*sigh* I'm so out of loop with TVB dramas but now I'm hawking over a few of them.

I've been looking forward to the time travelling 3 Kingdom most when the TVB 2011 dramas previews were out early this yr, it looks extremely craptastic and as a 3Kingdom anything addict/completist, there's no way I can look away.  But it's been plagued by a lot of actor switches and backstage shenanigans (latest, StevenMa is leaving TVB, so ZhuGe Liang will be Raymond Lam? and Ron won't be in the lead role?!?!?!)

ARGH…I think Ron Ng is perfect for his role as a Densha PCgame fanatic zipped back to late Han when he wants to get back his virtual weapon and there bumps into a fellow time traveller FalaChan, a possible MongKok hooker with a HelloMiMi tat. I want this, nth else.Ron+Fala in slapstick>>>> KennethMa+Tavia :/

So this is POUF~!  T_T

THEN, since my brain is all KC all the time last few days.  This bottom of barrel Boxing King, WANT!!  In general I don't like serious dramatic TVB, I prefer their witty silly slapsticks, but This has KC, sweating, half naked, playing a DADDY!!!   And I don't mind ALL the ladies at all (so rare in a TVB)  Raymond Wong is quite nice on my screen as well.

This is his bode PRE training at the presscon just when shooting begins.   He's promised he'll work very hard to make it much more perfect. *OMGGG*

This is fr the presscon in March

My biggest Q: when will this air?!?!?!  This is the drama KC did right after BuBu in Mar/Apr, and he hurt his back and leg during his stay in CN (for Bubu?! *sob* OhmybleedingheartPrince8!!!)  It's so funny coz when interviewing the guys, Raymond just has his babyboy, so the new dad is talking about the delivery, KC is paying so much attention and asking Q, the reporter lady jokes he must be longing for a baby himself.  keke…then when chatting with the ladies, they r flirtingly saying they will spin up some dating rumors with KC, coz for some reason, 2 of them know he's single, and the other chirps, KC is a good choice, he's very nice guy.  Reporterlady gives them a further encouraging push, telling them he can't contain his want for a baby just now.

Go make some pretty babies KC, you can only own me more by being a daddy to a gorgeous baby.


6 thoughts on “TVB

    1. heh! I don’t personally like Charmaine or thinks she’s pretty at all, but if that’s what KC wants, then SURE. He has enough pretty to make up for the short end 😉 *I’m mean*

      Even for me, who doesn’t really follow the gossip mills heard of their rumors…so is she the one KC’s referring to in the Happy Camp show after he repeatedly asked the ladies most impt of all if they r single and MCHo is curious if he had past exp of falling for someone who is attached?!

  1. Did you see the recent round of weibo comments? LSS has started to learn how to cook, preparing boiled noodles for Kevin.

    YH (her cooking teacher) tweeted that he improved the art of noodle cooking to the highest level (something like that). So this time, Ruoxi is able to prepare the noodles all by herself for Kevin.
    报告家乡人民,热干面已经被我在步步惊心剧组彻底发扬广大了。不过八哥,这一袋是十四侧福晋单独送你的,别 告诉小十四。

    1. But….isn’t 14’s ‘side’ Concubine LilBear/Loverboy’s assistant?!

      I think it’s out sweetheart being his usual sweetness, sending over some tender loving Noodles for his Bro8 via Lil Bear.

  2. Oh man, they continue to be so CP on weibo. YH also cooked noodles for Kevin’s next meal…
    @鄭嘉穎KC:餓不餓?煮個面給你吃吧!謝謝 number 13 送的熱干面!好吃

    1. LOLZ

      Isn’t it quite so very obvious in FAILED reverse psych for SS to be flirty with KC over noodles every time it’s the topic now JUST SO her blatant constant flirting with YH is not AS OBVIOUS (NOT)!! haha

      or I’ll contend with me being too delusional with my HongShi-ness.

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