Yet another HongShi post

I'm still soo affected by BBJX20, not even another ep of Ghetto Justice lulz is helping. Anybody have suggestions for the fluffiest crazy fluff old or new,  I'll try ANYTHING.

I'm to a point I can't keep up my daily habit of cyberstalking Loverboy @ weibo for fear I'll be reminded of 20 and I'm back to leaky faucet self.  I can only go as far as stalking the red beans, his hardcore fans for some funnies.

And we can always ALWAYS trust our HongShi to the rescue!  Frankly I can't keep up with their cybercaressing anymore, they are doing it daily now, every other tweet that they CAN spin it into a HongShi lovefest, they won't blink an eyelash and will go all out.

@悅來愙棧 is the PD of HuNan TV's 《背後的故事》/Backstory.  This Sunday, they will air the show all HongShis have been waiting.  The one with LSS singing and she grabbyhands her LaoYuan and be newlyweds at their wedding reception, remember?  He maybe new to witness HongShi PDAs, so dumbfounded he's been milking it, tweeting about them several times: 

Here they are on the subject of the HongShi LoCH08 kiss for the NxNth times. Mr PD tweeted the captions for this scene:
4+14: Thirteen, you need to confess!?!  13: It's just a kiss, no?  SS: Kiss? It's my first kiss.  I cried!  YH: I'm a SiLlover, with you btn us,  it's not trivial romance, but genuine exchange of hearts.

*Yeah YH, why dun u just go put a ring on her finger while u r at it?!?!?!??!!?   Oh, you just did with THAT*

And they have been pouring out their cute jealousy watching BBJX whenever the other has some romantic scenes.  Here is YoYo (a TR lady) tweeting an SMS screen of SS and their convo…they r accusing 13 for throwing MinMin comehithers, with the jealousy of them holding hands ON SCREEN shouted out in words.  Frankly LSS lets YoYo post it, AND she retweets it asking for YH to explain (lolz all wifey like). YH fights back with a POEM: Holding hands is not lewdness, Thirteen is not a Pervie, if in Four and RX's place, lips a bleeding is NORMAL!
This attracts writer Peng AND MissWriterTongHua to jab at YH being THE flirtiest shameless flirt. To which Loverboy has to pout and be cute and begging for pity since with their spins the world will now misunderstand a pure, simple boy (I guess he's meaning himself, but that's VERY hard to connect HAHA)

So after the airing of Happy Camp, YH's new nick of SiLlover is all over headlines.  He finally fessed up he IS in love with his SiL(s), but only in BBJX, because there won't be another production in the world with this collection of the prettiest, gentile, caring, loving, lovely SiLs, combined with his own LuWu and his younger sister (they r practically facetwins) Princess MinMin.  '…..Can anyone swear, in all honesty fr the bottom of ur heart, you WONT be in love with them?! *pout*'

This prompts his sis MinMin to jab him with a witty slang: Sister in Laws your behind! ( she uses his own words and 'sum it up' into 'SiL your sis' 'Your sis' is a Mando slang like…F* u), LuWu joins in, cheering on MinMin to just beat the crap out of him.  YH is not going to let ONE chance slip of weibohugging his SS, he follows with: Because of the three Liu sisters (RX, RL and consort10 all have the surname Liu in RL), I'm beaten by both my own Meimeis. HisSS of coz is omnipresent in ANY YH flirting games, again all wifely: 13~! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! With that YH one up her with a gooey 20+ characters of L.O.V.E., he can fake pretend it's all fake just to shut LSS' RAWRing, but we r no retards->YH: I didn't say nth! Just LordShi is talented in both books and dance, more beautiful than a flower, kind, gentle, virtuous, wifely, THE one of a kind, special someone!'

Clearly, this never gets old and he'll never EVER be tired of this oiliness.

This has be ROFLAMO for a good minute!!! haha the joke starts with KC and Annie appearing on a show talking about Cantonese. HKers still uses married name commonly.  So KC said, his wife will be called Mrs. Cheng, 'Cheng Tai' in Cantonese.  Our 14, is one silly bromance instigator on weibo, his one description of himself is 正太/Shota and …in mando 正太 is pronounced as 'zheng tai' so  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA little 14 is declaring he's Mrs. Cheng.  I've always knew LSS is a prankster just shy of YH's calibre, she posted this pic of 14 and KC plays along, Writer Peng joins the party.  AND they follow it up with asking SS to post a pic of Mrs Shi.  I can go the route they are asking LSS to post a pic of herself, but fr how I know the minds of Writer Peng and KC lately, with the winking and all that, it's not too cuckoo for me to think they r implying a certain dude in btn 12 and 14.  I'm not cuckoo  AT ALL!

