my fangirling beast is baccckkkk kicking and romping

I was planning to start TPM, and rewatch BBJX (coz my rushed live watch has missing HUGE chunks of eps) but both HD downloads are taking up very precious time.   And in the mean time the shallow end of my brain is screaming and thumping me to give me some RoyQiu (he's been my guiltiest pleasure numeroUno TW crush for the longest time, I'm conditioned to watch his unmentionables like a Pavlovian dog), and as if the orbits are aligned, OG ep1 took FOUR! mins to magically appear on my living rm TV!!!!!!

And now I've stopped all other dls just to speedily gets myself up to ep9 in record time.  IF u do not go batshxt droolzing when the mention of RoyQiu, you will never get the prettiest crack trip I'm going through, feasting my eyes atm. 

Alice Ke is my next ArielLin, I didn't know I've seen her before until wiki'ed, and she's memorable but she morphs into her roles so effortlessly well.  Me a fangirl.  OG the drama itself is pure romcom fluff, nth to really write home about, but if u want to write commentaries on fluffy romcoms instead of spending the time instead to feasting ur eyes watching dadrama, u r not a true romcom fiend.  I've to include the gif of Roy with PatrickLi coz he's pushing my gigggling buttons every time he's in a drama, even in turds I puke over (FTLY and FierceWife) I dunno, whenever he's OTTing in Chinglish, I peed my pants.   I'm extremely allergic to the swarmy James Wen, so the hammering of he's the greatest catch in the universe when RoyQiu is not far fr the screen even if absent is totally losing me.  Girl2 is of the too plastic for her own (and our) good variety, but she's of a slightly better actress clan.  The best compliment in a romcom these days, nth buggy, and very pretty (RoyQiu!!!), nth more a fluffy fiend can ask.   I feel whole knowing the craycraydramacrackaddict in me is not dead,managing to slurp up 4 eps since last nite,

The book I'm losing sleep over last nite is Ai JiangWu by MaKaFai.  I've been fangirling him shamelessly insanely for last 20+ years, addicted to his daily columns and bonus, he's my fav contemporary HK current affairs commentator, plus gorgeous to sate my shallowness.   I love his special passionate concoction of words esp on WanChai/HK.  It's a direct connection I've made with him all these years, like a HKer's eternal love for the glorious HK gangster movie, reflecting our passion in our blood for our own gritty messy little slice of dark heaven that is WanChai/our HK.

And this is an exercise in whether I can post without my brain filled fangirl hearts throwing at YH.  Nope.

Have one of the maddeningly hauntingly beautiful MV of 13 and his LuWu:

At the end of the day, a great litmus of how memorable a drama will be for the generation is by the quality of fanArts.  BBJX has been churning out the best of the best.

And in case anyone is counting (lolz) I haven't screamed the word 'mybinnie~~~~' here for 45 days.  I counted, sorry to creep u with my
weirdness in obsessing over MYBINNIEEE~

I can't mention how miserable he looked in that dog and pony show he's made to appear on his bday.  I'm a scornful woman, and I've been saying some daily ugly things to those douchypoliticians or asstwats in RoKMarines.  But he looks all gorgeous and alive and beaming and  hysically well and happy and hot and delish and myhothubbyself in Malaysia.  Me happy.

8 thoughts on “my fangirling beast is baccckkkk kicking and romping

  1. Great to have you back Mookie! I was wonderingbif our HongShi CP goodies became too overwhelming for you, hahaha! Brandcore dropped goodies that our CP were spending time together during their break in Beijing before he went off to the Silkroad to film Jin Guo Da Jiang Jun.

    Have you been watching Roy’s Office Girls and Ariel’s In Time With You? I’m watching not just 2 but 3 T-dramas at the same time. These 2 plus Peter & Janine’s Please Ribg Twice!

    1. hugggggz I miss you, gf! *yes HS goodies r overwhelming me to brink of madnessss! i havent even finished the varieties…helpppp~*

      and u must have some super 6th sense. *am marathonin OG, up to 4* It is absolutely owninggggg my fluff loving heart! i was dling both OG and Ariel’s drama but OG just happens to have a lightspeed dl. and viola.

  2. It’s Indonesia actually. I wish it was Malaysia 🙂 HB looked so tired in the return photos at the airport, though.

    1. O yes, Indonesia! Mianneh! He does look tired at the end of trip, but happy, his glowing smiles during the visit r radiating genuinely fr within, nth forced. Afterall, his daily routine at RoK Marines is nth to joke about. Unlike the marathon nightmare, he cant even fake the facade he’s enjoying and it’s nth and on his bday! gahhh it pained me so!

  3. Welcome back mookie dearie *hugzz*. I just recently watched Shanghai Bund (Huang Xiaoming)..a good drama, still i like the older version more.

    Gahh..Binnie, I hope he is going well. Miss him and miss you, mookie.

    1. Muak!!! Kim!!! How are you~!? I can only sit through 2 eps of SH Bund with HXM, he lost me with his OTTness though it’s glossier and aesthetically prettier than the old classic, the original is just so good and dear to my heart. So you are strong and can avert the temptation that is BBJX?!

      I had it coming and had a minor surgery for carpal tunnel and with my fam visiting and me visiting them, it really left no time for webby.

        1. Thanks sweetie! I’ll mend myself in no time! 🙂

          *SIGGHHHHHHH* I just wish they can all let him alone and stop milking him. I truly mean it fr the bottom of my heart that I wish I hear NTH, no news, no pics, no tweeting fr absolutely anyone of him for the next 14 months. I can totally deal with it and I bet all his fans can in exchange for a piece of quiet in mind for him to just do his duty and nth more.

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