Driveby post on upcoming HK dramas (I will watch)

1. I've been following every little tidbits on Ghetto Justice 2. 

I will be !#$%^&*(&*@^!ing if Kevin didn't get his best actor award come Dec 5th, the TVB awards.  If it's up to me, I'll give one to Myolie as well and the drama, just coz she's her least annoying self playing an easily extremely bratty annoying noisy character (ie her usual typecast)

It's the craze of town even in production, crowd/tourists attraction (my Mama even makes an excuse to try out some 'food' there just to be nosy, *sigh*)

Other dramalands have their prettyboy Flower4, and in HK we have our ShamShuiPo F4:

HOW CUTTEE~~~~!!!!

2. Triumph in the Sky 2.  Purely  for the eye candies.  It's Julian Cheung, Bosco Wong, Roy Ng, Raymond Lam…as pilots

I can't even stand the first Triumph in the Sky, so it'll take many miracles for this to be decent.  But if the guys can watch their PanAm/PlayboyBunnies dramas, we can droolz at hotties in uniforms and PLOT!  And it's Chilam!! He will never ever be a great actor, but nobody is blinking an eyelash nitpicking.

3. War and Beauty 2.  Not really, the 8 years after the original captivated me and still hold the best written HKdrama last decade had every chip of its lustrous goldenness licked off at least once a year in those excruciating TVB Anniversary extravaganza.  But, I'm loyal and I can't look away.

4. I've jabbed at the copycating, bombarding us easily with 5/6 productions on the Chu Han Contention/ LiuBang XiangYu tragic bromance!  and hahaha it'll not be TVB if they didn't join that sandbox.

And they have TWO possible productions in the works come 2012!!!  It's all tentative, and the seasoned TVB cynic in me can't help but think it's just to boost catfights and tabloids coverage.  It's not a new thing TVB has fractions and gangs fighting over every little thing.  I've a feeling the backstage fights will be more amusing than the drama(s) alone.

Both are named variations of 'Empress Lu' and just to make it juicier, one is staring Tavia Yeung, who rise to fame is being a doppelgänger of Maggie Cheung who was/is the top TVB leading lady back then.  Maggie then had some serious health problems and she's finally back to almost her top form.  I'm casually watching her Forensic Files3 atm, nth to spazz about, I just miss her dearly.  It'll always be Maggie>Tavia for me.

It's the guys that have me more conflicted.  Bosco vs Kevin.   Bosco has long been my TVB ILubU, even back in Under the Canopy of Love.  Kevin got a best actor award.  He and Niki is still one of the best loved TVB CP….but I find Kevin very hammy back then and only had eyes for Bosco.  But I'm crazy about Kevin atm.  It's the perfect 1-2 punch of great work in Ghetto Justice then BBJX, drastically different roles, handled with absolutely perfect control both counts.  I guess I've talked myself into Kevin>Bosco.


Looks like Tavia/Bosco version will be much more fluffy and filled with fanservice.  I'm sure Maggie and Kevin will deliver a much more serious work TVB can allow, but then I have the guaranteed proper GuoXiXi's 楚汉传奇 (Legend of Chu and Han) to look forward to, and that will run any TVB historical over like roadkill.  A case of neither here nor there.

Our various Empresses, it takes a strength of titanium to NOT roflamobbq at the topL XDDDDDD

 Legend of Chu and Han is in the middle of filming already, it floors me just seeing how much training and preproduction went in for any 'small' scene.

Actress QinLan is already playing the notorious Empress Lu in another production, The Last Supper (she's gf of LuChuan the PD/writer) Here she'll play Empress Lu before she's empress, and we'll get to meet the couple before Liu's ascension, the infancy of a 400 yr long dynasty and how splashing $1.7bil RMB looks on our TV screen.

and *swooooonnn* myUncleCrush!

5 thoughts on “Driveby post on upcoming HK dramas (I will watch)

  1. Kevin’s the winner!

    I so never thought I’d come to this point. Where I’d praise Kevin?!! For his HOTS and his acting. Thought he was uber overrated back then, and yes I had hots for Bosco and other actors. But after BBJX, one cannot deny how much he has improved? Like leaps and bounds? Like WOW, where did that come from?!!

    Anyway I’ve yet to watch GJ yet! Urh,I swear I will get to it one day. But thanks so much for that Kev-Myolie pic up there. They look so GOOD together, even better than my fav Boscolie (hehe I love them 2gther). I remember watching an interview of them doing the shoot on TV, and I was like %)($*_)(#_u&$_)*$_ controlling my saliva?!!! And that hair looks mighty good on him heee~~

    1. Re: Kevin’s the winner!

      Oh! I’m not alone?!?!?! :))) It’s not just improved, but if I have to vote on who’s the best actor/actress in BBJX, my vote will be him, IF I absolutely must. (I love them all)

      You’ve gotta watch GJ, it’s nowhere near perfect a drama but you can tell everyone in it is participating with So Much Heart! If u miss a little slice of HK, even if it’s quite cleaned up, it’s a must see. And although I’ve planned to seriously rewatch BBJX, I can’t bring myself to it, it’s the PTSD of my first run still fresh and bleeding. BUT I’ve given it a lot of thought and Kevin is the most memorable for me out of all the amazing acting jobs. I’ve always thought 8 is the hardest and most complicated character to pull off, and Kevin really did it faultless, not a scene, an emotion misstepped.

      I like Myolie in RL, and yes esp next to Bosco, they make me weep being so lovely tog, just never ever in a drama.

      1. Re: Kevin’s the winner!

        Oops for the anonymous post, that WAS me :p totally forgot my PW back at home (work PC has it saved)..

        I must thank you and koala babe for the incessant rants on BBJX, for if not for ya guys I’d never have gotten to witness the wonders of KC in that drama. He nailed every single scene perfectly, and of course, looked might HOT in all of ’em. Psst, read that they’re aiming for a sequel? Hmmm, I’m actually OK with it, well, if they bring back all the princes hehe..

        Oh yes, I know I’ve gotta watch that drama. I think a lot of ppl are rooting for KC to get TV King for GJ (tho we know that it’s all rigged bzness)?

        And that picture up there with Kevin barenaked in snow? You DIDN’T just post that!!! Is the woman Maggie?

        1. Re: Kevin’s the winner!

          oh! I was thinking if it was you, gf! 🙂

          yup, that’s Bosco+Tavia. I’m taking any skin in snow, not picky there!

          Ladyboss of TR is notoriously full of BS and lacks brain matter (she once twat she’s going to produce a modern drama w. YH+LSS as OTP and begged for ideas to brainstorm, on WEIBO! of all places!) Unless writer TongHwa is leaking out words, I’ll treat it as such, because Clothing the World, sth they allegedly spent 3 yrs creating fr scratch is the lamest thing ever. IF this is fr anyone else attached to BBJX other than her, I’ll keep an eye out, as is?! A load of bullcrap.

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