Taking one for TeamRQ: The Unbeatable Shampoo Ad

Is there a medical term for 'abnormally huge shallow end of brain'?  Can I start a urbandict entry calling it fangirl aneurysm?!

This is the exact scene I've fallen head over heels with this perfect face:

It's a SlamDunk wannabe idol 2004 Cdrama (if that hasn't scared you very very far away, *shake hands* hi~!!! fellow RoyQiu fangirl/boy!)

I FF'd 5 eps when Unbeatable aired,  friendly advice: watch it mute.  Roy's line delivery always has a quirky pattern of spitting out every word monotonously as if reciting dry txtbk…THEN at some needed moments, usually at the end, he'll give u a tease of real emotions in normal speech.  It's still there in OG, working to his advantage of playing a richbratboymanprince.  I find it cute and accept it as his style while droolzing in heartshaped eyes at his out of this world pretty face. Still my first Unbeatable watch was, with FF, 5 eps too many.

Then I'm told although they must have no budget left for any random pedestrian adult, Writer must be a Roy fan.  There are some delicious scenes of him with his OTP (and bromance galore with HG) that'll tickle my fancy.

And DARN! His scenes surely r handtailored for me!!!

Let me stress, don't EVER treat Unbeatable as a drama, if u need subs, skip it and good for you, u r safe fr the bloody headdesking, it's a 30 hour long silliest CF with Cristiano Ronaldo gueststaring on billboards whenever there's a screenspace for billboards *I hope he's at least reimbursed by one whole Gucci store in China*.   It is one money burning extravagant commercial for a REAL shampoo, they even shamelessly have a plot of pitching an ad campaign for the Big Shampoo in drama by…doing a TV drama, *lulz*.   The stars r the better idols in Cdramaland, sets as gorgeous as pirated pages fr Architectural Digest missing a few bricks and the writer must be a CN conjoined twin of the Kdrama Athena fame.

HuGe and TangYan are pure torture to watch acting, sterile chemistry as OTP.  I thought HG can angst, but he regressed even at that and I'm saying this droolzing at him in nth but tailored suits.  TangYan is putrefyingly horrid, her character is a chalk on board pitchy voiced damselprincess with brain capacity of a 4 yo. I prayed for dubbing over her voice and I have to start a petition of no circle lens use ever on screen unless u r playing an alien asap.  If you see any potential in them as a pair or individually promising in Chinese Paladin 3, this will squash it clean.  Moreover CP3 is a MUCH better drama with more heart (I can't believe I just wrote that).   Being very objective and unbiased, RQ is the undeniable scene stealer with the least headdesky character (writer is a fan, true fact)

Frankly I've never seen much smoldering chemistry of HuGe with his female costars.  This confirms my conception with him only eyesexing with RQ and they have loling bromantic lines.  (not really complaining, I love cheeky bromance, Me happy.)

In case you care for some character description/recap:  Roy plays a cop (his name lit. Dangerous Smile), the only BFF of HuGe ( a tragic past jaded him fr humankind unless they are immaculately pretty/ is RoyQiu). IT's not my bromance fanatic talking, our hot boys do the following together: hobby of illegally climbing skyscrapers in tight spandex, nightly icecream date at DairyQueen, plotting against some evil empire, ie Chinese Batman and Robin. Roy has a female OTP, she is the PR Director working under HG. A 'cougar' pushing 30, blunt, fierce and just dumped by her scumbag playber national idol boytoy.  *Too bad they didn't ask YH to guest star, any 3 way eyesexing/bromance btn YH+HG+RQ will nuke my TV and make any PoS watchable…to me*  While speeding off in distraught, she hits off-duty cop DangerousSmile on his motorbike.  She spits it all on him in a grating attitude and he magically transforms into his Cop Uniform fr street clothes (PD, how DARE~ u cut out changing scene?!?!). He makes her drive him to work, and we get our first Roy, 'Yes, I'm very shuai' line when she tries to sweettalk herself out of trouble.   He books her, lame excuse to call up his HG to bail out his employee lady for more eyesexing.  This next time, PR lady makes sure she can use the scummiest douche, and be so wasted….
Enough silly words, RQ caps:

'Little bro, you are super shuai just now!' *he beat the crap out of Douche* *grabbyhands*

Must not be first time hottiecop has unwanted hands roaming o' him.  He's trying to glare his own pervie off.

