Absence makes the HongShi

Just as I'm taking a break from work stuff, I lurked at beloved weibo, and *sigghhhhh* HongShi, why so cute?!?!

So it's Nicky's birthday!  Happy Birthday our Prince4!  Either it's a sheer coincidence or they've coordinated wavelength on top of their coord. outfits and handwarmers and eyewear…etcetcetc, they posted their weibo greetings AT THE EXACT SECOND!! (and I'm just 10 sec short to be present under the exact same moon to swoooooonnnnn)

These 2 have been going on with this wittiest, slickest weibo drawing-hearts-at-each-other since…they've been on weibo and before that their blogs, so I'm definitely counting out this is merely sheer coincidence.  Not when they have both JUST added Ariel to their follow list on her birthday yesterday.  *Happy Birthday our dear Ariel!!!!!* I mean they've known Ariel since 2006/the beginning of filming of LoCH,HG has added her since she's joined the Weibosphere and it's been year+ and out of the few hundred days they are all present playing around the weibo, HongShi just so happens to add her on THIS bday and greeted her?!?!  hmmmmm (of coz I'm also a Red(Hong)White(HuGe)shipper, if HG and YH are gays.  YH must be prompted by HG's bday greetings to Ariel, but same token SS must be prompted by her LaoYuan, no?!?! Perfectly sound shipper logic! Muahahaha)
And it doesn't take any professional psych analysis YH is having a hard time missing the 'mainland' being stuck in the western desert of the historical now SilkRoutetouristy DunHuang.  He's been caught in a weibo stabbity storm being his usual silly self,a sign he's extremely bored and had too much time on hand.  Even his congrats to his BuBu castmates for winning so many misc. awards here and there ended with a little cute whiny sour note 13 is in exile….@ wildwildwest.

And I've just watched the cztv variety or the SS grabbityhands at her LaoYuan singing their song x2 show, and thanks to this dear clip fr the show, I've been squeeing nonstop since:  The Q is who is the most 'iron'/C slang for strongest bond with LSS.  And when Nicky commented on SS's answer:….. as tiny 'o's and O is nick of YH, I felt like rolling on my pink shipper heartcloud carpet.  I'm sorry I know there r a world of NickySS shippers out there, but I only see SS laughing so heartily and blushing like a bride when the topic is on any shades of HongShi.  And YH *sigh* no shame?! You've got your girl, unanimously, no need to be all jealous and spelled out sourpuss over SS being a hint of shy and not blatantly writing ur name on her board and HAS to shout out the obvious SS didn't just started her answer with an 'O' but she ends it with 'O' as well.

12 thoughts on “Absence makes the HongShi

  1. I felt a bit sorry for them at 30:04

    When the host asked LSS to pick her very close bosom friend (“gui mi”), she immediate picked YH. Then the host asked her to pick her husband and lover between Nicky and LGX. Poor girl…she didn’t want to pick anyone, hahah! And they had to pick Nicky as husband and LGX as lover for her. Then YH said, well “gui mi” can also be “husband” to comfort her?

    1. I was brimming with tears for them. :~)))))))))))))))))

      I tried, but I can’t put my mind off every time they r tog during this period, they r screaming newlyweds to me.
      Thing is, this is so like my own wedding banquet when some drunk pals of broinlaw grabbed mic and started bombarding me with very personal Q, why he’s the one etcetc…and I bet what’s going thro SS’ mind is exactly what I did reliving that moment, thinking it’s a bit too much dude, yet in all seriousness, she answered fr the bottom of the heart, and there’s no joking/teasing or for show in her face. I said those exact same words and so, it literally brought me to some very fond happy tears.

      *sighhhhh* I swear it’s per TPTB I met this pair and relive/see/hear with my eyes/ears how sweet falling in love, at least their kind of love, is.

    1. They are Precious, I don’t even dare categorizing what kind of ‘love’ they have, whatever it is, I dream it happening to me in another lifetime. and it’s a EVERYTIME thing for them since LoCH promo time 3+ years ago.

    1. *hug* Bubbles!

      I hope I’m not dragging you down the time sink that is HongShi. (But sorry dear, I’m just catching up with all the godzillions promo shows these 2 appeared, and each of them have me squealing at the adorbs!!!!)

      1. Lorrrd, I don’t know what these two have done to me but I am constantly checking online especially your blog!! =)keke news about these cutie pies!! Man, i don’t want to be greedy but i really want to see them on screen again!!! Oh god, plz answer my prayers!!

        1. You are not alone!!! ^^ The preciousness of these 2 r, if it’s just us fans shipping, nth new, but when there’s clearly HongShi magazine writers (a writer just wrote they look so dashing standing next to each other having worked together for so many dramas…and this is a current article, BBJX heavy and we all know 13RX are not a ship), YH’s besties fr his hometown all throwing out blatant hints and be the biggest HongShi shippers (Another one of his bestie is a fanboy of SS, he’s openly voted her as his fav actress, when YH fans probed him more on the why and is she really one of his fav, he blatantly said this is love by association and she’s not one of his fav actress but the only one. I have no words but SQUEEEE

          I’m happy to drag you down the abyss with me hahaha, it’s not like I can keep myself fr squeeing like a lunatic here. Will keep you posted!

          1. kekekeke =)

            Pwuahahahahaha!! it’s friday and the first thing when i get home fr work is check check check ur bloggg!! lol! u r soooo funny!! I

            1. Re: kekekeke =)

              *grabbity hugs* haha Bubbles, you r so cute! ^^

              So curious, what got you on the HongShi ship? I’m an odd case, I never really RL ship any drama CP. I’m quite against it actually, so I’m contradicting my principles with HongShi. Nth can be done/help not shipping them.

              I would be happy to translate bits of their cutest tidbits. Every single time they r in the same room, publicly, they’ll keep feeding us stuff we can’t look away.

  2. Oh my, I just saw the new publicity pics for Mulan. He actually looks more dashing than Chen Sicheng (who’s already really hunky). Actually I thought YH suits the general role even more than Chen Sicheng, but it’s OK – nice to see him as damsel-in-distress for a change. Heh!

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