BBJX 19,20

I flat out cried and cried and cried and cried. 20 min since I’m done, tears still keep dripping. The acting is leaving me in hives, even LSS. She’s improved fr shied by almost all her costars to holding her very own. These last few, she’s scarily terrific.

But goshhhhhh my Eight!!( and Eight+Mom!!!!) My Thirteen!!! My Four!!!! My RX!!! My LuWu!!!! They r all pulverizing my heart . It was just Eight not long ago that ok dreading on scrn, it’s hurting me sooo bad. LAST I was so messed up was Binnie’s DongSu@FoL19…here I have FIVE in one single ep and the list will only keeps adding.

I’m so depressed. So sooo depressed.


15 thoughts on “BBJX 19,20

  1. What? What happened!! Pls spoil! I came from ms koala’s blog but haven’t thank you properly or comment on your many awesome posts!! I am loving bbjx so very much and your daily posts are just cherries on top!! I am biase on prince 4 since I just adore Nicky Wu but am liking prince 13, 14 to.

    Gosh, thanks for the post that prince 4 imagined RX dancing for him. That is just so breathtaking!! he is falling darn hard for him to fantasy abt her. Reminds me of Hwang Ji Yi.


    1. Thank you for the comforting. I can’t go too much into it, I tried to rewatch and maybe cap those heartbreaking parts but I got too misty to continue. TT_TT

      And it’s not that insanely devastating putting it into words, at least my words wont do it justice, coz it’s everything working tog, the directing, the acting, the music, the mood, the lines, the rain…it triggers those tear ducts…all work tog, giving me a subtle, nuanced, most perfect angstiest angst fest.

    1. O GAWD SWEETIE, It’s still hurting me so freaken bad. I’m THIS close to attempt hating Eight…but still, I can’t. That poor poor poooooorrrr soul. In a sense this is what he’s going through as well with RX, he’s THIS, THIS close to turning the love to hatred, and we saw glimpses of his face twisted, uglied in a passing instant of disgust towards her…yet he can’t. When he took his kerchief to wipe off the rain on her face oh so tenderly and lovingly and saying all those words concerning RL, which he’s genuine, but it’s also a leeway for him to express his still lingering concern for her, then that slap on her hand. HE might as well slap it squarely on my heart. I just can’t breathe, I dun rem breathing much in 20.

  2. Sorry Mookie, I’m starting to hate 8th now because of that heart-breaking 13th scene. Our beloved 13th with his oozing charm and eye sexing will be gone forever because of 8th – I find this a much bigger heartbreak than RX breaking up with 8th. To think such a free spirited young man will be broken like that.

    1. I’m sooo soooo depressed over this. And really Loverboy surprise me with how explosively terrific he’s mad at Nine, THEN every freaken second of screen time in 20. That court scene, I am still marveling at how insanely pitch perfect Nicky, Kenneth and Loverboy combined. We r not worthy of THIS AWESOMENESS in acting.

      But Loverboy, a part of my heart died watching that scene, that smile and that determined, noble sacrifice expressed just with that smile and his eyes…gosh so clear and pure and that little hint of teary goodbye to his life as he knows it.

      I’m really really afraid of my sanity going further. I’ve already rewatched 2 eps of Ghetto Justice to give myself a tiny mental break fr this obsession.

  3. I’m loving BBJX so much but I’ve learned my lession so I’m keeping my distance, emotionally. Or trying to anyway, so far it’s working. I don’t want another Karei Naru, I was a mess for weeks after that one. This is also one drma where I’m thanking my stars for not being a shipper….

    1. Where are you at? I’m so far gone fr keeping a distance and my heart safe. I’m so weak an addict.

      I’m not too much a shipper myself really, I’m on the Four/RX ship reading the novel, but the drama is firing up ALL the other ships, things get sooo much more intense every ep after 10, it’s like we are RX, and there’s no escape.

