BBJX @Happy Camp, a HongShi post

I was smiling throughout the whole Happy Camp show,  there's a tiny bit a third in when they r each saying farewells to the rest of the BBJX gang that I can't hold in tears….that and the fact I'm reminded how old I'm able to sing along Nicky AND KC's songs. 

Just need to get this off me unless I wanna carry around a ridiculously grin rest of day.
Better with caps, but dun have time.

We've heard of all the HongShi BTS tidbits taping the Happy Camp show, how he is the one pushing SS to poke Nicky just for a bit more screentime for HisSS…. and the glancing…the usuals.  YH keeps taunting he's in love with his SiLs…blablabla

YH is a jokester, so he's his usual playboy self.  LSS is most telling though, I like this girl, she just comes across very genuine, without any embelllishments.  I dun think any of her lines r too designed.  When she said her ideal mate is someone dependable, can travel with her, taking in the mountains and lakes.

SS, you've done that with your LaoYuan.  If I'm flashing that in mind instantaneously, I'm sure u r not forgetting any of this.

And when she's taking that fake ring fr Fourteen (gosh, what a cutiepieeeeee! ) SS mentioned this is some gift you can't give/take haphazardly.  HongShi dearies promptly posted a clip of them during the LoCH promo rounds when she happily accepted same ring fr YH without ANY hesitation, words of taken aback.  Hearts on your sleeves, dear!

And can any HongShi imagine how the show will be ALL HONGSHI if they didn't write it so Annie has to pick YH and get him off the stage, or else they will only be doing their thing and we wont be able to see/tell Nicky/KC or any breathing thing on that stage?!?!

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