'My place is here!'  Lady, ur grin and droolz~!!! *rawr*

Hottiecop: *phew* I should be safe, she's on bed, not grinning at me like a rapist.  *NOOO!!! WATCH OUT!!!*

Hottie(virgin)cop: What are you doing?  Drunk (rapist!):  I wanna….
*ARGH! !#$%*&^^

'Hmmm…let me roam my hands all over hottiecop and think….hmmmm…I wanna…'

'I wanna know how handcuffs work!'  *It's only fair he's not the brightest bulb.  SIGH!*

The silliest thing PRlady did in her life: really passing out.  Hottiecop speeddial his #1

And he waits for his #1 like this
You knight is here~!

Ohnoes~!  *The only sound is the shattering of HG's lovely heart.*

Why, Roy WHY?!  *tears*

Geez, I'll hide myself behind some blurs.

'Coffee to keep me awake ;)'

'The lady needs to get the heck out of sight'

'hmmmmm'  *thinking while being hotttttt*

*dingdingdingdingding*  Lets BS her into leaving all the bad memories of scummy ex behind here and…

muahahahah, me packed, you boys are coming with me to my House #2.

Noona, you have TWO HOUSES?!?!?!  (YAY!! One for you, One for us!)

*This is sucha motivation to master PSing my face on lucky b8tches.*

i'm half way through.  A perk in suffering through utter crap for eyecandy is you can go berserk in FFing the rest with no care and hope of plot.

Next.  Another already dl'd Cdrama, again I've sampled the even stinkier The Girl in Blue.  Nth can stop me:

Angsty showers in Kdrama is a given.  Cdrama?  Almost unheard of, with RoyQiu?!?!  Oh Lord have mercy!

2 thoughts on “Taking one for TeamRQ: The Unbeatable Shampoo Ad

  1. Injustice!

    How can this man be buried for SO freaken long?!!! I have never understood the whole HuGe craze, altho he does look pretty alright. But I’d go for the hot cop over HG anytime! And seeing him in uniform, my mind is floating somewhere else…*pervy* hahaha

    I’ve always noticed this uncanny similarity RQ has with Mike He, but for some reason, the latter doesn’t pull me in/attract as much as the former? I wonder if it’s the eyes hahaha.. RQ’s eyes ahhhh, to die for!

    1. Re: Injustice!

      HG do nth for me, he does look his best in suits imo. I can understand peeps head over heels crazy about him, he’s kinda the first true C idol singer/actor his gen. Funny I was looking forward to LoCH08 since it started filming in 06 because of HG as GuoJing, that’s before I was made to sit down and watch Ariel in ISWAK and I dun know a thing about YH/LSS and never cared about their characters in the book. I have a very soft spot for HG even though he’s overrated just on how strong and positive in RL he’s been overcoming everything after his severe accident…and of coz I can’t love YH more. I still have faith HG will some day give me a terrific angsty tragic hero in a decent melodrama. That is if he can stop throwing himself at crap after crap after more crap.

      on Mike and Roy, I’m pretty sure u have a functional gaydar. Mine is fine as well, but I love my hot boys no matter what, they don’t have to love me back *wink* That aside, I’ve always been a Roy shallow fangirl ever since my TWdrama watching/hating days, there really is no drama he’s done prior that’s decently good but somehow I watched on despite it. Don’t think I can do this for anyone else, not even Binnie. I was extremely allergic to MikeHe preSH, if not for our twitter pals, not in a million years will I watch SH, and after I’ve seen everything Mike’s in, he’s only attractive (to me) in Love Contract, Marry Me! and SH. Nth can make me watch Love Keeps Going.

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