      1. Watched ep 10 the other day, so not far yet. I decided not to watch any raws so I’m going by the subs. The real angst won’t hit until we get to 18-20, right? I think Karei Naru burned me for life so I’m trying not to get too drawn in with anything now. That was too much of a soulsearing experience. Since that it’s only been Conspiracy in the Court and BBJX that have brought me to the brink of the abyss again. 🙂 Come to think of it, these two sort of resemble one another….

        1. O! I have CitC popped in my head when I’m fishing for a Kdrama exp similar, but maybe coz I’m fascinated by this part of Qing history for a long while and in many ways, I know these Princes, I’m MUCCCHHHH more affected.

          Now u’ve mentioned, though I’m not as devastated watching Karei Naru, that’s Kimutaku’s best written drama…and now I can see parallels as well.

          1. To be VERY honest, I don’t think YH is doing the 13th-RX BFF-ness well. YH brought his own interpretation into 13th with all the eye-sexing – I don’t think 13th in the book does that! In fact, I thought 13th might have been kinda gay-like, which makes RX feel comfortable with him as there’s no sexual intent – Ma Tianyu would have done this better.

            Problem is with those smouldering eyes, I keep getting naughty HongShi ideas whenever 13th-RX booze together bcos honestly in real life, I’d go with the guy I feel most comfortable with, especially a guy who looks at me in that manner!

            It’s not just me being biased, but I’ve been reading similar reviews in the forums. This 13th-RX relationship really isn’t as platonic as the book.

            1. We’ll agree to disagree sweetie! Coz I seriously see a lot of looks thrown RX’s way fr 13 in the book…and factoring in how it’ll be visualized and his dashing in an all debonair maverick HAWT! way 13 should look (ie exactly YH’s face) I dun see how else it should look like. It’s up to the bk RX and here LSS to not react to the comehithers. Either that, or yes cast MaTianYu/ a gayer than gay boy.

              My take on bk 13 is a time-travelled Leslie’s Yuddy fr Days of being wild. The bird with no legs and can’t lingeranywhere

            2. Argh, sorry post fr phone in dark and accidentally hit enter. So cont the thought, 13 does come across flirting unbeknownst to him even with RX in the bk, same with MinMin. I see YH approaching both of them in their initial getting to know exactly the same. It does come across as picking up MinMin but he has no intention and care of it coming across as such. So the ‘burden’s of differentiating these 2 relationships r solely on hands of the ladies…and hence my quip LSS should deliver the intricacy. She did so in the drunk scene in 20. When u compare all the 13 and RX scenes, YH has been v consistently constant. It’s LSS finally grasping how to deliver the perfect cadence of nuances and instantly we haveva truly platonic getting hammered scene btn 2 BFFs instead of a hottie and a fangirl.

              Honestly, this is not biased talk, I’m much more nitpicking with my biases. I just think a lot of opinions r formed by us bringing our baggages as well and seeing things without a needed compartmentalization.

  4. Sorry to be so superficial here, but I’m distracted by LSS’ pimples onscreen. And I’m having naughty thoughts – I’m wondering if she’s only started to take Diane-35 now as her skin is so clear and glowing during the BBJX promos compared to when she was filming BBJX.

    1. Sorry I need to retype coz previous one is illegible full of typos *blush*

      When LSS popped a zit, YH will lovingly sing the theme song of his favorite cartoon char Totoro to brighten her day. One of Totoro’s running theme is how nature has its mystical power that is above human’s awareness. Having a zit is annoying to the extreme esp if ur face will be filling up an HD 60″ scrn, but there’s nth much to do about it than wait out its course.

      But to have ur bff who is a 30 yo 6 ft tall hotstud to sing sth quite significant to him, in his Totoro handwarmer, in front of peeps, JUST to cheer u up, over some tiny zits. *swoon* I dunno about LSS but I would say a most sincere little prayer nightly to have a zit a day so long as I have a guy like YH pouring some TLC my way. Just think, every time LSS pops a zit she has that visual and his singing ringing in her ears. How freaking dreamy is THAT!
      My gut is telling is LSS as smart as me! Muahahah

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