On BuBu songs and my most intriguing Prince

Unlike some of my dear friends, my favorite is not the beginning theme song but the ending one:

(credit to the uploader and translators, thank you~!)

I find the lyrics and melody much more wistful, melancholy and befitting…and poetic without trying too hard.  It also helps it's the background music to TWO lovely, most romantic snowy scenes I've ever seen, here's one (first min or 2) fr ep4:

I'm firmly on the 4RX ship,  he's the only one who genuinely loves her.  Prince 10 is too 'naive' /dumb to truly understands RX to any capacity, it was a puppy crush, nth more.  Prince 14….his feelings are out of pity and feeling sorry for her later on.  13 is a playboy at heart who will never get married anyways, no truer words. He treasures what he has with RX much more than the ordinary love btn a man and a woman.   Then 8.

What I love most about 8 in the book is how hard life's been to him of not much fault fr him all along….even as a prince, yet he strives and makes the best out of it and well adjusted…EXCEPT in love.  If you don't love him for the love he has for his One True Love alone, you r not human.  I'm in sooo much unspeakable pain for him and RuoLan I feel like crying when my tears r barely dried watching any of their clips.   In the beginning stage of the drama, I can see him possibly picking his lady reciprocating his love for her over the throne….but shit hits fan devastatingly too early on and he has way more luck in throne vs romance.  His feelings for RX sparks by him reallocating his bottled up intense unrequitted love for RuoLan, transferring it squarely on RX..hoping it'll stick and desperately gets what he craves the most (next to the throne, and power), he is fully aware of her having girly butterfly jitters for him.  RX knows and even without this huge doomed start, HIS doom fr history is daggling always over her head.  I'm most fascinated by Prince 8 in every form of literature of that period I've read.  So what ship does that make me, to be specific?

It doesn't stop the 8RX ship fr being breathlessly romantic, just not even close a competition with the 8RL burning ship at this point.

And Loverboy retweeted a popular C literary blogger 刘建同学 (who's absolutely enthralled by BuBu) Her lovely insight on WHY RuoXi is clicking as a timetraveller heroine is brilliant:
=就像所有穿越的女主,虽然无法抽身,但因为有先天的不归属感,旁观的心态总是不由自主的冒出来,而且往往都是死过一回了,那么,那种内心的强大,就更是无可比拟的,无论遇到怎么混账事儿,都能有随时跳脱的理性和机智,很妙的生存状态!怎能不有趣!fr 《儿戏”也要认真》刘建同学
'Just like the rest of the time travelling heroines, she can't escape, but because of the innate detachment (to the society she's forced into), she can't help but be an observer on the sideline.  Especially when considering most of them had near death experiences (causing the time travelling), the inner strength and tenacity gained is unimaginable.  No matter what absurdity is happening around her, she can survive it by her quick wit and objectivity!  How can this be not intriguing??!?! '
[her original blog entry in Chin: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48a51d300100ufp1.html%5D


And the ending….to be very honest, It doesn't matter if RX's OTP is 4 or 8, I don't really care for OTP living happily every after in this genre and especially in this story.   BuBu is an angst fest, an extremely good one, it has to be. It's meant to be.  IMHO it'll be much more cohesive and impactful if it kept the book ending and don't sweeten it up for the sake of the shippers/audience/ratings…and be true to its color till the bitter end.  I have tears, seas of them ready for disposal and put to fine use at any prince's notice.


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