on stuff I read/steal fr weibo.
      I bet none of the historians r truly happy with any TV adaptations ever of the Qing. It’s a ~300 yr rule starting fr ‘occupation’ of the Ming dynasty Han by the Manchurian, the dress of the time evolves quite drastically.

      1. Re: BuBu costumes

        ohh thanks for the post it helped a lot , what about her hair styles ? and the shoes , as i love this period of clothes and the tang period , i know 2 different periods but i love them both and i cant find any websites that describe the basics that went into a daily dress .
        thanks xxxx

    1. Re: costume pics gone

      I’ve paid photobucket just now for a pro acct, but apparently it’s screwed up.

      Oh well, that’s all I’m willing to fuss with it. It’ll pop up again next month I think.

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