The HongShi Show: We Got Married! @ BuBuJingXin

[That night, Elephant Mountain ie freaking middle of nowhere, last YH evidence in the nearest civilization: +3 hrs, things present in some pitchdark secret lovenest: YH, LSS, LSS' phone, device that can set up a weibo acct, snacks tonnes of sustanence for hours confined.]

YH: SS….SS…stop….we have…things at hand………. need to put a lid on Peng.  he's more damning stuff than his daily shouts to the world we're married.
SS: *Tsk**pout*, let me call up the sistas (speed dail a few TR ladies, Nicky, KC, Prince14+9, Consort9/Peng'scybercrush…)
We need a list.  *grab her grocery/snack list pad*

1. start dummy weibo acct for his RL wifey, if he doesn't put his lid on, we'll paste his Consort9 love declarations
2. YH: gather the whole BuBupsychward for a 'dinner'  LSS@ the person 1mm fr her *scary side glance* No need to be smiling all silly with the thought of seeing the pretty SiLs.

3. LSS; ask KC out for 'tea' *drawing eight hearts*  YH @ the person 1mm fr him:

Nicky will be the general, making the battlecalls.

Round1: Peng makes fun of how lazy SS and Prince9 r as weiboers. LSS+Nine both warn him they've united in stance and have tiny hearts for misforgivings.
Round2: Peng calls SS a witch, repeating Nicky, forgetting Nicky is RX's OTP and EMPEROR.  Nine, our pretty serpent, (fake) kindheartedly warning Nicky to soften the name callin, indirectly at that little writer/PD on way to cyberguillotine after he shouted no truer words: YH is using LSS' phone.
Round3: SS works in her flirting with KC, asking him out for tea while Nicky is off on duty in YunNan.  KC draws back hearts.  YH: SS, enough woman!  *off he goes faking he got a call fr SS, all sorts of warning hinting Peng's miserable demise in near future.*

The busybody Peng steps right into the trap, insinuating Nicky of their (both RX+8 and RX+13) blatant flirting: Fire in ur backyard, Nicky~~~! + he screams at the top of his lungs:  YH! U R Using LSS' PHONE~! There goes another TR lady who can't keep shush about the newlyweds and she goes on and reaffirms the Hongs r using the same phone….ie they r honeymooning, in the middle of nowhere Elephant Mt, middle of a starry starry night.  *think YLX and Wifey5 and the fireflies*

Our Mr and Mrs Yuan had their last straw, off they go setting up the account @IAmMrsPeng where the sistahood all pitch in and will post evidence of Peng's infidelity…with our innocent lady of unwanted adoration Consort9 joining the party.

The night ends on Peng flying his white undies, crying to sleep, begging Mrs. Peng to never be near any electrical device.

I don't know how the night ends for the Yuans.  * I sorta know, but I can't say :X*

[All seriousness, I made up maybe 5% of this sillycrap I just rambled on, swear on my binnie socks!!]

HongShi WGM! @ BBJX  investigative file for the day:

[credits: all pics fr weibo, thanks to the dear HongShis *muakkkk*]


10 thoughts on “The HongShi Show: We Got Married! @ BuBuJingXin

  1. Oops, sorry for posting this in a HongShi discussion here, but I can’t help but fangirl HongMi in the LUX mini-movie!
    Part 1 – LUX mini-movie

    Part 2 – LUX mini-movie

    Here’s the BTS vid of HongMi goofing around:

    They are such an AWESOME onscreen couple *LOVE*

    1. Hey dear~!!! Wondering where u r with ur HongMi updates! ^^ I do ship them on screen.

      Yup I’ve seen it too many times and I love their effortless chemistry, esp at the end. HAHAHA but I’m not alone in thinking…hmmmm Ian must’ve timetravelled back to Qing to be 13 all these years!

      *sigh* seeing them goofing around, my thought is, how sweet a gooey bear Loverboy is as a guy friend, he always let the girls do whatever they want with him and never ever have a temper.

      1. Awww, Mookie! Xuanyuanjian cast & crew are in a much further away location now (Lanzhou) which is only reachable by plane, too far for YH to visit now. So YH couldn’t help LSS answer her weibo questions during the recent open weibo chat with fans.

        And I totally heart Nicky’s answer to a fan’s question, do you love your grandson Wu Ah Ge? (i.e. Alec Su who played YongQi in original HZGG – I’m a silly original HZGG fangirl). Nicky said, yes, he’s my most beloved child. *swoon*

        1. There’s no more romantic guy on weibo as YH to hisSS. How much do you have to care and concern about your love to ANSWER her weibo questions for her?!?!
          *sighh* SS, really, if u dun grabbyhands on your LaoYuan, it’s really a pity.

          And this is coming fr someone who NEVER EVER ship anyone RL!!!! ARRGGGGHHHH

  2. LSS has come a very long way since Mu Nianci in LOCH08. The amount of chem she has onscreen with ALL the princes is unbelievable. And she seems a lot more comfortable with the onscreen kissing. I can only attribute this to the fact she’s doing the real making out with YH. There’s a major difference between a total virgin (LOCH08 time) and now in the way she’s acting so naturally with her onscreen OTPs.

    1. O *BLUSH* I’m just being silly playing all this trans of their weibo…I don’t think we should go into too much details into their private lives as is. ;P haha I think she’s perfectly comfortable kissing YH in LoCH08, but this intensity and sparks all around is the result of everything clicking with BBJX, script, directing, acting, so on.

      IMO, BBJX has the best writing so far for SS to really delve into her potential, of coz life experience is a factor. IMO it’s also the best I’ve seen Nicky, KC…and even with such little screen time, YH nails and amazes beyond my expectation as 13.

  3. Hi there, I followed your post from ckoala’s blog. Man, I feel really embarrassed for poor HongShi for being practically caught in bed together! Really, this William Peng guy – some things ought to be kept private. I was following FengMi closely for awhile, and they never got caught red-handed in this manner!

    1. Hihi! No need to feel too embarrassed for these two though ;)It’s all in good fun. They don’t care about keeping it private anyways and they r not too tactlessly blatantly milking it just for noise. They r never too slow in jabbing at Peng’s crush on Consort9. They r going about their usual ways @ weibo flirting cutely daily. YH just half-jokingly used 20+ characters of lovely adoring words to compliment LSS.

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