I’m drawing KC hearts

Confession, my hubs, BIL, many of my friends r schoolmates of KC.  O' the years, I thought I've known more than enough here and there about the dude  But I've the KC/Eight virus bad and so asked hubs of more:

1.  He's tall and v handsome in highsch (exact words fr hubs mouth).
2.  He plays bball….very well.  And goes back to his highsch to play bball with them, just like a regular dude.  no air whatsoever.

And there I stopped him, I can't fangirl him more.  I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Miss writer TongHua (ie Mother of BBJX) is blatantly on her weibo a fangirl and she rec'd 《与敌同行》 Last One Standing as a must see.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen 2 mins of it and it bugged me to no end.  YoYo Mung and Roger Kwok: extreme allergies.
But I'm so in love with TongHua and KC.

*off I go dl*

*sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb* things I suffer for LURVE!


3 thoughts on “I’m drawing KC hearts

  1. LOL, several BBJX fans are observing that 13th seems more romantic with Ruoxi than with Lu Wu. Busybody William Peng had to tweet a reply, “That’s because 13th is YH, understand?” Mr Peng just can’t get over his delight at catching HongShi red-handed during that weibo night!

    In the book, Ruoxi & 14th had the most ambiguous relationship. But in the series itself, I’m finding that Ruoxi & 13th are the ones with the ambiguous relationship, and I went back to read their parts.

    It’s been mentioned in the book why 13th & Ruoxi didn’t fall in love. 13th was scarred by the tragic death of his mother and hence developed a playboy persona as he didn’t want to be close to any woman. He fell for Lu Wu when she looked after him during his 10 years imprisonment as she was like his mother – kind, gentle and loves him unconditionally. As for Ruoxi, he was put off by her aggressiveness after witnessing her and Mingyu catfighting.

    As for why Ruoxi didn’t fall for 13th, she said it’s because he didn’t love her first. Due to her past experience (in modern day time), she needs the guy to love her first before she can fall for him. Plus she didn’t like his playboyish ways. There was one part where she asked if he has ever looked back at all the hearts he has brokened. That’s why she didn’t want Min Min to marry playboy 13th and get heart-brokened.

    1. I would KILL PUPPIES to have that taped YHpouring hearts!convo Will has on hand! ^^

      I was going to finish the bk (I was half way then jumped to ending when I first read it), but then I got the the mincing my hearts part and decide to just reread as the eps r airing. I find it even more interesting seeing what they tweaked.

      Very very good analysis of the 13RXship!! 13 is totally a playboy, flirting with every female form in sight, in the bk and that’s what I based my opinion on YH nailing 13. I dun think he’s overdoing the eying with hisLSS/RX, it’s exactly how it’s written and they even toned it down (eg that saving damsel fr pond, right with MingYu scene), every single glance YH’s 13 thrown LSS’RX way, it’s written even with more description in the book, he nailed every single one of them precisely as written. *haha it’s more SS not being able to deliver EXACTLY what the novelRX’s emotions r with his electrocuting glances and hit ons*

      RX needs a guy to love her and her alone, 13 is the opposite of that, he’s so against any confinement, love/romance and more so marriage is a cage I doubt he’s entertained a desire to enter, let alone be ‘trapped’. I THINK, as least in the novel, IF RX reciprocates half his comehithers, it MAY spark him to have notions of sorts, but she is the one that’s firm on the platonic.

      I mean first and foremost, ZhangXiao is SO not looking for love in the KangXi court, it’s survival. 13 didn’t pursue her more than being flirty and playboyish, and as u said fr her past experience, she’s toughened up to keep her heart locks and keys fr him esp.

      I dun see 13 LOVING LuWu in our modern day definition of romance even in the book, it’s an extremely comfortable companionship, soulmates he needs most, and yes, she’s his caretaker, nurturer more like a mother figure.

      1. It’s ingenious to have YH as 13th (if he can’t be either of the two leads) because that was the exact state of his real-life relationship with LSS pre-BBJX. Being in the same company + his soured relations with LB must have prevented them from stepping over the line. I do remember reading rumours that he was dating someone outside the entertainment circle last year.

        Well, they have a lot to be remember from their time BBJX. I really think BBJX filming is when they really crossed over the line in RL.

        I wonder if LB is shell-shocked at them being so CP. She looked so sourpuss during their Sohu date, but she did give her support/encouragement to LSS trying out cooking coke chicken for YH.

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