BBJX latest ep: RX/4 shipper heaven

I dun know y 17-20 out, but I have a head on chopping board presentation tmr and I’ve finally mustered a bit of self control a grown human should have so I’ll just fall behind…coz what is 4 eps behind as opposed to 6 tmr right?!?!?!??!  HOW on earth do functional human beings follow Cdramas live?!?!  This is my first rabid exp, and I’m throwing in white flag.

I know I can’t touch it coz it’ll be YH heavy and he’s ridiculously jaws on floor good, I’ve read.  And I’m not tough enough to see him suffer, I haven’t recovered fr the bleeding hole Eight has left in my heart.

Then there’s this scene.  The ep# is all messed up with all the numerous versions floating around, with the leaked eps and so on.  It is RX coordinating a dance for MinMin, her last farewell for 13 in this lifetime and her only wish is for it to be so memorable he’ll rem her for it.  It’s all ridiculously gorgeous and slaying my heart as it, BUT come 1  min mark.  FOUR/Nicky  ZOMG… *speechless*

And I’ve always hold an opinion LSS is a dancer first, actress second, she’s soo deeply emotive in motion, in her dance, it really is a league above the usual actressy posing in the rest, no matter how superficially pretty.


2 thoughts on “BBJX latest ep: RX/4 shipper heaven

  1. Yes, I know I should ship the 4th-Ruoxi pairing. But I still can’t let go of 8th-Ruoxi.

    AND when I saw that pimple on LSS’ forehead, I keep thinking of YH singing doudoulong (totoro) to her, doudou referring to her pimple. It’s like OMG, I’ve seldom come across a guy who dotes so much on his girl! Much less someone as hot as him.

    1. *sigh* MTE! I’m moved to happytears actually when he mentioned it. It’s the cutest most original romantic thing only YH can think up AND do. SS is just the luckiest girl alive at the receiving end. Totoro the movie is already one of my fav and most memorable ones since forever. With this added thought, I know I’ll have an extra smile thinking of HongShi in a future rewatch! ^^

      MTE again on not able to let go of RX8. *SIGH* I’m sooo broken I’m almost dreading seeing 8’s scene And I’m hopelessly in the dungeon of KC fangirling atm. It’s hurting too bad, wound too raw. And worst yet to come. *sob*

      BBJX is exactly why I’m still hopelessly obsessed with dramas. As I get older and more nitpicking, there’s tonnes of frogs I have to kiss and discard before sth like BBJX falls on my lap, and tbh, I’m still in a daze of disbelief how awesome and everything I want and wish and more this is.

      Because, the drama really gives the good novel the respect it deserves, YET it elevates it in the medium it belongs and just give me an exactly as good or better exp. It’s like having the best first bite into a chocolate lava cake, all over again, no diminishing returns.

      The drama adaptation really elevates the Eight/RX ship for me to such a romantic lvl not in the bk. I was on the RX4 ship in the novel, but I’m always most intrigued by Eight reading. I love how Eight is romanticized with his heartbreaking RL past, without cutting into all his other characteristics, yes he transfer the affection to RX, but then it develops into sth else so convincingly and gives RX8 it so much more depth, and of coz now breaking my heart irrevocably *SIGGGHHH*

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