Have a HongShi Happy Camp BTS:

And u think I'm this odd rare form of HongShi lunatic?  Apparently Sina news is joining me in its headline, Breaking News: a new SiL 'philanderer' is born!

13 thoughts on “Yet another HongShi post

  1. LSS has finished filming Xuanyuanjian. YH is wrapping up Princess Taiping – I’m surprised Zhang Han is actually taking quite a small role as Wu Ze Tian’s grandson who finally took the throne from her.

    Read that YH’s next project is 巾帼大将军 – the director is 田有良 who was Deng Chao’s mentor. He will be playing a prince again and the series will be aired on Jiangsu TV. Another prince! – but he does have the look of a prince.

    I’m not sure what LSS’ next project is, but believe it will be Ballad Of The Desert, another novel by Tong Hua (yes, also under Tangren).

    1. I actually got the bks for ballad of the desert fr cousin, that’s before I’m obsessed with everything bbjx! One thing for sure I bet SS will be in it again.

      I want to see Ad Mania the most, any noise when will it be out?

      1. I’ve asked this of Brandcore on weibo before, and they replied they are carefully considering the most appropriate date. The Summer airing times and ratings were adversely affected by the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the 1911 Revolution and the trainwreck scandal (apparently NHZGG ratings were way below expectations). Well, it’s Lily Ye’s first directed C-drama and the production team doesn’t want any wrong steps. The best airing date is during Winter hols (when Gong aired) and Summer hols (which was nabbed by NHZGG, but with disappointing results this year).

        BBJX TV ratings, though currently No. 1, are behind Gong’s as now simply isn’t the ideal time to air with the students back in school and office workers back at work right after the Summer hols. However, BBJX’s online and video streaming ratings are very high, many times higher than that of Gong’s (key audiences like uni students who don’t have access to TV would watch series on their computers). However in China, CSM has not yet included video streaming ratings. AC Nielsen has only started to include video streaming in their ratings this year, and only in certain markets at the moment.

        Here’s a new interview with YH.

  2. I absolutely adore the way YH loves his SS. But I’ve to admit that while LSS has improved tremendously, she doesn’t have the lead girl magic touch that YM, LYF, Ady, Li Xiao Ran, Gao Yuan Yuan have, or even Tang Yan. Maybe that’s why BBJX ratings are behind Gong’s, although it’s a far far better production and script.

  3. Man! I just watched parts of the leaked episodes. Too much heartbreak.

    I’m still at two minds about RX meeting 4th in modern day. Nicky really looks bad with the wig (OK, I’m being too superficial). But in all honesty, she suffers another heartbreak as he doesn’t remember her?

    1. Another YH interview…

      During the recent open weibo chat (besides his usual smartass answers), he has confirmed he hasn’t signed with any company (so still freelance), he will finish Princess Taiping filming in the next 2 days. When fans asked whether he’s male lead in The Great General Jin Guo (which he will film 3 mths from Oct to Dec), he said he’s not the female lead. Also when asked if he will work with Tangren again, he said why not.

      Someone asked whether he will take a break after The Great General Jin Guo (the drama he’s shooting right after Princess Taiping), he said he will only have 2 to 3 days break, but didn’t mention what he will be filming. I won’t rule out him being considered for Da Mo Yao, given that he’s close to Tong Hua and seems to have known her for quite some time (even before BBJX).

  4. i just jump into hong shi ship!!!cutene overload!!i’m thinking that they are truly like bbjx pairing…ruoxi and 13th..nway thank you so much for extravagant eye candy!!hardly o find in other blog:)

    1. Re: hongshi

      It’s lovely this ship~! ^^ The spcnet ladies are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I go lurk there for a pick me up!

      I’m still soooo far behind catching up with their loveydoveys, it’s so insurmountable and precious a task, I’m tempted to save it for one of those sucky rainy days when I’m sick and miserable. 😉

  5. Re: I hope I’m not late in posting!!!

    The HongShi ship is sucha squeee party and they never ever disappoint. I’m just about to vent out some of their loveydoveys I tried to look away blushing, but cant! 🙂

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